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PréSentation Du LycéE


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presentation of André Malraux high-school by its students

Published in: Education
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PréSentation Du LycéE

  1. 1. WELCOME TO Malraux High-school! So, first of all, the name of our high school was “Béchamp” before. “Bechamp” was the original name because the school was built in a sort of swamp and people said “bééé! Champ” (which in English would mean “bad field”, where nothing can grow). Everybody liked this name because it was very unusual, but it didn’t sound very nice, so the name was changed.
  2. 2. So, a lot of new names were suggested and the winner was: “André Malraux” who was a famous French writer and politician. who wrote the “Human Condition” André Malraux: « L ’HOMME EST CE QU ’IL FAIT » MAN IS WHAT HE ACHIEVES Finally, the sentence which represents him in the high school is “l’homme est ce qu’il fait” which means “Man is what he achieves”. I ’m the statue which represents André Malraux
  3. 3. André Malraux: « L ’HOMME EST CE QU ’IL FAIT » MAN IS WHAT HE ACHIEVES Here again, people don’t like this symbol very much because it looks too serious and sad. So, we are suggesting other symbols and the new symbol hasn’t been chosen yet. I ’m the symbol of the school, that you can find on formal letters
  4. 4. So, there are twelve buildings in our school which have lot of functions. Second entrance stadium We are 1500 students and there are 168 teachers who teach us many different subjects. We also have 2 deputy heads and 3 CPE, that is, people who are in charge of discipline. Main entrance Football pitch
  5. 5. So, here are the various buildings and the subjects which we study there: Mechanics & engineering School director ’s office and other offices Students’ hall for boarders auditorium History and languages Physics and maths Business & law administration Wood technology French and biology Students’ common room and self service restaurant
  6. 6. Our school is the biggest school in Remiremont. It is not well situated because it is quite far away from the town centre so it makes it difficult for the students to go to the café or shops, and yet, there are also advantages : Indeed , the fact that the school is far from the town centre saves students from spending their pocket money, or from having accidents and it enables students to enjoy the green space, the scenery, and the sun. When it is sunny in spring the students play the guitar , they sing …you can see lovers , students are sun bathing…there are parasols… any way, it looks like the beach!
  7. 7. Buildings The general subjects are taught in the main buildings and the students specializing in engineering or wood technology tend to stay in their own specific building for their technical subjects.
  8. 8. Buildings As you can see, we move from one building to the other depending on our classes, so we walk a lot. Sometimes, we all gather in the auditorium for lectures or conferences. The auditorium
  10. 10. In general, students have to choose 2 optional subjects in the first year, in order to focus on a special course for the next year. In the second year, (which is our level), and in the third year, we have to choose 1 optional subject : for us we can choose between english, maths or political science. On the second and on the third year, we have a project work to do during a whole term, on a topic given by teachers. What’s more, the lycee offers 1 course after the exam which lasts 2 years, it’s about wood works (business, or construction or furniture manufacture). Finally, when we have our exam, the majority of the students goes to university in larger towns like Nancy or Strasbourg. CHOICE OF COURSE AND SUBJECTS
  11. 11. Our school is pretty well equipped with computers. For instance, we have 2 language labs, and another computer room and 2 other rooms with free access to internet. School rooms
  12. 12. Self restaurant At midday,a lot of students eat at the self service restaurant. We have in general 1 hour for lunch and the food is quite varied: we have a choice between 3 starters + 2 main dishes+ cheese or yogourt, + 2 or 3 desserts. There is a special system at the entrance with an elecronic card, to make sure we don’t eat twice!
  13. 13. STUDENTS ’ HALLS Since pupils come from remote villages, there are quite a lot of boarders here. Our students’ halls (one for boys and one for girls) are pretty modern. We share a room with 2 other pupils and we can decorate our rooms as we like. A girl’s room A boy ’s room
  14. 14. LIBRARY AND RESOURCE CENTRE what’s more the students have a lot of freedom. Indeed when they don’t have lessons, they can go to the library and ressource center (where they can surf on the internet, read magazines, or do their homework,…) it’s a very friendly place and what’s more there are several little study rooms which we call “aquarium” where you are sure to find peace and quiet.
  15. 15. What’s more , when they want to relax, the students can go to the Titi’s bar (it’s the little bar which is in the high school ) to play baby foot , drink a soda but there isn’t alchohol. The Titi ’s
  16. 16. the students can also go to the the main hall called “the foyer” to chat and have fun or again work together in a friendly and noisy atmosphere. The school also has a big stadium and a gymnasium which enables students to practise sports …. THE FOYER AND THE STADIUM
  17. 17. - I wake up at 6 o'clock and take my bus. - the lessons start at 8 o' clock and last until 12. - I have one hour break for lunch. - In the afternoon, i start my lessons at 1o’clock and they last until 3, 4, 5 or 6 pm, depending on my classes. - some students work on Saturday mornings but I don’t this year (just a question of luck really). - we all have Wednesday afternoon free to practise any particular hobby or just to relax or again to do our homework. A Typical schoolday
  18. 18. extracurricular activities Every year some students go to Sicily, or to Germany on exchange programs. There are quite a lot of trips organised during the year abroad and in the region. Every Thursday between 1 and 3 pm, we don ’t have classes, so we can attend drama or multilingual workshop, or take part in different clubs (photography, astronomy, video…)