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  1. 1. Welcome to Open House! Ms. Brown English 9 E214 Please take a business card with my e-mail address. E-mail is the best way to contact me. The extension on the card is incorrect. Please Change it to 883-5198 if you need to contact me by phone.
  2. 2. About me... <ul><li>I was born in Minnesota!
  3. 3. I grew up in Chandler, and went to CUSD schools K-12.
  4. 4. I graduated from Hamilton in 2003- Go HUSKIES!
  5. 5. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Mary Lou Fulton College of Education at ASU with a BA in Secondary Education-English in 2007. </li></ul>
  6. 6. At HHS... <ul><li>This is my 3 rd year of teaching English at Hamilton.
  7. 7. I have taught both Honors and On-Level
  8. 8. I am the Link Crew Sponsor!
  9. 9. I am also very active in Invisible Children.
  10. 10. My teaching philosophy: </li></ul>I believe that every student can be successful with hard work and determination
  11. 11. About the Class... This is a required class for all students at Hamilton High School. We will be covering a broad range of topics, with a variety of activities designed to help with understanding literature, the English language, and preparation for the AIMS test. Through novels, plays, poetry, non-fiction, and writing we will be exploring the journey of a hero, the tragedy of star-crossed lovers, and the strength of the human spirit. Activities will include: journals, performance, research, class discussion, test preparation, non fiction writing and more.
  12. 12. Course Texts Homer, The Odyssey Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet Wiesel, Night Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird Various short stories, poems, and essays
  13. 13. Class Routines Students are expected to... Come to class prepared!!! Come to class on time with your binder , notebook paper, a pen (blue or black ink), and a pencil. As soon as they enter class, they are expected to collect their writing notebook from their class period's crate, sit down in their assigned seat, and begin working. This is also a good time to make sure they have the correct homework assignment for the day.
  14. 14. Be respectful of others and the property of others. This includes Ms. Brown’s classroom supplies.
  15. 15. Refrain from eating and bringing drinks to class, chewing gum, and using any electronic devices in class (iPods, cell phones, etc.) ; water bottles are okay.
  16. 16. Respect class time. Students are given four restroom passes per quarter―use them wisely. They may NOT be used for missing homework assignments.
  17. 17. Class Expectations It is suggested that your student keeps their course materials, notes, handouts, etc. in a binder. As we finish a unit, I will tell them whether they can remove that section of work from your binder, but PLEASE help your student to make sure they keep old notes at home. THEY WILL NEED THEM LATER IN THE YEAR!!
  18. 18. Get involved in class. They are expected to listen actively during and contribute to small and large group discussions.
  19. 19. Absences If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to show me all work when they return and to schedule make- tests when within two school days. They are given almost all assignments in advance and can always refer to the class website for information on homework. If students are absent, it is their responsibility to find out what work you missed and get it turned in. HHS policy states that if a student has an excused absence, they have one day for each day missed to complete the assignment without penalty. Homework turned in after an un-excused absence is considered late and will be treated as such.
  20. 20. Expectations... Students are expected to cooperate with all classmates and the teacher. When they are acting inappropriately, they will receive a verbal warning. If the behavior continues, a student/teacher conference, a parent phone call, and a referral will follow in that order.
  21. 21. Homework Policy Daily homework is due the class period after it is assigned at the start of class. ASD is assigned for missing or incomplete homework. If a student is unable to complete an assignment due to personal/family/faulty technology reasons, a note from the parent/guardian is required for an extension. Failure to complete any homework assignment will result in After School Detention (ASD). ASD is an opportunity to promote student success. It is the policy of HHS to assign students After School Detention for being tardy to class or having incomplete or missing homework when it is due. This is a school policy and will be enforced .
  22. 22. Long Term Projects Long term projects will be broken down into steps and these will be assigned due dates that students will be responsible for.
  23. 23. Late Work Policy Late homework is accepted but is not given full credit. If the homework is late one day, it is given 75%. If it is two or more days late, it is given 50%.
  24. 24. Homework Assistance There is always homework assistance available upon request. I am available for extra help after school at the following times: M-W 2:15-3:30 and Th-F by appointment. The Husky Room in C117 is also a great resource. Here teachers offer free tutoring after school everyday in every subject until 3:30.
  25. 25. Grading Policy 1.Your students grade is determined by the number of points they earn divided by the possible number of points they could have earned. Grades are on a point system and start fresh quarterly. 2.The semester grade will be calculated as follows: First quarter = 40%, Second quarter = 40%, Final exam = 20 Grading Breakdown Grading Categories 90-100% = A Portfolio Writing = 35 80-89% = B Assessments = 30% 70-79% = C Quizzes = 10% 60-69% = D Practice/Homework = 25%
  26. 26. STI Grades are submitted weekly on STI. When checking your student’s grade on STI please note: 0= your student was here both when the assignment was given and collected, and it was either missing or incomplete. The assignment needs to be completed and partial credit can still be . 00= the student was absent either when the assignment was given or collected. Full credit can still be earned if the assignment is completed within the timeframe outlined in the HHS Handbook (one day given for every day absent).
  27. 27. Grade Checks Grade Check Sheets be sent home periodically. They must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned by the next class period no matter what the grade.
  28. 28. Literature Quizzes Literature quizzes are given regularly on Fridays after a reading assignment has been given. They are worth 50 points. If your student earns less than a C, they will be assigned ASD, and will be required to serve ASD with Ms. Brown the following Monday from 2:20-3:20 as a reading catch up. Make-up points will be offered during reading catch up.
  29. 29. Paper Revisions Students are allowed to revise writing assignments for a higher grade if they meet with me for a writing conference first. Revisions turned in within one week of being handed back will have the points added straight on to the original grade. If revisions are received after one week, the final grade will be an average of the original grade and the revision grade.
  30. 30. Link Crew Freshman Splashdown The Link Crew sponsored Freshmen Pool Party is this Friday, August 14th from 6-9 at the Hamilton Pool. Admission is free and there will be pizza, snow cones, and drinks provided.  All your student needs is their student ID, bathing suit, and a towel. Come enjoy music, fire dancers, and a water show performed by the Hamilton Drum line, while hanging out with their freshman friends and Link crew leaders!
  31. 31. The End! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, the best way to reach me is through e-mail. [email_address]