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  1. 1. 2010 Report of Antonio Sancho, Bas Spekhorst & Victor Roncal 1/15/2010
  2. 2. Index Pages 1. Objectives of the website 3 2. Domains registered by the companies under research 4 3. Findability of the website 5 4. Functions and features of the websites 6 5. Interactivity of the website 8 6. Content analysis of the website 11 7. Importance of the website for the organization 15 8. Integration of the website in the organization's business processes and communication strategy 16 9. Navegation of the website 17 10.Conclusion 18 Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 2
  3. 3. 1. Objective(s) of the website: informing, selling, complaining, debating etc. a) What are the goals of the website owner? The website aims to show an orderly information of the products that offers the company. At first when you enter in the page offers you the possibility to choose of language that you want, so is very easy for everyone to enter the website and understand everything. Besides the website is very orderly. Why? - Because it is very easy to know in a short period of time the products that offers. The website shows a clear segmentation of customers: women and men, that normally practiced sport… (easy to find the product) The page offers a great customer service where you can buy on the web, you can design your own shoes ... (comfort) Advertising: uses the best athletes to advertise the brand, which is an incentive for the customer (Admiration and quality) Loyalty: despite being a multinational company seeks to address the client as if it were unique, for example you can design your own shoes, you can joining the web to be "you" the first to see the launch of new products ... is a truly effective strategy developed by Nike and that explains it is the first global sportswear brand. Conclusion: The website offers speed (shown any great detail), convenience (you can buy everything from home), safety (the best athletes are wearing this brand which conveys loyalty). With these goals the website owner obtain the main target, CUSTOMER LOYALTY. b) To wich extend do you believe that these are achieved? Yes . the main goals are met, furthermore the website has a great design as a company is highly developed, the first global sportswear c) What suggestions do you have for the website owner? The design of the website is great but I would not use so much money on advertising because it is a brand that everybody knows. On the website can see the best athletes in the world for that it means for the company too much money invested in marketing. Nike is an international brand so they do not need Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 3
  4. 4. to expend too much money in famous people. They can sell the products more cheap If they don’t expend the money in advertising like a football players. Conclusion: transform the website and enter less famous people in it. Everyone knows that the products are good they don’t need to spend much money on celebrities. Thus they can sell the product more cheaper than now. d) Why not introduce a section on the website with new products before launching them ? Enter on the website a series of new products where people can choose whether or not they will buy these products ( virtual products) only appear on the website and if people is interested, the company can develop these products. It’s a way more cheaply to know if people will buy the products. e) On the website you can develop the creation of your own shoes, but why you can not design your own sweatshirt? It's a great idea to design your own shoes, many people have already ordered a shoe the company, I think if would do the same with clothes (sweater, pants) will also have a great success for the website and for the company. 2. Domains registered by the companies under research a) What is the main URL of the website? The URL of the website is b) Do other URL's lead to the same website as well? Yes there are a lot of ways to enter in the website for example , …but always the main word: nike. c) Does the domain name refer to the name of the website owner? No the domain name, is the name of the company, the name of the brand, and in any case the name of the web site creator. d) Does the domain name reflect the goal of the website? In the domain name of the nike website is reflects the main characters of the name brand (Nike), the main use (store). e) Can the company increase the number of domains? It is the best way that when customers look for your website is very easy to search and find it. Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 4
  5. 5. f)Is a good idea that the url of the company is All companies must have a name easy to remember and if this is short is better than a long name. 3. Findability of the website a) What is the ranking of the website in the most popular search engines? The official site of the Nike sports shop par excellence, the leading brand sports for many decades among all athletes and not as sportsmen, which mimic or are fans of those athletes who wear clothes and fit this large prestigious brand. A website where you when your regular Google search or whatever one chooses to look for its web pages, appears first around the ranking of pages with this sportswear products, which can also be found in any store Your town sports or department stores, but not all products of its large and extensive catalog, ranging from large teams of football's most prestigious and large teams of this planet of this great sport in Europe and parts of this planet. Conclusion: It is the first company of sportive clothe in the world and and the website is the most visited shops. b) How popular is the website in terms of links from other website that link to it? The company spent much money on marketing, so your link so we can easily find on the internet many companies, associations are sponsored by the company especially in sports areas c) Which search words lead to the highest rankings? if you go into a search engine and enter the term "sportswear" the first reference is Nike, the website is the most important in the network of sports shops. d) Are there search words that do not lead to a high ranking, but should following your opinion? No because the website is very well linked, practically any word that references to the mark shows a link to the website. e) Why not improve your position through the IBP system? The company as I said before is known worldwide as much money invested in advertising, offers very good products, but through the IBP system can improve its location on the Internet like other big companies such as Canon, zurich , lexmark ... They have the best experts that guarantee your success. The employees work all time for that your website reach the top 10. Conclusion: IBP is the best system to approach the company in the business world. Although the company is known for everybody I think that they must to improve the position of the website in Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 5 internet.
