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Tyroo Corporate Presentation


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Tyroo Media Pvt Ltd - India's largest internet ad-network

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Tyroo Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Largest Indian Ad network ! - Learner, Initiate, Beginner
  2. 2. ABOUT US • is incubated by the Smile Interactive Technology Group (SITG), and the only Indian start-up to have been funded by Yahoo. • We are the only Indian ad network to have developed our own technology • Tyroo provides you a platform to advertise on network of websites across the globe
  3. 3. TYROO INVENTORY • Highest scale from International publishers, targeting to Indian inventory Inventory size currently being sold in excess of 2 billion impressions monthly. High volumes can be bought at low prices for high scale campaigns and across categories that don’t have too much Indian content • Vertical Publishers across categories Major categories are automobiles / technology / business & news / education/ Entertainment These categories don’t have specific market leaders in the Indian context so Tyroo aggregates this inventory to form a sizeable audience per category • Strong Technology Vertical Over 500 million impressions catering to audience of coders, programmers, .net, asp professionals.
  4. 4. TYROO INVENTORY • India’s largest inventory shop for entertainment inventory – More than 500 publishers aggregated across sub-categories like movies / music / downloads / gaming • India’s largest inventory on tier 2 & tier 3 publishers – (Nearly 10 million monthly impressions per publisher) – we have more than 2,000 publishers who’ve gone live with us since we began our operations • India’s largest network for NRI inventory – g y Through access to the 2,000 Tyroo publishers, typically 30% of a site’s traffic on an average is attributed to NRI • Access to premier sites worldwide like Facebook / Perfspot etc for high brand campaigns • Access to the Yahoo publisher inventory network across the world due to p y strategic partnership with them worldwide
  5. 5. INDICATIVE PUBLISHER BASE C U S S Entertainment NRI sites Regional Travel santabanta Zoomtra smashits Southern S th bollyfm Railways chennaionline musicmirchi journeymart 123kerela News Automobile Sports Tech indianautomobile newindpress com cartradeindia com Espn com codersheaven com
  6. 6. WHY TYROO Click fraud management - • Technology wise Click Fraud Management is another big USP which tyroo offers as compared to other ad networks – IP Bl k listing Black li ti – Multiple clicks on same campaign/publisher within defined time interval. – We spend large amount of our technology budgets in Targeting and Click fraud management technologies
  7. 7. Tyroo Premium Network • Every site in a channel carries a premium with USP of sites. In bouquet converts into USP for network channel. • Sold Primarily on CPM due to high traffic quality of publishers • Channels offered – News – Entertainment – Technology – Education – Gaming – Social Networking – NRI – Regional g
  8. 8. Tyroo Performance Network • Campaigns for – Increasing searches – Lead generation – Profile Acquisitions • Campaign optimization to maximize ROI. • Excellent targeting features: – Demographic – IP Geographic (City, State and Country-wise) – Day-part targeting • Rich Media creative support including pop-ups, interstitials etc • Live monitoring of campaigns
  9. 9. TYROO Targeting • Tyroo ad network is an advance technology platform which enables us to do following kind of targeting to have better campaign performance – Geo Targeting • Ability to target specific cities/countries like to IP address originating from Delhi or Australia – Contextual Targeting • Channel Wise Targeting so that each site page is classified to a channel/category on the basis of content not on the basis of what publishers classify themselves. • Day of time targeting eg Loreal wanted to run campaign targeted to women audience between 10 AM – 6 PM • Ability to do Frequency Cap which allows to limit # times one ad will be displayed to single user on the network • Target user by type of Internet connectivity eg Di l T b fI ii Dial-up, b db d broadband connection
  10. 10. CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT AT TYROO Regular and Detailed Reporting- Graphical representation- representation
  11. 11. CREATIVE SPECIFICATIONS An array of Creative formats We Accept all the 7 standard IAB Image sizes to choose from 120X600 • Flash 300X250 • Jpegs/GIFS 120X240 • Text 468X60 • RADS 728X90 160X600 150X150 We recently went live with our text links format, which is getting a great response format response. Next in line are video ads..
  12. 12. SOME OF TYROO’S ADVERTISING PARTNERS Auto CG Finance Media Tech Telecom Travel Hero India Kingfisher Honda LG Visa Today HP Airtel Airlines Maruti Reebok Tata AIG TATA Sky Canon Motorola Jet airways Ford Fd Pepsi P i HSBC Hotmail H t il Microsoft Mi ft BSNL Indiaresort I di t Tata Motors Wrigleys ICICI IBN Live Samsung Vodafone GM 7 up Citibank NDTV Fujitsu Travel guru TVS HDFC Dell Tripmela Religare
  13. 13. Looking forward to work with you..! Thank You You.. For Advertising queries, reach us at