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Art High School “Felice Casorati”: students presentation


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Art High School “Felice Casorati”: students presentation

  1. 1. Students’ presentation Art High School “Felice Casorati”
  2. 2. Our school has an old history: before 1646 it was an important building, Casa Caccia, and than became the Santa Maria Maddalena convent.
  3. 3. In 1807 government of Italian kingdom decide to create eight high schools; the convent of Maddalena became one of these.
  4. 4. The Felice Casorati Artistic High School preserves the original building with its cloister, arches, vaults and columns.
  5. 5. Hi! We are some students of 4 Asp. We frequent the experimental course of relief and catalogue.
  6. 6. During the hours of disciplines plastic we are learning how to restore the statues.
  7. 7. They are some students of experimental pictorial course and in this photo they are copying a model This is a student of ordinary course and she is doing a scenography
  8. 8. Students of 4th form at work, carrying out surveys in the cloister and on the stairs of the school.
  9. 9. The corridors of our school are rich of gypsum copies of famous statues that we use like models to copy for disciplines pictorial.
  10. 10. Hi, we are Giulia and Silvia! We are doing a composition of solids during the hours of disciplines plastic.
  11. 11. Hi! We are three students of class 5 Asp of experimental course of catalogue and relief. Our names are: Valeria, Paolo and Michele…
  12. 12. Hello!! We are some Students of 4 Asp. We are the inseparable Erica, Giulia and Sara! ...and we are the two Chiaras of the class...
  13. 13. …we are Federica and Giusi… …and we are Melissa, Lucia and Sara!!
  14. 14. Hello! We are Anna, Veronica, Manuel, Samuele, Emanuela… …And we are Anna, Lisa and Elisa… We are students of 5° Industrial Design.
  15. 15. I’m Valeria I’m 20 years old I have been attending this school since 2003 My favorite subjects are Math, Physics, and Descriptive Geometry. I put all myself to studying and I spend my free time with my friends and my boyfriend I’m generous and reliable
  16. 16. My name is Federica I’m 17 years old I have been attending this school for 4 years My favorite subjects are Philosophy and History of art. I play piano for 5 years I love music and cinema I want to describe myself in one word: positive.
  17. 17. My name’s Erica I’m 17 years old I have been attending this school since 2005. My favorite subjet is Painting I have been attending a lifeguard course, in my free time I play basketball and I like climbing People describe me as alternative
  18. 18. I’m Giusi I’m 18 years old I have been attending this school since 2005 My favorite subjects are Painting and History of art. I like listen to music, dance and rollerblade I can describe myself like sociable
  19. 19. I am Giulia I’m 17 years old I frequent the 4th year of relief and catalogue My favorite subjects are Descriptive Geometry, English and Painting In my free time I love reading and playing tennis. I’m funny but stubborn
  20. 20. My name is Simona I’m 17 years old I have been attending this school since 2005 My favorite subject are Painting and Physics I like music and I love animals In my free time I play football
  21. 21. Greetings from Art Higt School Casorati!!!!!
  22. 22. “The Mediterranean Sea as a Meeting Point of Civilizations” COMENIUS MULTILATERAL SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS PROJECT A work of : Bagini Federica IV class Liceo Artistico Statale “Felice Casorati” of Novara