  6. 6. f) Why not introduce links in stores for teens? The brand is very easy to locate on the Internet, any sports star (rafa nadal, roger fedederer) has a link on his site that takes us to the official Nike site. Although the company may also include links to clothing stores for teens springfield eg ... the company knows that potential customers can end up purchasing their products 4. Functions and features of the websites a) What are the key functions and features on the website? Functions of the Website: The main function of the website is to gain new customers and inform/bind current customers by selling products and letting customers customize products to their wishes. In addition, the Nike website displays the company logo and aim and thus reinforcing their brand name and reputation within the fashion/sport sector. In the website there is a homepage and subpages in which all the activities of the company/website are divided and from there visitors are easily linked to the various divisions of the Nike Website which all ultimately end in the Web shop. The web shop is also a compilation of client’s comments making it a richer source of knowledge for the outsiders who are interested in the company’s products. Images are also inserted in the website in relevant places for enriching the look and feel of it. There is a contact us page in which all the different ways of contacting Nike are mentioned. They are an integral part of the website and ensure a medium to communicate with the respective members of the company when required. Another smart application on the Nike website is the Shop locator which immediately finds an official Nike retailer in your area. And of course the Legal privacy terms of use are Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 6
  7. 7. mentioned and a company background showing its vision and progress that Nike has underwent since it was founded. On the website there is also a Member are that stimulates visitors to become member of the Nike community;’’ Register now and get these great benefits’’: • Shipping for your next order is free of charge • If you're not feeling it, return it for free • Bypass the line with express checkout • Stash items in your personal locker • Track your order from the warehouse to your house Members of the Nike website are a true asset for the company since these they give Nike marketing information when registering, allowing them to market their products more specifically to their various niches. Features we feel are well organized on the website Text Background does not interrupt the text Text is big enough to read, but not too big Columns of text are narrower than in a book to make reading easier on the screen Navigation Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and use Navigation is consistent throughout web site Navigation buttons and bars provide the visitor with a clue as to where they are, what page of the site they are currently on Frames, if used, are not obtrusive A large site has an index or site map Links Link colors coordinate with page colors Links are underlined so they are instantly clear to the visitor Graphics Buttons are not big and dorky Every graphic has an alt label Every graphic link has a matching text link Graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors Animated graphics turn off by themselves General Design Pages download quickly First page and home page fit into 800 x 600 pixel space All of the other pages have the immediate visual impact within 800 x 600 pixels Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 7
  8. 8. Good use of graphic elements (photos, subheads, pull quotes) to break up large areas of text Every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the same site; there are repetitive elements that carry throughout the pages b) Do all these functions and features add value to all website visitors? Yes, we believe all functions and features do add value to all website visitors since they do not apply for all website visitors. Nike has arranged its website in a way that only relevant information/products are shown per region; making a huge website feel small and personal. c) Are some functions and feature of high value for some visitors, but annoying for others? No all functions and features are of value for all visitors, since they have devided them over the website in a manner that it is not confronting all visitors. d) What functions and features are clearly missing, following your opinion? In my opinion, nothing is missing in respect to the activities of nike. Nike is selling sports equipment and fashionable products (main activity). Their website clearly puts its attention to this, and displays this nicely. e) What functions do not work properly on the Nike web site? I have tried to find some mistakes within the Nike website and came to the conclusion that the website’s search engine does not perform spotless. I have looked for a Nike Team rider within the action sport sector (Yannick de Jager, wave surfer) I have filled his name into the search engine on the homepage and it came up with no results. This shows that although a search engine is useful on a website, it should perform like the standards Nike advertises with. 5. Interactivity of the website a) What possibilities does the website offer to the website visitor in order to interact with the provided information? provides the following ways to create interactivity on their website: Search Engine Nike has an Search Engine on their website; making navigation as easy and intuitive as possible - a search form each of the pages gives the user a one click option to any part of your site they're looking for (in theory). It also encourages the visitor to actively interact with your site rather than more passive hyper linking. Feedback Nike offers: surveys (when becoming a member; all customer information should be given), feedback forms, and always a link to a 'contact us' page. User feedback is very important to maintaining Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 8 and improving a web- site
