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Illustrator study

  1. 1. Exploring the Wonderful World of Eric Carle By: Clara Dixon
  2. 2. Instructions  Hello students! This kiosk is designed to help you understand a few of the books by Eric Carle. There is a review quiz at the end of the presentation to review what you have read!
  3. 3. Menu  Click each of these links to review the information Author Bio Book Overviews Curriculum Integration Once you have completed all sections, go to the Review Activity References
  4. 4. Eric Carle • Born in Syracuse, NY in 1929, but lived in Germany from age 6 to 23 until returning to America in 1952. • Worked as graphic designer for promotion department of the New York Times (He got an interview for this job through Leo Lionni). • Served in U.S. Army as mail clerk. • Married at age 25 in 1954.
  5. 5. Eric Carle • Teacher pointed out his gift at a young age; continued creating art. • Attended prestigious art school in Germany. • He does collage art on print paper-uses lots of color! • Has received over 20 different types of awards throughout his career. • Uses animals and color to explore deep concepts throughout his books.
  6. 6. Video of Eric Carle About The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  7. 7. SYNOPSIS OF THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR • “A story of hope”-Eric Carle Video • From a little egg to brilliant butterfly, a very hungry caterpillar eats all different colored fruits and foods trying to quench his hunger. Finally he eats a leaf and feels better. He then builds a cocoon and blossoms into a beautiful butterfly!
  8. 8. Synopsis of The Tiny Seed • The tiny seed is about a group of seeds that gets carried by the wind across many different places and the one tiny seed who makes it through a series of events until it lands in the Winter. When Spring comes it grows slower than the rest but eventually grows to be a giant flower in the Summer. Come Autumn, the wind blows the seeds out of the flower and the cycle continues.
  9. 9. Synopsis of Dream Snow  “A quiet Christmas story with a little music at the end.” Kirkus Review  This story is about a farmer who lives alone on his farm with his beloved animals. It is almost Christmas time but no snow has fallen. The farmer dreams of snow and when he awakes his dreams have come true and it is time for Christmas!
  10. 10. Synopsis of Mr. Seahorse  Fact: The father seahorse is the one who carries the mother's eggs around in his pouch before they hatch.  In this book Eric Carle takes us on a journey through the sea and introduces us to the seahorse and a few other fish who all bear the traditionally maternal burden of carrying eggs.
  11. 11. Synopsis of The Very Busy Spider • “A Story about work”-Eric Carle Video • A lovely spider begins to spin her web on a farm. All the barn-yard animals approach her as she spins and ask her to join them in various activities; she never responds just keeps busy spinning her web. She finally finishes and falls asleep, without saying a word, after her very busy day.
  12. 12. Curriculum For The Tiny Seed • This book could be the introduction to a science unit for plant growth and reproduction. • Students will eventually be able to identify plant parts, where seeds come from, how they grow, and what plants require to survive. • Worksheets could be used for math, vocabulary, and science experiments as well. • The class could plant seeds to start out the unit so they can track their growth progress over time.
  13. 13. Curriculum for Mister Seahorse  Mister Seahorse would be a great story to teach kindergarten to first graders about the different kind of caregivers each and every one of us can have.  This story also offers a great opportunity to discuss artwork and collages and maybe even do an art project.
  14. 14. Curriculum for The Very Hungry Caterpillar • The simplest way to incorporate a lesson in this book are to observe the life stages of a caterpillar. Egg-Caterpillar-Cocoon- Butterfly! • I would use it in a preschool or Kindergarten classroom; young readers using visual cues for comprehension.
  15. 15. Curriculum for The Very Busy Spider This story emphasizes the importance that work comes first. The little spider would not have fun because she knew she needed to get her web spun in order to eat. In the same way you could ask students what they have to do before they can play. Homework, dinner, etc. Ask the class to write a quick essay describing their day and what things are most important to get done and what are more fun things.
  16. 16. Curriculum for Dream Snow  Dream Snow could be a good story for a creative writing lesson. Although this book is targeted at a younger age group, after reading this to third graders you could have them write a their own short stories creating their very own winter wonderland scenes.
  17. 17. References Information for this presentation was taken from: - Carle, Eric. (1996). The Art of Eric Carle. New York: Philomel Books. - The Official Eric Carle Web Site. Retrieved from - Danckert, R.W. (consultant), & R. Fulton (director). (1993). Eric Carle: Picture Writer (video tape). United States: Searchlight Films. - The video was taken off ( - Dream Snow by: Eric Carle - The Tiny Seed by: Eric Carle - The Very Hungry Caterpillar by: Eric Carle - The Very Busy Spider by: Eric Carle - Mister Seahorse by: Eric Carle
  18. 18. Review Activity (Quiz)  Read each question carefully. Click the choice you think is right. If the answer is correct you will be able to move on! If it is incorrect, read the instructions and try again!  There is a link back to the menu just in case you have not completed the review of all sections of content, or if you want to review a few more slides before starting! Good luck!
  19. 19. Question 1 In what city and state was Eric Carle born? Hint: It was on the biography slide. Syracuse, NY New York, NY Brooklyn, NY Staton Island, NY
  20. 20. Correct Answer to Question 1  Congratulations! Eric Carle was borne in Syracuse, NY. Move on to the next question and keep up the good work!
  21. 21. Incorrect answers for Question 1  Oops. Not quite the answer I’m looking for. Very close; don’t worry!  Click the back button and try again!
  22. 22. Question 2  Which book was used to integrate a lesson on the stages a caterpillar goes through? The Very Lazy Dog The Very Hungry Caterpillar Dream Snow The Very Busy Spider
  23. 23. Correct Answer Question 2  YES!!!! It was The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Great Job! Move on to the next review question when you’re ready!
  24. 24. Incorrect Answer Question 2  Sorry, not quite the right answer!  Hint: It is one of the “Very” books!  Click the back button to return to the question!
  25. 25. Question 3  Which book did Eric Carle say was “A story about work?” The Very Hungry The Very Busy Spider Caterpillar Mister Seahorse Dream Snow
  26. 26. Correct Answer Question 3  Congratulations! The Very Busy Spider was too busy building her web to play with any of the other animals!  Well done! Credits
  27. 27. Incorrect answers Question 3  Provide feedback and send them back to the question 3 slide.  I have the word below but you need to set the action settings to go back to the question.