1.1 Introduction to the local creative and media scenes


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1.1 Introduction to the local creative and media scenes

  1. 1. Local Creative and Media scenes There are many creative and media scenes in the local area for example in Stratford East E15 and in Bethnal Green E1 and Bow Road E3! They include: Media Theatre Visual Arts
  2. 2. Here are few examples…
  3. 4. The Theatre The Theatre Royal opened in 1884 and since then it has undergone many changes. In 1992 the beautiful Victorian-era auditorium was restored; it seats up to 460 people on three levels (Stalls, Dress Circle, and Upper Circle) with all seats having a good view of the stage.
  4. 5. Their work... Artistic Development They produce 7 new shows a year including a traditional pantomime, one-off shows and try-outs. They have previously run month long Musical Theatre Workshops with the aim of developing new contemporary musicals that represent the eclecticism of multicultural London.
  5. 6. Contact... Theatre Royal Stratford East Gerry Raffles Square Stratford London E15 1BN Administration Line: 020 8534 7374 Email: theatreroyal@stratfordeast.com Website: www.stratfordeast.com
  6. 7. What's on?? Central Lines 15/9/09 – 26/9/09 The Great Extension 16/10/09 – 14/11/09 Naturally 7 15/11/09 Aladdin 28/11/09 – 16/1/10 Signs of Diva 27/1/10 – 07/2/10 Two Women 19/2/10 – 27/03/10
  7. 9. Stratford Circus is a performing arts venue in the cultural quarter of Stratford East London. It was designed by Levitt Bernstein, with the ambition to provide a regional centre of innovation in Newham to reflect the residents' cultures and communities. Resident organisations include Circus Media, East London Dance, Urban Development, Theatre Venture, Newham Youth and Community Education Service and University of East London. About them...
  8. 10. Work... With its impressive design, professional spaces and accessible location, Stratford Circus is an ideal venue for a range of business occasions. They have a dedicated events team who will work to create a high quality, competitively priced and professionally produced event.
  9. 11. Performance... Their two impressive auditoriums are equipped to international standards for lighting, sound and projection. Both offer sprung floors and the larger has staging facilities that include counterweight flying bars, a permanent lighting rig and orchestra pit. They do: concerts · community shows · dance training · fashion shows · film events · final performances
  10. 12. Circus eats... Circus Eats is a new concept at Stratford Circus, focusing on good wholesome food made on the premises at affordable prices.  They are now offering their regular menu along with a selection of daily specials with international flavours, from West African Jollof rice and fried plantain to Polish salted herring.
  11. 13. Contact... Stratford Circus Theatre Square Stratford London E15 1BX Telephone: Switchboard - 020 8279 1001 Box Office – 0844 357 2625 Website: www.stratford-circus.com
  12. 14. What's on?? DANCE!! COMEDY!! MUSIC!! LITERATURE!! THEATRE!!
  13. 15. Stratford East
  14. 16. THE CINEMA... Picture house Cinemas is a chain of art house cinemas in the United Kingdom. Stratford East Picture House is a local cinema where lots of people go to watch the latest films or just go there to eat at their café-Bar.
  15. 17. CONTACT... The Stratford Picture House Theatre Square Stratford London E15 1BX Telephone: 0870 755 0064
  16. 18. PICTURE HOUSE BAR The Stratford Picture house Bar is the ideal place to relax with a coffee and read the paper or chat to friends. The interior is bright and spacious with natural wood floors.
  17. 19. WHAT'S ON?? Latest films
  18. 21. ABOUT THEM... Rich Mix is London’s up-and-coming-cross-arts centre. Weather you are tempted by a film in their plush cinema or more into performing arts, their rich and diverse programme -ranging from theatre to music, dance and more - is the result of a finely tuned approach to arts and the world's cultures. This 132,000 square foot flagship arts and cultural centre boasts the best in art, performance, fashion, design, music, dance, film, theatre and comedy.
  19. 22. THE BUILDING Five floors of vibrant creativity and excellence providing: - a three-screen plush cinema showing blockbusters alongside a selection of Independent, Art house, World Films and documentaries - a performing arts venue delivering a line up of Arts and Culture programmes: theatre, dance, spoken word, music and more - education space; kids and family programmes - four floors of affordable creative workspaces that have become hosts to 15 educative charities and creative businesses - a spectacular top venue and event space with stunning views of the City - exhibition galleries spaces - a wide contemporary Bar - an alcohol-free Café space, snacks and hot meals, lunch, dinner - the BBC London Broadcasting Centre
  20. 23. CONTACT... RICH MIX 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road London E1 6lA Telephone: Office/Admin - 020 7613 7490 Box Office - 020 7613 7498 Website: www.richmix.org.uk
  22. 26. ABOUT THEM... The Bow Arts trust is an Arts Education Charity founded by Marcel Baettig in 1995 and Ryan Durrant with the support of Marc Schimmel. The Trust is located by the historic St Mary Atta le Bow Church in the heart of the East End of London, where they offer a community of over 100 artists, affordable, secure, creative workspace.
  23. 27. STUDIOS Bow Arts Trust is committed to providing affordable studio space and live/work space for artists. Bow Arts Trust offers a wide range of studios for visual artists. They have two well established adjacent buildings housing approximately 90 studio spaces, and the Nunnery Gallery.
  24. 28. EDUCATION Education at the Bow Arts Trust offers an innovative programme of workshops, projects, residencies, training courses and events. These are delivered by professional, practising artists who are committed to developing creativity, artistic skills and imagination across a spectrum of different disciplines . These include all areas of visual practice and performance - poetry, storytelling, dance and music.
  25. 29. CONTACT Bow Arts Trust 183 Bow Road London E3 2SG Telephone: 020 7538 1719 Website: www.bowarts.org                                                                                                                                                                        
  26. 30. The O2, London Concerts halls generally host music events such as rock/pop gigs and classical concerts. Concert Hall Rich Mix, Bethnal Green, London An Arts Centre that has a larger variety of performances events than a theatre. It may buy in theatre, dance productions, gigs and concerts. They may hold events that involve public participation. They may also screen films and have a gallery for exhibiting the visual arts. Arts Centre The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London A receiving theatre ‘buys in’ productions from production companies rather than producing its own shows. Receiving theatre Stratford Circus, London A theatre that has company of performance and production team who produce a number of shows each year. Producing theatre Examples Description Types of venue
  27. 31. By Moushomi Hanif 10U