  9. 9. Subscription People like to belong. You can offer this kind of experience by having them join a club of some sort, along with certain privileges that come with membership. This may take the form of an email newsletter, entrance to an exclusive part of your site or just to be part of your online community. Nike has a log in member area giving registered visitors some privileges: • Shipping for your next order is free of charge • If you're not feeling it, return it for free • Bypass the line with express checkout • Stash items in your personal locker • Track your order from the warehouse to your house Help Nike gives their visitors an opportunity to ask questions. This can be handled in feedback forms (or even better, in your discussion forum), but a help desk designed specifically for that purpose (what Nike has done on their website) encourages more interaction. A help desk is a good place to post your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Discussion Forums If you can build a community around your website, half your battle is won. This is achieved with online forums. Online communities are self-maintaining organisms - they visit your website regularly, they produce their own content, friendships are formed all within the context of your website. has not fully utilized this concept but they do have several options to discuss about the products offered by Nike. Registered visitors can post comments on products as (e.g. if the size of the shoe falls out large or small) or any additional comments about color etc. In addition comments can be placed on movies or audio that is posted on the Nike website. b) Can the provided information be fine-tuned to personal preferences of the website visitor? offers special content based on the information gained from the visitor. uses that information as follows: We use the information we collect to: • Operate, provide, improve and maintain the Website • Send you administrative messages and information about NIKE in which we believe you may be interested • Customize and/or personalize your communications and shopping experience • Better respond to your customer service inquiries • Communicate with you about your purchase, account information or customer service needs Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 9
  10. 10. • Communicate with you about our products and events, and for other promotional purposes • Improve our business • Administer contests, promotions, surveys or other Website features In addition; gives a lot of options to fine tune their products to their customer’s needs. It allows the customer to fully customize t-shirts, Shoes, backpacks etc. The visitor can fine tune information needed by using the search engine on the website. c) Can the website visitor interact via forms? Yes they can interact through posting comments on the various products/video material offered by Nike. Interaction via forms is also possible through the customer support. d) How can the website visitor contact the owner of the website? By clicking on the website sub heading Get help, you can see various options in order to contact the owner of the website. You can chat live with a Nike expert, speak live with a Nike expert, Email them a question, Call Nike corporate or write Nike corporate a letter. The website also offers a link to find common questions (FAQ) So that the above might not be necessary. e) What is the response of the website owner on questions and comments provided by the website visitor? All responses are handled according through their nature (product related, press interest, payment, warranty etc.) Nike gives an answer according through the right medium that the problem demands. Payment issues are handled by telephone where as press requests are handled by email. All problems however are processed and answered within 1 or 2 business days. f) How can Nike increase their interaction with the website visitors. Contests An entertaining way to involve users is to offer puzzles, quizzes, contests or trivia games. Having them tie in to your website's topic of interest is recommended. (E.G. Nike could offer when visiting their surf team, a special surf game allowing fans to compete with their favorite surfer for a high score, the winner could then be awarded a special price: a meet and greet!! for example) Discussion Forums Aldo Nike offers some interaction through posting comments on products; this concept could be more interactive by offering an Ideas Board, where the website members can suggest what other type of Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 10
  11. 11. products should be invented (or just discuss the colors of products etc.) If Nike can build a community around the website by offering an ideas board or an other forum, where visitors can discuss the Nike philosophy they can create a concept of ‘’ come for the content, stay for the community’’ 6. Content analysis of the website a) What kind of content is offered on the website? 1. Structural Web Content: What Your Site Visitors Expect to See A site’s basic content (their home page, About page, Contact and Privacy pages) is structural Web content. This is content which every site needs; it’s uninspiring, but necessary. They have made it creative and truly useful; it is easy and attractive to navigate further then their home page. The new and current customers can discover who Nike is, and why they should trust them. 2. Promotional and Sales Web Content. Nike has a web shop online, so they have many marketing pages, including pages which are informational and promotional, as well as sales pages, from which customers can buy. 3. Creative Web Content: Gaining Presence, Traffic and Sales In addition to their functional marketing pages, Nike has Web pages incorporating creative Web content, that is, content which has the possibility of generating lots of inbound links, and discussion (Product information is open for comments). This content will be authoritative in its niche. They use promotional videos, images and tunes to further promote their Nike philosophy ‘’Just Do It’’ 4. Interactivity: Let Your Customers Create Content Nike currently does not offer a true forum on their website, they let customers interact through posting comments/reviews about products, but do not facilitate a web page specifically open for a discussion. Since they are selling online, adding a forum can be useful. It adds content to their site, and allows their customers to interact with them, as well as with each other creating and reinforcing a ‘’ Nike Community’’. b) Is the content of the web site static or dynamic? Nike uses a dynamic website design, it is necessary since they have online databases, use e-business and facilitate online shopping. A dynamic web design page has the advantage to change content by a Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 11 program.
