Jack Tremblay in Deck Builder


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Jack Tremblay is interviewed as part of a article discussing the value of using a landscape

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Jack Tremblay in Deck Builder

  1. 1. In the winter of 2004 I was contacted by Anne W. West of Deck Builder Magazine. I was happy to help them on an article dealing with the relationship between a Landscape Architect and the Deck Contractor. I didn’t expect them to showcase two of my best projects that included major deck designs and installation. The following is the above mentioned article with added content from my archives to help communicate the role of a landscape Architect on a project. Thank you in advance for your interest. Jack Tremblay Reg. # 847
  2. 2. Left - This deck is constructed entirely of composite material. The pattern was designed with 45 degree angles making it easier to install. Right - The pool deck was created Page 10 of Deck Builder with light and dark Magazine Article green granite from China. Because of the distance each unit was drawn on paper to allow an accurate inventory. Notice the pool skimmer cover in the lower right corner. The design included an outdoor Spa. We used a freestanding, self-contained unit. Then we ‘sank’ it in the ground using stone retaining walls and composite decking. O’Hara and Company of Ashland MA did the installation from design to completion.
  3. 3. Page 11 of Deck Builder Magazine Article A typical Newburyport residence with the main entrance on the side of the structure rather than the front or street side of the house. The entrance deck was designed to allow plenty of room for greeting and saying good-bye to guests. It’s an important ritual for entertaining…. The decking is mahogany. The pattern is similar to the previous composite deck using 45 degree cuts for ease in construction.
  4. 4. Page 12 of Deck Builder Magazine Article Typical Framing Plan for a small back yard deck. This level of detail allows for a accurate estimate from the contractor. The decking detail allows the commun- ication of simple instructions that make a deck finish above the typical…
  5. 5. Page 15 of Deck Builder Magazine Article Page 16 of Deck Builder Magazine Article Mm M M M