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How feedback can help you to boost your human resources and highlight their impact on guest experience


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We asked Tara Lodge, Stenden South Africa’s MyPond Hotel, Portmeirion Village, Murrayshall, Breaffy House Resort and the Crazy Bear Group to let us know how they use the feedback that they get from GuestRevu to boost morale and promote teamwork.

How well do you understand your guest experience? Find out how GuestRevu can help:

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How feedback can help you to boost your human resources and highlight their impact on guest experience

  1. 1. How does GuestRevu help you to boost staff morale and promote teamwork?
  2. 2. Since starting with GuestRevu, we’ve definitely noticed positive changes with the staff, because we can actually bring the feedback back to [them]. I see a little bit of pride in them whenever they see their names mentioned, which is fantastic. Sinéad Tierney, General Manager Tara Lodge
  3. 3. It can be such a morale booster, because eight or nine times out of ten the feedback is positive. Even when we’re getting negative feedback, it’s more like constructive recommendations and suggestions from guests which helps students learn and enhance the services we offer...
  4. 4. § ... Having exposure to feedback shows the students that an unhappy guest is nothing peculiar, it’s a given in the industry. It’s how you deal with it that counts. Wouter Hensens, Executive Dean Stenden South Africa’s MyPond Hotel
  5. 5. All of the department heads use the system... This has allowed us to work better as a team, as everyone can see guest feedback and what steps are being taken to resolve or address any issues raised by guests. Gareth Jones, Revenue Supervisor Portmeirion Village
  6. 6. By allowing everyone access to the feedback, there is a natural good- humoured competition between the team, allowing staff to do well and be recognised for their efforts. Kevin Keenan, General Manager Murrayshall Country House Hotel
  7. 7. We’re able to give feedback to our 230 staff here on a monthly basis... Staff members are trying to outdo each other in terms of performance, and ensuring that our guests leave the hotel with a huge smile on their faces.’ Wilson Bird, General Manager Breaffy House Resort
  8. 8. It’s specific, unlike TripAdvisor. We get specific reviews, from specific guests, so that we can target negative feedback and see where more training is needed...
  9. 9. ... The feedback that GuestRevu provides us with has [also] allowed us to identify high performing members of staff, and areas where we’re weaker, in a much more fluid, live manner. Laurence Wall, Director of Operations Crazy Bear Group
  10. 10. How well do you understand your guest experience?