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Aiesec Denmark Newsletter April 09


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Aiesec Denmark Newsletter April 09

  1. 1. AIESEC Denmark | MC 0809 Newsletter 3rd edition | April 2009 Foreword: THE POWER OF NOW Dear AIESECer, It is with great humility and honor that I share with you some of my thoughts and ques- tions about the common purpose that binds us all together, AIESEC. Let us experience the Power of NOW! Every member every day Ambition WE need to question ourselves Are WE being ambitious enough is a question I find myself seeking an whether every member is living a answer to ever so often? What defines our potential? And who defines unique AIESEC Experience every day. that for us? I see over a billion young people in the world and over 35000 Our membership is our greatest of them are in AIESEC. I see hundreds and thousands of organizations strength and AIESEC as an organiza- worldwide and a few thousand that work with AIESEC. I see our presence tion can only realize its true potential in over 100 countries and territories and we’ve only begun to scratch the if every member of the organization is surface. I see the greatest financial crisis in decades and I see a world that engaged and contributing to the or- is looking at us for strong ethical leadership. I see opportunity! NOW! ganizational success, every day! NOW! Responsibility 2010 WE as members of AIESEC today have the responsi- Are WE really emotionally connected to the 2010 vision? bility to not only achieve 2010 but also inspire the We are getting closer to achieving the goals and I am con- organization to strive for greater glory after 2010. vinced that we can and we will achieve the goals. Doing We are doing incredible things, but we have a long more of what we have been doing for years will only get us road to go to become Great. We have steep heights to closer to the destination but not to the destination itself. scale, to be the ones who say that 2010 was never a We need to realize that our external environment has dream, it is the vision that now stands fulfilled. It has changed and this change needs to be reflected in our ac- fallen on our generation to be great. After 6 years in tions. Decision‐making process in AIESEC needs to be AIESEC I am more convinced than ever before about faster so we can timely capitalize on external trends. The the power of AIESEC and the ability of our member- 2010 vision is not the future; it is what we are creating to- ship to be this great generation. day. Often I met people through the course of experiences This is the challenge in front of us. We can either de- who were futuristic, who would talk about how we would cide to continue living in the past and hoping for suc- one day turn around things, how one day we would be able cess in the future or we can work as one global or- to create an impact; I always thought otherwise, I believe ganization, every part of it, and take this challenge that the future that we always dream about is NOW! head on. NOW! Aman Jain President of AIESEC International 0910 Recognition to the Danish network - AIESEC CBS for SEEDIUS - first local induction conference in AIESEC Denmark, a success!! - AIESEC SDU for already surpassing their goals for the year on X+L !!! Juhuuuuu! - AIESEC UNIC for realizing their annual goals already!!!!!!!! BIG & LOUD applause! - Rikke Juul, LCP AIESEC AAU, for being elected MCP of AIESEC in Iceland! Yaaay! Congrats and have a wonderful year! - AIESEC CBS for all the sales meetings raised and the two TN’s! Anything is possible :) - all the participants at Fortius 2009, for their commitment and attitude! - to the facilitators of Fortius 2009 from the LC’s: Nora, Ernesto, Anna and John, for their wonderful job! - to the totally amazing OC team and OCP Daniel Brath for their positive attitude and wonderful experience they created for all of us! - to all the EB elects that took the challenge to create the next AIESEC Denmark year! Good luck with the transition!
  2. 2. Exchange Statistics AIESEC Denmark Q1 Exchange Performance: Continuing the growth trend from last two quarter, we reg- 30 istered a growth of 37% in Q1 2009, compared to the same quar- 24 25 ter last year. However despite the efforts LC’s haven’t seen a consider- 20 able amount of result. 15 11 11 The overall performance at the Local level in terms of num- Raises 8 10 ber raises has been quite poor and way below the average. 5 4 Though we have already achieved a 35% growth compared 5 to last year with one full quarter to go, there still a lot of room 0 for improvement both at the National and Local level. Q1 2007 Q1 2008 Q1 2009 The increasing alumni involvement at the local level is quite promising and expects to bring in some good results in near future. Congratulations to AIESEC CBS and AIESEC SDU for keeping up the upward trend and con- tributing to the organizational results. Current quarter has been the worst compared to the last two. Despite some efforts none of the LC has been able to achieve any substantial result. The current exchange pipeline look quite poor, with no matches on the system to be real- ized in next quarter. With poor results from AAU, UNI and ASB, it is most likely that we fall short of our annual X targets. The MC 0809 DO Bees want to thank you for a wonderful conference, FOR- TIUS 2009!!! Thank you Jonas (Chair), Faci, OC & OCP, Conference Manager, LCP’s, EB’s, Alumni, members, all delegates for all that you’ve put into the conference in order to make it a success!!!! There's little to be said about FORTIUS for the ones who were there and too much for the ones who were not. For me as a conference manager and for my MC team, FORTIUS was a dream come true. It was a successful conference not only through the sessions delivered, externals present, alumni involvement and extremely quality oriented and hard working OC, but also thanks to the delegate spirit and involvement. Without them, all the work put in by the other parties would have been in vain, so it's them I want to thank for making this such an amazing conference, spar- kling of passion, enthusiasm, sugar, spice and all things nice! :) Letzu, FORTIUS 2009 conference manager
