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How feedback can help you to provide the experience that your guests want


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Oceana Beach and Wildlife Reserve, Cotswold House, Breaffy House Resort, Providence Hospitality, VISIONAPARTMENTS, Murrayshall Country House Hotel, Shannon Springs Hotel and Stenden South Africa’s MyPond Hotel tell us how GuestRevu helps them to meet their guests’ high expectations and deliver on the experiences that they are looking for.

How well do you understand your guest experience? Find out how GuestRevu can help:

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How feedback can help you to provide the experience that your guests want

  1. 1. How does GuestRevu help you to meet your guests’ high expectations?
  2. 2. When you’re aiming to be the top, the difference between a good stay and a great stay is minute percentages in terms of what you do. Chris Roberts, General Manager Oceana Beach & Wildlife Reserve
  3. 3. Historically, you’ve got to wait until there’s some big complaints from customers, and then you go into a department, and you’d have to restructure and figure out where things have gone wrong...
  4. 4. ... Now we can start to see where the scoring is dropping down slightly, and we can deal with issues within that department before they become an issue that affects the guest experience. Chris Roberts, General Manager Oceana Beach & Wildlife Reserve
  5. 5. For us it is absolutely vital that we can quickly identify patterns where areas may be declining in standard. Guests are very good at reporting minor maintenance issues which is very helpful to prevent snags becoming major (costly) issues. Craig Webb, General Manager Cotswold House
  6. 6. The best tool that we have with GuestRevu is the monthly management report where you get to see the good, the bad and the ugly...
  7. 7. ... It’s that that helps you manage your hotel, because if you see a reoccurring theme from guests you’ve got to react on it, both positive and negative. Wilson Bird, General Manager Breaffy House Resort
  8. 8. Through GuestRevu’s monthly management reports, we were able to drill down within the report to see departments, and sections within the departments, that were performing well and performing negatively. Wilson Bird, General Manager Breaffy House Resort
  9. 9. If a guest points out there’s something in the room that isn’t up to standard, we can go in there immediately and sort it out. It’s obviously a huge advantage, because then the next person coming in, he doesn’t have the same experience...
  10. 10. ... It’s about looking at our guest experience actively, and constantly improving what we’re doing, and bettering ourselves. Anja Bosken, Operations Manager Providence Hospitality
  11. 11. GuestRevu is really essential for serviced apartment providers, especially because a lot of our properties don’t have front desk and reception areas anymore, so the contact with our guests is quite limited. Natalia Kupis, Operations Director VISIONAPARTMENTS
  12. 12. It has helped us identify what are the issues in our properties — what we’re doing well, what we’re doing wrong. We are able to get insight from [the reviews] to impact our business right away, and to know what to do with our guests, and what to do with our own inventory...
  13. 13. ... We can aggregate comments from our guests about a specific building, or a specific type of apartment — what are the issues, positive or negative. So we are able to make changes based on the insight we get...
  14. 14. ... You can see Zurich is doing well, or a specific unit in Zurich has been rated outstandingly, and it helps us even decide where to do the next renovation, where we don’t have to do it right now. Kat Kunze, Global Sales Leader VISIONAPARTMENTS
  15. 15. Because we can drill down into the various elements of the guest stay, it allows us to get to specifics quicker, and also helps us to identify trends much easier, which in turn gives us evidence so we know where to need to concentrate our training efforts. Kevin Keenan, General Manager Murrayshall Country House Hotel
  16. 16. It’s very hard to understand what the guest is experiencing. Is what we’re doing right? How can we grow from it? You need to see the basic side first. Before you can go extending and refurbishing, the basics have to be right...
  17. 17. ... Guest feedback really gives us a true feeling of what guests experience from the minute they arrive, until they depart from the hotel...
  18. 18. ... Wherever we fall down, we highlight it, and it reports straight to the relevant department so we can look at how we can make it better going forward. Lisa Glynn, Sales & Marketing Manager Shannon Springs Hotel
  19. 19. We didn’t get our breakfast right two or three years ago. We were struggling to understand what was going wrong... I had to come in personally around breakfast time to make sure that everything was ready and in order. But through feedback and changes to our operations, we certainly get it right now. Wouter Hensens, Executive Dean Stenden South Africa’s MyPond Hotel
  20. 20. How well do you understand your guest experience?