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LACP Award Presentation


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In collaboration with Keady Communications, recipients of the 2009 LACP Spotlight Award for Print, Video & Web Competition in the category of Multi-Format Communications Materials for their work with the Catholic Schools Foundation of Boston. Link to Award:

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LACP Award Presentation

  1. 1. Academy of Notre Dame Open House | Weekly Tours September 2009
  2. 2. Did You Know? •  The Catholic Schools Foundation has recently compiled independent research (new and pre-existing) that validates the benefits of an all-girls’ Catholic education. Among the many highlights:   Women who attend single-gender schools tend to outperform their coeducational peers on the SAT 1.   When boys are taken out of the classroom, girls are more likely to take risks and speak up in class, even when not sure of the answer.   An all-girls’ setting seems to provide girls a comfort level that helps them develop greater self-confidence.
  3. 3. What is Notre Dame? •  An independent college preparatory school for girls in grades 9 – 12 •  Founded in _____ •  # of students •  X# students in class of 2009 •  Headline of school charism
  4. 4. Notre Dame by the Numbers •  Student/Teacher ratio—10:1 •  Typical class size—15 students •  Interscholastic sports—15 •  Student clubs & organizations—20 •  Notable facts:   Xx sports championships   Xx avg # students in campus ministry   Xx alums in elected office/in the public eye etc
  5. 5. Who is she?
  6. 6. She’s Prepared Class of 2009 College Admissions •  X# AP classes 100% of our graduates •  Advanced AP Scores attend four-year •  X# National Merit colleges upon Semifinalist graduation. •  X# National Merit Commended •  X# National Hispanic Scholar
  7. 7. College Admissions •  Art Institute of Chicago •  Harvard University •  Smith College •  Babson College •  Haverford College •  Stanford University •  Bates College •  Johns Hopkins University •  Stonehill College •  Bowdoin College •  Johnson and Wales University •  Syracuse University •  Boston College •  Macalester College •  Trinity College •  Boston University •  MIT •  Tufts University •  Brown University •  Merrimack College •  Tulane University •  Colby College •  Middlebury College •  University of Chicago •  Mount Holyoke College •  Colgate University •  University of Dallas •  New York University •  College of the Holy Cross •  University of •  Northeastern University •  Connecticut College Massachusetts •  Northwestern University •  Cornell University •  University of Notre Dame •  Oberlin College •  Duke University •  University of Pennsylvania •  Pepperdine University •  Fairfield University •  Princeton University •  University of Richmond •  Fordham University •  Providence College •  University of Saint Andrews •  Franciscan University •  Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute •  University of Virginia •  Georgetown University •  Rhode Island School of Design •  Vanderbilt University •  Hamilton College •  Rhodes College •  Villanova University •  Saint Anselm College •  Washington and Lee •  Saint Francis Xaviver •  Wellesley College •  Williams College
  8. 8. She Speaks Up •  Quote from respected teacher on his/ her perspective on students engaged in the classroom and/or quote from student(s) on their perspective of comfort level in all-girl setting When boys are taken out of the classroom, girls are more likely to take risks, speak up - even when not sure of the answer - and participate in athletics. (Parker & Rennie; Williams)
  9. 9. She Challenges Herself •  # of years above public school average your students take math •  # of years above public that your students take science •  Notable facts:   Robotics team   Science awards   Computer labs •  Other ways in which students academically push the envelope, particularly in ways they don’t in other schools.
  10. 10. She’s Aware •  List and talk about programs that your school offers, e.g., Students Against Destructive Decisions, and others. •  Quote from parent re: the growth they have seen in their daughter •  Quote from student re: finding their voice •  Quote from head of guidance on strengths of students
  11. 11. She’s Self-assured •  Advising programs •  Signature classes offered on morality/ethics •  Mentoring programs •  Peer leadership programs etc. “All-girls’ settings seem to provide girls a certain comfort level that helps them develop greater self-confidence and broader interests, especially as they approach adolescence.” (Dr. Rosemary C. Salomone, Same, Different, Equal: Rethinking Single-Sex Schooling)
  12. 12. She’s Spiritual •  Headlines on Campus Ministry programs •  Service programs •  School liturgies •  Retreats •  Quote relating to charisma of school Religious 12th graders in the US have significantly higher self-esteem and hold more positive attitudes about life in general than their less religious peers. (NSYR)
  13. 13. She’s a Leader •  Co-curriculars that your school offers to build leadership skills •  Recent accolades •  Recent championships •  Community leadership awards for students “At all-girls’ schools, girls enjoy not just equal opportunity, but every opportunity. All the speakers, players, writers, singers, team captains, community organizers and leaders are girls.” (NCGS)
  14. 14. She’s Independent •  Profile recent alum •  Profile alum more than 10 years out •  Profile notable alum 95% of recent girls’ school graduates said that a career is very or extremely important to them. 78% added that it was very or extremely important that they hold leadership positions in their professional lives. (NCGS)
  15. 15. She’s Confident "As a college professor I could identify students from girls' schools with a 90% accuracy rate on the first day of class. They were the young women whose hands shot up in the air, who were not afraid to defend their positions, and who assumed that I would be interested in their perspective." Robin Robertson, National Coalition of Girls’ Schools Research 2006
  16. 16. Who Is She? She’s a Notre Dame student Thank You!