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Greg Linnemanstons, Weidert Group, Social Media for Integrated Marketing


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How social media has changed public relations and working with the media over all. Discuss the democratization of expertise (HARO, blogs, everyone’s a source…) and how businesses can leverage social media to obtain media coverage.

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Greg Linnemanstons, Weidert Group, Social Media for Integrated Marketing

  1. 1. social media as a part of integrated marketing Presented by: Greg Linnemanstons, President, Weidert Group |, @greglinn
  2. 2. Covering today: Facts and myths associated with social media Intro Traditional media vs. social media Integrating social media with traditional marketing Case study: Weidert Group Case study: Hoffmaster
  3. 3. Social networking is a waste of time. Social media is a legal minefield; negative The Myths feedback is a threat. Respectable businesses cannot communicate through Twitter. Social media is a replacement for traditional media. There is no ROI in social media or corporate blogging.
  4. 4. LinkedIn has about 40 million users, up about 1/3 since January. Twitter added 5 million users in March 2009. The Facts Social network usage higher (68%) than email (65%) for the first time. Mobile usage of social networks grew 260% during 2008. Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook are the top 4 social networks used by marketers. Sources: comScore, 2009; Nielsen, 2009; LinkedIn, 2009
  5. 5. Emerging attitudes 77% of active web users read blogs The Facts More than 50% of marketers say they will increase spending on social media 57% of early corporate adapters say it impacts their business 85% of Americans believe companies should use social media to interact with consumers 60% of journalists polled want a company to send social media links Sources: TEKgroup, 2009; Cone, 2008; Austin’s New Media Lab, 2008
  6. 6. Integrating Social Media
  7. 7. Traditional media Social media space defined by brand space defined by consumer Integrating social media brand in control consumer in control one-way communication conversation repeating message fluid, adaptive message focused on the brand focused on consumer company created content user-created content
  8. 8. Social media: a new set of tools for your marketing toolbox Opportunities for conversations with your Integrating social media customers/fans Realtime communication monitoring Hear customer opinions, likes, dislikes The COMMUNICATION ACCELERATOR Reach the most intense consumers in an industry
  9. 9. Incorporating social media into your marketing plan Get your website right first Integrating social media Learn the differences between traditional and social media Use social media to measure impact of traditional media Fully articulate brand character across a variety of channels Search for ways to cross-channel promote
  10. 10. Case Study: Weidert Group
  11. 11. Simple steps, real change Commit to new tools, tactics, attitudes Weidert Group New website, blog, e-newsletter, corporate Facebook and Twitter pages Expectations for all client-facing staff to become active in SM Commitment to using social media everyday
  12. 12. Home page
  13. 13. blog Share expert knowledge, improve SEO by frequently updating content to website
  14. 14. Share industry trends with a monthly e-newsletter; links to content on the blog company newsletter
  15. 15. PR drives SEO for Weidert Press Group and clients through Releases SM press releases and links to websites
  16. 16. Interactive contact page Contact allows prospects to connect through SM, experience staff expertise and personality
  17. 17. Results Unique visitors increased by 112% in the first Weidert month of the website launch Group The average length of visit has increased by nearly 4 minutes from February to April 2009 The average visits per day increased 442% from February to April 2009 The use of social media releases has resulted in more frequent company media placements
  18. 18. Case Study: Hoffmaster
  19. 19. Integrating social media in a mature industry Created fictional passionate character as a parody Hoffmaster subject Produced YouTube videos to introduce character story line Introduced Twitter and Facebook to connect with industry professionals Integrated character and promoted SM networking in advertising and collateral materials
  20. 20. Hoffmaster
  21. 21. Results Hoffmaster Twitter account gained 336 followers Hoffmaster in 1 month; over 50% restaurant operators Facebook page acting as a prospect funnel Over 1,000 YouTube views in 1 month Resulted in trade show daily media placements Provided a platform for ongoing viral campaign
  22. 22. Questions?