  3. 3. Marcus Orlovsky at FORTIUS LC’s updates DARE TO DREAM! At Fortius 2009, one of the spe- Pocket recruitment starts in almost all the LC’s in cial Official Dinner guests was Marcus Orlovsky, Denmark. Good luck in planning and delivering your motivational speaker and founder of Bryanston goals! Square. Finance functional meeting happening in Odense His speech motivated all of us to DARE and have during 6-7th June. Both current and elects will join to dream, big dreams and WORK towards fulfilling prepare the accounts for the end of the year reports! them. Our only wish is that AIESEC Denmark will DARE to DREAM big starting with TODAY! Full TtT aka Train the Trainers applications for facis and speed ahead! delegates will happen soon! Stay tuned! NST applications opened! Want to join? Take on leadership opportunities!!! National transition and planning conference during Why? To develop your skills, to lead a team, to work with an action plan, to 27—29th June 2009!!! face challenging situations, to win a race with yourself, to prove YOU CAN! OCP Citius 2009!!! Contact Dora at for more details!!! AIESEC Globally, through AIESEC Denmark, was officially in- vited to attend COP15, World Business Summit on Climate OCP ScaLDS 2009!!! Contact Dora at for the applica- Change during 24 - 26 May 2009 in Copenhagen. Erik Rasmus- tion and more details!!! sen, chief editor at Monday Morning was impressed by the dele- gates of the Panel Discussion in Fortius and wants our organiza- MC teams 0809/0910 AIESEC Denmark updates tion to voice its opinion in COP15. Most probably, the PAI, Aman Jain, will represent AIESEC at this important global event. The MC team 0910 of AIESEC Denmark is completed!!! Ali Jamili is the last member who joined the team! You will get the chance to meet them during Wicked Weekend, 9-11th July 2009, Copenhagen. Stay tuned for more details! For EB’s and LCP’s, transitions and planning conference to come! Book the weekend 27-29th June for this!!!! You’ll say goodbye to the current team and get to know the new one! With love, Abhijit, MCP 0809 Dora, MCP 0910 Letitia, MCVP TM&SR 0809 Anna, MCVP ER 0910 Dora, MCVP F&IM 0809 Lekha, MCVP X&NEP 0910 Prateek, MCVP X&NEP 0809 Ali, MCVP F&IM 0910 Morten, MCVP ER 0809 Highlights: Wiki's on the spot!!!!! Message from the elect PAI, AIESEC International Aman Jain AIESEC International wiki Recognition to the Danish network GN wiki’s Western Europe and North America Growth Network wiki Exchange statistics Fortius 2009 WENA Exchange LC’s updates Marcus Orlovsky at Fortius National wiki’s AIESEC Denmark wiki Leadership opportunities MC’s updates ScaLDS 09 - our very own backyard scandinavian conference - Wiki’s of the month Add an Exchange to your experience - SURPISE: see appendix Pimp - time for you to make your wikis&co prettier! -
  4. 4. AIESEC, a bit more… just for you! AIESEC Structure AIESEC is an organization present in 107 countries and territories. Each country has a certain number of Local Committees (LC). Each LC has an Executive Board (EB) composed of a president (LCP) and vice presidents (LCVP). The LC’s are coordinates nationally by the member committee (MC), with the same structure: president (MCP) and vice presidents (MCVP). So, there are 107 MC’s and MCP’s in AIESEC globally. All this countries are internationally coordinated by a team called AIESEC International team, composed of the president of AIESEC International (PAI) and vice presidents (AIVP). To be able to be more relevant, the countries around the Globe were grouped in regions with similar external environment and internal reality in order to be able to create more specific and region-based strategies. These regions are called Growth Networks (GN) and they are: Africa, Asia -Pacific (AP), Central and Easter Europe (CEE), Ibero America (IGN), Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Western Europe and North America (WENA). Each GN has a Director, part of the AI team, that is the small region president, responsible (together with the MCP’s) for the GN strategy creation and implemen- tation. Denmark is part of WENA GN! There are two big international conferences where all 107 countries meet: 1. In January each year, International Presidents Meeting (IPM) takes place. All the MCP’s partici- pate to this forum in which: the new AI team is elected, the Global Plan is created and knowledge for the new MCP’s is delivered by the current AI team. 2. In August we have International Congress (IC), the biggest AIESEC Conference each year. Here the MC’s and the LCP’s get together to create the global strategies and to establish country partner- ships. Also, the new AI team takes over and knowledge is delivered to the new MC’s and LCP’s. This year (2009), your current MCP, Abhijit and your elect MCP, Teodora, took part in IPM in Rome, Italy. Here, Denmark represented by them, voted for the new PAI and also gave the confidence vote for the Director’s candidates. Also, they took part in the creation of the International Priorities for AIESEC 0910, the new strategic map, and also estab- lished the WENA GN focus areas. As IPM is an international legislative forum, the new budget for the AI team 0910 was approved, new expansion initiatives were voted for (Mozambique, Saudi Arabia and Mongolia) and also the changes in the International Compendium and regu- lations were made. Another thing that hap- pened was the launch of the new communication strategy: AIESEC new website, AIESEC launch on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr. Check the “Telling the story 2.0” wiki and for more details! IC 2009 will happen in Malaysia, and AIESEC Denmark is allowed to send 5 delegates to the conference (MC members or LCP’s). If you want to go, let me know! For any questions regarding IPM or IC or global news, contact me! Dare to DREAM! Regards, Teodora, current MCVP F&IM and elect MCP AIESEC Denmark Editor: Teodora Chetan, April 09