  12. 12. Application areas of a Dynamic Website Dynamic web page is required when following necessities arise: • Need to change main pages more frequently to encourage clients to return to site. • Long list of products / services offered that are also subject to up gradation • Introducing sales promotion schemes from time to time • Need for more sophisticated ordering system with a wide variety of functions • Tracking and offering personalized services to clients. • Facility to connect Web site to the existing back-end system The fundamental difference between a static Website and a dynamic Website is a static website is no more than an information sheet spelling out the products and services while a dynamic website has wider functions like engaging and gradually leading the client to online ordering. But both static web site design and dynamic websites design can be designed for search engine optimization. If the purpose is only to furnish information, then a static website should be sufficient. Dynamic website is absolutely necessary for e-commerce and online ordering. c) Is all content provided via HTML or are Flash animations used? uses Flash animations as can be seen on this web-site: It is however likely that uses some text or HTML, since Typical Web search engines (or spiders) cannot index content within Flash movies. If you create a 100% Flash-based Website, you may want to provide some text or HTML, displayed or hidden, on your Web pages if you want your content to be indexed by search engines. With hidden is meant that the content should be available via a no script tag or other means that is search engine acceptable. (This is still perhaps the biggest shortcoming of Flash.) d) Is the content customized towards the website visitor? Nike uses several ways to customize content towards their website visitors. When you first enter the website you start by choosing your language and country. When you want to become a member Nike requests filling in all personal details; name, age, country, zip-code, gender. They then use that information to customize web content to the visiting member. We may use the information we collect to: • Operate, provide, improve and maintain the Website • Send you administrative messages and information about NIKE in which we believe you may be interested Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 12
  13. 13. • Customize and/or personalize your communications and shopping experience • Better respond to your customer service inquiries • Communicate with you about your purchase, account information or customer service needs • Communicate with you about our products and events, and for other promotional purposes • Improve our business • Administer contests, promotions, surveys or other Website features (E.G. I ordered a T-shirt from the action sport Nike 6.0, and exactly one week later I received an promotional offer on my e-mail giving me a 15% discount on a different (same category ) Nike 6.0 T- shirt.) e) Do logged in visitors see other content than visitors who are not logged in? Yes, it starts be differentiating per region. As soon as you fill in your country it starts by directing its marketing efforts towards the customs within that country. E.G: When filling in the Netherlands you will see Nike soccer shoes and when entering Canada as home country you will see Nike ice skating. When you log in it automatically see’s the country of residence (since that was filled in when becoming a member) It then sees which content you generally visit and highlights those points. It facilitates your shopping by listing the products you might like first, which was based on your earlier shopping and your shopping characteristics. In my case news from the Nike action sports 6.0 were highlighted since I was visiting this category a lot. f)How often is the content of the website changed? Content on the Nike website is changed regularly (every week in respect to all the different visuals different customers get worldwide), however the big changes are made in line with the popularity of sports. In winter, more emphases is put on for example ice-skating and Indore soccer. So all content products as well as advertising is changed often and according to season. g)Is all content on the website up to date? Yes all content of the website is up to date, since it is the first place Nike releases special clothing lines/shoes. All adverting is done with famous sport stars that are popular at that moment. Nike is a perfect example of a website that is continuously updating its content in order to remain popular and display their brand as being new and trendy. h)What does Flash do that HTML and CSS can’t? Freedom Flash provides a degree of freedom of development that’s not found elsewhere. Flash allows the designer to place objects anywhere they like without having to worry about absolute/relative placement, Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 13 box model problems, inconsistencies across browsers, z-indexes, tables-in-tables-in-tables, sliced up
