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Kapital Karden Turkey and Azerbaijan Presentation July 2009


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Kapital Karden
Member Firm of RSM International
July 2009 Business Presentation

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Kapital Karden Turkey and Azerbaijan Presentation July 2009

  1. 1. Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara & Baku Capability Statement July 2009
  2. 2. M ber Firm of em About Us I Vision & Mission I Challenges I Structure I Services I RSM International I Client Contact Us Kapital Karden is a financially-focused, professional business services provider that serves growing organisations with independent audit, accounting, tax, business consulting, VAT refunds, employer services, corporate finance, tax restructuring, energy audit, forensic accounting, wealth management and financial process outsourcing throughout Turkey, Azerbaijan, The Caucasus and Northern Iraq. Kapital Karden was established in 1994 and became the correspondent firm of RSM International in 1996 and member firm in 2008. It is ranked number 7 in Turkey and No 5 in Azerbaijan. The International Accounting Bulletin, June 2009, called Kapital Karden ‘the fastest growing accountancy firm in Turkey’. Kapital Karden helps clients with international business needs through its membership of RSM International, the world’s seventh largest network of independent accounting firms.
  3. 3. Vision & Mission Kapital Karden aims to be the provider of choice of professional services such as audit, tax and accounting to internationally active middle-market organisations and offering specialised advisory services to other target markets, both in service line and geography. Kapital Karden will consistently add value to all clients and stakeholders by supporting the sustainable growth of our clients and our firm, ensuring the continuous development of our people and strengthening and expanding our quality and capabilities of our firm. Kapital Karden clients are ‘better companies because Kapital Karden are their advisors.’
  4. 4. Kapital Karden aims to succeed in the current market and is willing to be responsive and adaptable to market conditions, open to change and looking for innovative ways of offering services and solutions. Flexibility and being quick to react and respond will serve us well in these challenging times. Kapital Karden will be there, constantly ready with solutions to clients’ problems, thinking ahead and around them, keeping their best interests at the front of mind. Kapital Karden will be much more proactive than reactive; able to demonstrate value to the client in everything it does; doing everything it takes to ensure clients weather any storm, and emerge stronger.
  5. 5. Company Structure Kapital Karden Azerbaijan Audit,Tax, Consultancy, Outsource Accounting Karden YMM Tax and Kapital Kapital KardenYMM Audit, Tax, Consultancy Consultancy Karden Forensic and Corporate Advisory Kapital SMMM Outsource Accounting
  6. 6. Kapital Karden in Turkey and Azerbaijan Ranked No 7 in Turkey and No 5 in Azerbaijan Fees 2008: US$ 7m 116 staff and 10 partners 5 offices in 2 countries Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara and Baku Founded in 1994
  7. 7. Independent Audit Services One of the few firms in Turkey and Azerbaijan to be fully authorized in all types of independent and statutory auditing Capital Market Board authorization for auditing publicly owned and listed companies Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency authorization for auditing banks and financial institutions Insurance Board authorization for auditing insurance companies Energy Board authorization for auditing of companies operating in the energy sector Istanbul Stock Exchange quoted companies are required to keep their records in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards and have their financial statements audited by an independent audit firm such as Kapital Karden International independent auditing of financial statements subject to consolidation and indexed to inflation, IFRS or US GAAP compliant Services connected to the implementation of the Draft Turkish Commercial Code
