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Formato S..[1]


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Formato S..[1]

  1. 1. O por<br />107950073660Center of the Innovation,the Agroindustry andthe TourismNACIONAL SERVICE OF LEARNINGFORM FORMATION`S PROJECT1.1 Educational Institution: Institucion Educativa Simona Duque1.2 MUNICIPALITY: Marinilla1.3 Name of the project:the position of the morning1.4 Training Program that responds toStrengthen my profile the world of work1.5 Estimated time of execution of the project (months):  Until December 2009 1.6 Companies or institutions that take part in his formulation or financing : (if exist)Institución educativa técnica industrial Simona duque y SENA1.7 Key words of searchPosition paper of the people, orthopedics and handbags<br /> 2. Structure of the Project2.1 Approaching the ProblemThis project aims to improve the position of people so that when you're older does not suffer spine problems2.2 Justification of the ProjectI want to do because we have seen that people today have a bad position by the weight they carry in their purses and therefore to not have problems later in the column2.3 General objetiveDesign and build an ergonomic bag to help people who are constantly using bags that do not damage his position with the bag have to bear2.4 Specific objetive:Treat youth that does not damage your postureCreate a bag that suits your body positionIncorporate knowledge gained in different areas Improved posture in adolescents2.5 scope 2.5.1 Beneficiaries of the projectAny society2.5.2 ImpactSocialWill benefit them by improving their positionsEconomicIt is going to have a good price and we want to create a micro -EnvironmentalWhy try to do most ecologicallyTechnologicalIt will have a new technological innovation2.5.3 Restrictions or associated risks: make the landings for wider shoulders will not suffer and therefore does not suffer the column2.5.4. Products or results of the project: good posture of the body and prevent illness or back pain2.6:Innovation/ Technological management The project addresses a need of the productive sector yes/noYesThe project improves the process / product / service exists?.yes/noyesThe project involves the use of new techniques and process technologies yes/noYes The end products are susceptible to industrial protection and / or copyrightyes/no YesThe products obtained in the project can be positioned in the market?.yes/noYes2.7 Productive assessmentWith the development of the project can meet the need for a potential customer. yes/noyesFeasibility of project business planyes/no yes3. Planning3.1 PROCESS STAGES 3.2 ACTIVITIES OF THE PROJECT3.3. RESULTS OF LEARNING(a partirof the program of formation)3.4 ASSOCIATE COMPETITINDESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITYTEACHERSTHAT TAKE PARTHOURSEVIDENCES -priming-Planning -Research-Construction-Exhibition-venture Brainstorming -Think and choose the best-Research bags-Project Construction-Stated before the Public-Try BusinessPlanning questions Election Project   Skip to theoretical framework and a methodological frameworkWe learned about a project idea   We learned to make a timeline   We learned to do good researchGet ideas   schedule   We investigated the bag   Make designs   Exposed   NegotiateTOTAL HOURS OF THE PHASE  PHASE 2: FORMULATE AND CONTEXTUALIZATIONTOTAL HOURS OF THE PHASE   PHASE 3:DIAGNOSTICTOTAL HOURS OF THE PHASE4 P4. Estimated budget of the project HASE:ANALYSIS AND CONSTRUCTION OF THE PROPOSAL  TOTAL HOURS OF THE PHASE  5 PHASE:FINAL SOCIALIZATION AND EVALUATION OF THE PROCESS OF FORMATION  TOTAL HORAS DE LA FASE   3.5 organization of the project3.5.1 No. Needed instructors 3.5.2 Number of trainees suggested to participate in the project 3.6 Descripción of the learning environment nedded : technologies (especially) (tecnologies speciall3.7 Project OrganizationACTIVITIES OF THE PROJECT DURATION(MONTHS)Respected resourcesEquipment/toolsHuman talent/instructorsMaterials of formationDescription of equipment QuantitySpecialityQuantity DescriptionQuantity Brainstorming   Choosing the best   Scientific Research   realization1 122 Sewing machine   Needles   Threads   Tela   closures Sewing machineNeedles Thread Tela   closures    <br />RESOURCESVALUEITEM PRESUPUESTAL FOR WHICH WILL FINANCE THE PROJECTEquipmentAre at schoolCollege ToolsThe school fundingCollegeHumant talentEach of the member Each of the membersTeamMaterials of formation20.000  TeamTotal20.000  <br />