  14. 14. graphics or screen resolutions. In Flash, you simply place the object where you want it on your canvas and move on. Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last! Seriously, this advantage is not to be taken lightly. As designers, this is what we’ve been wanting since the beginning of the Web: the ability to design without limitations being placed on us by browsers or programming languages. With Flash, you no longer need to worry about which browsers your page will render correctly in and which will choke on it. Your page renders the same way – correctly -- in all browsers. Greater Interactivity Flash provides an interactive environment for a more involved multimedia experience. We’re not just talking about rollovers that swap colors or images, which, by the way, are a piece of cake in Flash, where they can even include sound. We’re talking about the bigger deal here. Flash allows you to incorporate sound into your pages via mp3 and wav files, allowing you to use, for example, speech or background music. You can also directly import digital video into Flash, which allows you to easily demo products or just show off the family. It’s true that Flash is not the only way to include video into a Web page. There are other tools, such as Windows Media Player, Real-Player, and QuickTime. However, the Flash player plug-in penetration is now at around 97%. Compared to Windows Media Player plug-in at 59%, Real-Player plug-in at 56% and QuickTime player plug-in at 41%, Flash is streets ahead. Ok, so maybe you’re annoyed by music and video in Websites. No problem! Just don’t add it. But at least you have the option to incorporate these elements on, for instance, client sites if you use Flash. HTML/CSS simply don’t offer the option. Greater Control Flash’s vector rendering processes give it the ability to adjust the entire display size based on the browser size and, in doing so, keep your images and text clean and unpixelated. This will become more of an advantage as people begin to more frequently surf the Web from sources other than desktop computers, such as PDAs, mobile phones, car displays or wrist-watches. Improved Integration Flash allows you to integrate any multimedia file format into your site. For example, bitmap image formats (such as, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PCT, TIF), vector image formats (including FreeHand files, EPS, Illustrator files), and as previously mentioned, sound formats (WAV, AIF, MP3) can all be imported into a Flash movie. Easier Font Handling With Flash you have the ability to embed any font you wish and have it display in the client browser regardless of whether they have the font installed on their machine. You no longer have to convert fonts to images in order to maintain the font for display on varying user systems. Replicate Frames Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 14
  15. 15. Flash can replicate the behavior of frames on an HTML Website in that it can maintain in a fixed position certain parts of the Web page, such as the navigation buttons, as other parts of the screen scroll. Stand-Alone Movies Flash allows you to play movies as stand-alone presentations called projectors. Projectors are Flash movies that come complete with an embedded player -- you don’t even need a Web browser to play these Flash movies! You can burn Flash projectors to CD-ROMs or DVDs. No Reload Flash gives you the ability to display data as part of an ever-changing process without having to reload or refresh the page! That’s right -- the data can change without even so much as a flicker from the browser. 7. Importance of the website for the organization a) How important is the website for the image of the website owner? The website is very important for the owner because being a multinational you need a web page updated as millions of people will visit. Moreover, in this case, even more so because it offers services in retail stores do not find as customizing your shoes or the results of some of their events or campaigns like the challenge nike + men vs. women. b) What percentage of the turnover can be directly related to online sales via the website? We could not find the exact percentage of Internet sales on the total, but if you know that is growing year after year as continued modernization of the page and the fact that increasingly offer more services via the Web makes it. c) How important is the website for the customers of the website owner? The web is becoming increasingly important to consumers. At first it was not much since he could scarcely find information on the brand and the possibility to buy products. But now the web has got much importance to consumers for several reasons: - You can buy not only products, you can now customize it, something you cannot do other than through the web. - Provides information on the latest developments before they even reach the store. - You can watch videos of your favorite athletes. d) How important is the website for the suppliers of the website owner? Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 15
  16. 16. For suppliers, however not as important as they hardly find information for them. It is a site run basically the consumer. e) What would happen if the website were down for two weeks? If this site fell apart two weeks have devastating effects on the brand image but not selling products would suffer much because if you need anything specific from the website and customize your shoes, you can wait two weeks to buy them. f) How important is the site for the launch of advertising campaigns? The Web is very important for the launch of advertising campaigns because most campaigns nike now send you to the page to something, either to see the results of the campaigns or events (men vs. women) or for more info and details about new products. g) What does the company to give importance to the page and attract the consumer? What is nike is to fill the page of pictures of sports stars to attract attention, the consumer between and so casually. For example if you enter in the football section you will find a Cristiano Ronaldo or Cesc and if you go to the basketball section of Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. 8. Integration of the website in the organization's business processes and communication strategy a) How does the website fit into the other communication channels used by the website owner? The site fits perfectly with the other channels used by the owner and which advertising campaigns are the same. What's more, many of them start on television with an ad and the end of this send you to the Web to continue the campaign or find more information. b) Does the image of the website match with the offline image of the website owner? Yes, the image of the website matches with the offline image of the website owner because images and videos used on posters and promotions are those that appear on the website. For example, the campaign of new boots CTR 360 appears Cesc television promotions and posters in stores and on the web page also appears. c) Can you find anomalies in date entered via the website and data available at other another POS (point of sale)? We don`t found anomalies, maybe the only thing on the website you can find information on new products developer rather than in stores. Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 16
  17. 17. d) Do you think that the message reaches consumer through the website is that the brand wants to convey in your communications strategy? I think if it is so because the message that the brand wants to convey is that their products are the best and give the greatest performance. Thus, for this relates to the major stars of world sport with their products and offers on the web these pictures and videos using their products. e) For what type of consumer is directed more towards the page? The page can generally visit all types of consumers as it offers all Nike products, but if it is true that is more consumer-oriented young man who is a sports fan and likes to practice them. Therefore sports idols are all these young, to attract his attention. 9. Navigation of the website(extra topic) a) Is there always a link to the homepage? If at any time you right up the nike symbol if you press redirects you to the main page, to the sales page or customization are the three most important parts. b) Is it speed up the navigation or have to wait long to load different content? The truth which is a page quite fast. Despite the large amount of graphic content, both video and photos, do not expect just to move from one section to another Site. c) Does the site use the navigation space efficiently? In other words, use short words, clear and precise in your links so that visitors know what the corresponding page will contain. Yes, the site uses the space efficiently. In all its menus there is only one word that accurately describes its content. For example when you open the Site menu, submenus are football, basketball, running or sportswear. All words that explain clearly the content. d) Is there a search engine that helps visitors to find what you want quickly? If there is, above left is the word search, where click-is a small little screen for you to write what you are looking for. For example, typing the word manchester, takes you to the section of the website where all products are available from Manchester United. e) As you enter the page, can you give any option to customize your navigation? If, when you go to the website the first thing that appears is a list of various languages like English, Spanish, French or German. Also gives you the option to choose different types of each of these languages. For example if you choose English gives you the option of the United States, Europe, Australia Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 17 and Malaysia.
  18. 18. 10. Conclusion After having analyzed the website through answering the various questions we came to the conclusion that is a good website, it displays its products nicely and displays Nike’s vision in an attractive way. Nike creates interaction by letting customers customize their products this is an innovative aspect of their website. Nike makes a huge website feel small through dividing it according to the region the visitor is in. Visitors need to manually click in which region they want the Nike website to be displayed in, this However could be improved by doing it automatically. Nike is an website that continually is being updated, all sports/advertising campaigns are directed according to the popularity per region/ season. The integration between the website and the organization’s business processes and communication strategies are completely in one line it displays the same image that Nike is communicating in its other campaigns, Nike uses its website to visualize and interact with customers, turning potential customers into new/loyal customers though offering their products against a lower price than that is being demanded in stores (vertical integration through the use of internet). In conclusion, the Nike website is a easy to use, accessible for all visitors worldwide, Updated continuously and creates interaction with their customer . It represents what Nike is all about; Just do it. Antonio, Bas & Victor Page 18