  8. 8. Tax Services and Consultancy Services Company formation services and liquidations Tax certification for corporations with a Changes to company by-laws, registered specified annual turnover address and share transfers Certification of Fixed Assets Consultancy and audit services for Certification of Capitalization of Reserves privatisations, Initial or Secondary Public and Capital Increases Offerings and issuing prospectus Certification of Exemption for Associations, Share valuations and other advisory work on Facilities and Charitable Foundations mergers and acquisitions Credit Related Assessments Corporate annual reports Withholding Tax Refunds and Reports on profitability and cost analysis Certifications of Income and Corporation Ongoing tax consultancy Tax Exemptions Assisting local and foreign investors in Certifications of Incentives, Allowances, obtaining all required documents and permits Exemptions and Exceptions Consultancy, audit, company valuation for Preparation of Special Returns companie subject to Government privatization. Control and review activities Certification of lncome, Corporation and Value Giving written legal opinion on tax matters Added Tax Returns and Refunds All VAT Services
  9. 9. Outsourcing Services •B o o k k e e p in g a n d F in a n c ia l • A c c o u n t in g S u p p o r t on or R e p o r t in g off-site •Preparation and filing tax returns for Corporate • Preparation of budgets and cash flow Income Tax and Withholding Tax • Management Accounts •Preparation financial statements in accordance • Checking and advising on documents with local and International standards in compliance with local legal •Setting up accounting and reporting systems requirements and standards •Bank reconciliation • Software Operation and Training •Billing and collection • Attestation and Certification •Remote or in-house invoicing using LOGO Tiger • Attestation by SMM qualified Partner Software or in house software • Taxation Reviews and Revisions •S t a f f a n d P a y r o ll • O t h e r S e r v ic e s •Handling payroll system and tax compliance • Expatriate employment advisory •Registration and payment for Social Security service and Personal Income Tax • Business Set Up and Liquidation •Preparation of retirement , illness and maternity • Power Of Attorney and Limited pay benefits Management Services •Dismissal and Redundancy Services
  10. 10. Other Services Information Technology and ICT Audit Fraud, Forensic and Postponement of Bankruptcy Services Internal Audit and Risk Management EU/ NGO / World Bank / IMF project audit Restructuring and Recovery
  11. 11. RSM International is the seventh largest network of independent accounting and consulting firms in the world RSM International has 90 affiliate member and correspondent firms in 72 countries 732 offices worldwide ‘’In RSM you will find a real difference. 30,220 staff including 2,912 partners This lies in the unusually close and enduring relationships it has with its Combined fee income of US$3.62bn clients. Clients who choose RSM are No 5 in USA with RSM McGladrey those who look for a combination of Pullen and No 5 in China real value, true team work, imaginative practical solutions, high Members are amongst the best firms quality and excellent service.’’ (ranked 5 – 7) in their local markets
  12. 12. Kapital Karden Clients Nizh Kimya Ltd. Şti.
  13. 13. H e a d O f f ic e Contact K a p it a l K a r d e n – He a d Managing Partner: O f f ic e Mr. Lokman Ketenci 1 Sıklamen Sokak Levent 3 Is t a n b u l 34330 Head of Audit: Turkey Mr. Celal Pamukçu Tel: +90 212 284 3900 Fax: +90 212 294 3901 Head of Accounting: Mr. Zeki Öcal Online: International Contact: Alan Greenhalgh
  14. 14. T a x & V A T O f f ic e Contact K a p it a l K a r d e n – Ta x Tax Managing Partner a n d VA T Mr. Vehbi Karabiyik Maya Akar Center Kat: 15 Esentepe Is t a n b u l Turkey Head of Corporate Finance Mr. Nur Ekesan Tel: +90 212 356 9260 Fax: +90 212 356 9280 Online:
  15. 15. B r a n c h O f f ic e s Contact K a p it a l K a r d e n - B u r s a Managing Partner: Ihsaniye Mah. Barbaros Cad. Mr. Sedat Atkin Can Sokak Pamuk Arslan Apt. No:2 D.3 Nilufer , B u r s a Tel: +90 224 2495370 Fax: +90 224 2495376 K a p it a l K a r d e n - A n k a r a Managing Partner: Mesnevi Sokak No:24/8 Mr. Sami Kazici Çankaya, A n k a r a skazici Tel: +90 312 4420947 Fax: +90 312 4420946
  16. 16. B r a n c h O f f ic e Contact K a p it a l Ka rd e n - A z e r b a ija n Audit Partner: Caspian Plaza, 13th floor MrTural Maharramov 44 Jafar Jabbarli Street B a k u AZ 1065 Azerbaijan Audit Manager: Mr Adalet Kazimli Tel: +994 12 596 69 01/2 + 99 412 480 19 56 Fax: +994 12 596 69 03 Online: