Feminist Activism And Social Media


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This slide show highlights ways in which social media can be used in feminist activism and is designed as a reference to accompany Feminist Activism And Social Media a presentation by Lucinda Marshall, Director of the Feminist Peace Network.

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Feminist Activism And Social Media

  1. 1. From the Princess Phone to the Cell Phone: Feminist Activism and Social Media Lucinda Marshall Feminist Peace Network 2010
  2. 2. Please note: This slide show is designed as an online reference to accompany a presentation by Lucinda Marshall, Director of the Feminist Peace Network. To learn more or arrange a booking for your organization or school, please contact: LucindaMarshall@feministpeacenetwork.org
  3. 3. The purpose of this presentation is to share ways in which feminists are using social media to grow their work. It is NOT a comprehensive look at social media itself, but if you want to delve into that in more detail, here is a slide presentation that I recommend: Step Into Social Media: http://www.slideshare.net/sueanstiss/step- into-social media-slides-from-the- workshop-january-19-2010
  4. 4. That said however... • Before we look at specific examples, let’s take a brief look at what you can achieve with social media and inventory some of the basic tools. So the first question is:
  5. 5. What are you trying to achieve? • Connect • Have an impact • Get your message out • Take action • Gain supporters • Raise money And what social media tools can you use to get the job done?
  6. 6. Kinds of Social Media: • Blogs • Cellphones • Videos--You • Listservs Tube • Email • Twitter • Podcasts • Facebook • Internet radio • Websites • Petitions
  7. 7. Some Examples Of Using Social Media To Empower Women • Digital Sisters http://www.digital- sistas.org/home.shtml • Women Who Tech http://womenwhotech.com/ • Fem 2.0 http://www.fem2pt0.com/ • Women Action and the Media http://www.womenactionmedia.org/ • Take Back the Tech http://www.takebackthetech.net/ • UNIFEM http://www.unifem.org/campaig ns/sayno/
  8. 8. And a few more examples... Upcoming Episodes WomenCount Radio talks to Congresswoman Linda Sanchez Date / Time: 1/21/2010 4:30 PM Category: Politics Call-in Number: (646) 716-9381
  9. 9. Submit Your Video http://reproductiverights.org/en/fe ature/no-abortion-ban
  10. 10. Digital Storytelling: http://www.awid.org/Issues-and- Analysis/Library/Digital-Storytelling-by- Survivors-of-Gender-based-Violence
  11. 11. The Freedom Fone can be used to warn women away from areas where there is violence and to report sexual assaults. THE NGO NETWORK ALLIANCE PROJECT - an online community for Zimbabwean activists
  12. 12. Be the Media...
  13. 13. Literacy and Media Training allows women whose voices might otherwise be heard to become part of the media and to connect across borders. http://worldvoiceinternational.org/literacy- and-media-training/
  14. 14. From Princess phones to cellphones-- much has changed but the goal is the same--communicate and connect ...social media offers the possibility for (r)evolutionary change. Be the media, be the change. by Lucinda Marshall, Director Feminist Peace Network www.feministpeacenetwork.org www.facebook.com/feministpeacenetwork www.twitter.com/fempeace LucindaMarshall@feministpeacenetwork.org