Novara: the city and its appeal


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Novara: the city and its appeal

  1. 1. The city and its appeal NOVARA
  2. 2. Where is Novara? Turin Milan Venice Florence Genoa Rome Novara is a city of 100,000 people i nhabitants , in the North-West of Italy. It is in Piedmont and is the capital of the Novara District . NOVARA
  3. 3. The Territory of Novara
  4. 4. The Territory of Novara The territory of Novara is rich in a great variety of landscapes: rice fields, hill, mountains, lakes, rivers, castles, patrician villas and protected areas.
  5. 5. Lake lands
  6. 6. Lake lands The territory of Novara has two precius jewels: the Lake Maggiore and the Lake Orta .
  7. 7. Parks and reserves
  8. 8. Parks and reserves In the province of Novara there are ten important reserves: the biggest is the Natural Park of the Valley of the Ticino .
  9. 9. NOVARA: a historic city
  10. 10. The Roman period Novara was founded by Romans in the 89 AD.
  11. 11. The Roman period It soon became one of the most important towns during the imperial age.
  12. 12. The Middle Ages During the Middle Ages, Novara was one of the most important communes in the North of Italy.
  13. 13. The Broletto In this age the Broletto were built; the typical Northen Italian Medieval municipal palace.
  14. 14. The Castle The Castle was built by the Milanese dukes Visconti and Sforza during the 14th century.
  15. 15. The Castle It was the centre of the military and political life of the town, together with the Broletto .
  16. 16. 18th and 19th centuries and the Kingdom of Sardinia during the First Italian War of Independence . The Battle of Novara (March 23, 1849) was one of the battles fought between the Austrian Empire
  17. 17. A tour of Novara
  18. 18. Corso Cavour Corso Cavour is the Novara’s Main Street that runs along the route of the ancient Roman road .
  19. 19. The Historic centre The Historic centre was the old urban core of Novara.
  20. 20. The Historic centre It still retains the old medieval plant with cobbled streets and small squares.
  21. 21. The Cathedral
  22. 22. The Cathedral It was built in the 19th century by the famous Italian architect Alessandro Antonelli , and was erected in Neoclassical style.
  23. 23. The Saint Gaudenzio Basilica The Saint Gaudenzio basilica (1577 – 1659) is the most famous religious building in Novara.
  24. 24. The Saint Gaudenzio Basilica It’s dedicated to Saint Gaudenzio, the patron saint of the city.
  25. 25. The Saint Gaudenzio Basilica On the top there is the Saint Gaudenzio Dome (121 meters high), by Alessandro Antonelli .
  26. 26. The Coccia Theatre The Coccia Theatre stands on the site of an 18th century theatre.
  27. 27. Local cooking Novara has a long cooking tradition .
  28. 28. The Paniscia It was the typical poor peoples’ food, similar to the Roman army basic food. It is a soup made of millet or rice, lard and vegetable.
  29. 29. The Gorgonzola Cheese The Gorgonzola Cheese is a soft blue cheese that has been made since the early Middle Ages.
  30. 30. Wines Many Piedmont wines are known all over the world, like Dolcetto, Barbera, Barolo and Novarese Hills .
  31. 31. Camporelli: Novara’s biscuits The origins of the biscuits of Novara date back to the medieval age. They were made by the nuns in their convents for the foreigners.
  32. 32. Events in Novara
  33. 33. Novara Street Festival In the middle of June, the Historic centre hosts a lot of musicians and street artists for the Street Festival .
  34. 34. Battle of Bicocca Every 23rd of March the Battle of Novara is celebrated with an evocation with costumes and weapons of the time.
  35. 35. “ Young Expressions” Festival The Young Expression is an annual competition for young emerging bands, with a lot of famous Italian bands and singers.
  36. 36. The White Night During the White Night Novara is full off concerts, shows and various entertainments. Also local shops stay open during the night.
  37. 37. Novara’s waiting you…
  38. 38. “ The Mediterranean Sea as a Meeting Point of Civilizations” COMENIUS MULTILATERAL SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS PROJECT A work of : Bagini Federica IV class Liceo Artistico Statale “Felice Casorati” of Novara