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Catalog Price 2009 Eur

  1. 1. software and IT consulting company 2009 C ATA L O G Offshore - Nearshore Outsourcing SERVICES & PRICE LIST Designed by Anne Le Saux IN EUR Prime contractors Orléans, Frankfurt, Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Sibiu, Chisinau, Kiev, Hanoi local + low cost = right cost
  2. 2. 2009 service and price list cost = ri low gh l+ tc l o ca ost VIETNAM HANOI PARIS FRANKFURT ORLÉANS KIEV CHISINAU SIBIU BRASOV IASI BUCHAREST Pentalog High Tech is a leading IT engineering and software develop- ment services company on the European market. Pentalog High Tech’s offices are located in France (Orléans), in Germany (Frankfurt), in Romania (Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Sibiu), the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau), in Ukraine (Kiev) and Vietnam (Hanoi). The company had 270 employees on 30/08/2008. PENTALOG HIGH TECH: Centre d’innovation - 16 rue Léonard de Vinci - 45100 ORLEANS - FRANCE Tel.: +332 38 25 30 30 - e-mail: January 2009 2/19
  3. 3. Summary > Locations ............................................................................................................................................................. page 4 Information System Development ............................................................................................................... page 6 Business Intelligence....................................................................................................................................... page 8 IT Infrastructure Management....................................................................................................................... page 10 Network and Telecom Infrastructure ........................................................................................................... page 12 Managed Hosting Services ............................................................................................................................ page 14 Embedded Systems.......................................................................................................................................... page 16 Business Process Outsourcing ..................................................................................................................... page 18 Client references ORANGE ROMANIA • FRANCE TELECOM • TELEPERFORMANCE • LEFEBVRE SOFTWARE • GNFA • APTALYS • ISIOM • CORONIS SYSTEMS • LEROY SOMER • DMAILER • MR.BRICOLAGE • PARROT • LOXAM • INTEGRAF • MICHELIN • HITACHI • LEXMARK INTERNATIONAL • GROUPE SOCIETE GENERALE • PHILIPS • BRD • MODUSLINK • ACTICALL • GOUT • VIVENDI • QCM FRANCE • LOWENDAL GROUP • CREAKTION GENERATIONS • CIGMA • DE RHINS • DGA • GCL • OSEO • METRO FRANCE • PFIZER • HAULOTTE GROUP • CERIB • ALSTEF AUTOMATION • AFNOR • APA IT • RONA •SKF • ECIRCLE • EXPERIAN • BULGARIAN STATE • CETIOM • RASSINOUX • GRAPHISOFT • SEPHORA • MAROC TELECOM • THALES • OSB AG • EUROPEAN UNION • CITYVOX • VALEO • AXIOHM • ERICSSON • MAGDEBOURG • MASTERFOODS • DIONEX SOFTRON • BERRANG • AZ PNEUS • QUELLE LA SOURCE • AIR LIQUIDE • INTERFABA • ANDRA • GROUPAMA • GROUPE ACCOR • DIRICKS • COLAS RAIL • WIRECOM TECHNOLOGIES • VODAFONE • AGREN GROUPE EMERAUDE • POLO INTERNATIONAL • DATA SYSTEM • HORS ANTENNE • UNIVERSITY OF ORLEANS • EMI - VIRGIN MUSIC • ST-NXP WIRELESS • LABEO • MEILLEUR MOBILE • MONAKEA • JUWI MACMILLAN • IN-VOICE TECHNOLOGY • 2009 Catalog 3/19
  4. 4. Locations Local + Low Cost = Right Cost Since 1999 Pentalog High Tech has been implementing an effective PARIS FRANKFURT KIEV service offer based upon the right mix of local, nearshore and offshore ORLEANS services, and thus adapting to the customer’s specific needs. CHISINAU All our locations are chosen to ensure our clients the most suitable solutions SIBIU offering the highest levels of competitiveness and service quality. BRASOV IASI Depending on the nature of their projects and their objectives, these locations BUCHAREST allow our customers to rely on human resources either on their own site (whether they are located in France, Europe or anywhere else in the world) or offsite. Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi, Sibiu, Kiev and Chisinau are part of a low-cost- oriented organization for remote application management as well as fixed-price or time and material development projects. Finally, Pentalog High Tech recently chose Vietnam as a new offshore location. Vietnam is probably the most competitive country in the world in terms of quality-price ratio and stands for the company’s first “extreme low cost” capacity. Local sites in Western Europe > Orléans (France): 25 employees on 30/06/08 The headquarters of Pentalog High Tech are located in Orléans, 120 km south of Paris with 25 developers and project managers. Orléans is a two hour drive away from Charles de Gaulle airport, one hour from Orly airport and one hour from the Paris railway stations. > Frankfurt (Germany): 5 employees on 30/06/08 In 2008 Pentalog High Tech opened a sales office in the European financial capital. This branch, "Lasnier & Popa GmbH (Pentalog Group)" leads Pentalog High Tech's expansion in the German-speaking area, in accordance with the head office's international development strategy. Low-cost-oriented branches > Brasov (Romania): 60 employees on 30/06/08 Brasov is the head-office of Pentalog High Tech's Romanian and Moldovan Offshore Business Unit Visit our premises and is located 160 km north of Bucharest. on, "firm" menu and then "contact" Brasov has 312 000 inhabitants, and can be reached within a 2,5 hour flight from Western European capital cities, followed by a 2 hour drive from the airport. 2009 Catalog 4/19
  5. 5. Locations > Bucharest (Romania): 25 employees on 30/06/08 Bucharest is Romania’s capital city and has 2 million inhabitants. There are many daily flights (2,5 hours) between most big European cities and Bucharest. This branch is focusing on the local market and international time & material contracts. > Iasi (Romania): 25 employees on 30/06/08 Iasi is located 410 km from Bucharest and has 348 000 inhabitants. It is Romania’s second biggest city and lies at the border with the Republic of Moldova, 130 km from our Chisinau premises. Iasi enjoys a direct flight connection with Bucharest, Vienna and Germany (planned for 2009). > Sibiu (Romania): 40 employees on 30/06/08 Visit our offshore IT services company Sibiu is Transylvania’s second largest city with 170 000 on Pentalog TV inhabitants. It is one of the most prosperous cities of Romania. The Sibiu branch is focusing on Embedded System projects and employs German-speaking developers and project managers. Sibiu can be reached by air plane with direct flights from Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Vienna. > Chisinau (Republic of Moldova): 70 employees on 30/06/08 Chisinau is Moldova’s capital city and has 750 000 inhabitants. The city can be reached from western European cities with one stop in Vienna, Bucharest, Prague, and Budapest. Pentalog High Tech is the second biggest IT Company in the country. This office is the group’s biggest platform (about 1 000 m²) and Pentalog High Tech’s only branch to offer 3 types of services: IT and Software services, Embedded System development and BPO. > Hanoi (Vietnam): 10 employees Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital city with over 3 million inhabitants. Vietnam is the 150th member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). There are several direct flights a week between European cities and Hanoi. Jet lag: + 5h in summer, + 6h in winter (Paris time). The city enjoys booming industrialisation and attracts a lot of foreign investors. 2009 Catalog 5/19
  6. 6. Information System Development Historically, software engineering was Pentalog High Tech’s first service range. Always on top of the latest technologies, Pentalog High Tech supports companies in the evolution of their information systems, working on the following technologies: - Web services - Client/server Offshore - Nearshore Fixed Price Contracts Dedicated team*** Net rates in EUR per day from 4 persons and 1 project manager Offshore fixed price (ADR) ** Romania and Moldova Vietnam Service description < 50 man 50 - 300 > 300 duration > 3 months duration > 3 days man days man days (ADR) months (ADR) Custom application development - 280 250 180 100 Design and development of web sites - 250 230 170 100 Design and development of intranet and extranet sites - 280 250 180 100 Device and software testing - 225 210 170 100 TPM: Third Party Maintenance - 230 200 180 100 TPV: Third Party Validation - 230 200 180 100 Success stories > Data System: recasting of an online travel reservation system Data System is a software editor providing Tour Operators with a global and complete solution for travel planning. Pentalog High Tech is in charge of updating Datasystem's on-line flight ticket booking system. The idea is to switch to new technologies, in order to offer more services and make their software components more modular. The project’s goal is to provide an interoperable system with the different GDS (Global Distribution Systems – programs intermediary booking between travel providers and clients) on the market as well as with the client’s system and Web Legend: 2.0 interfaces for the B2B and the B2C sectors. * Junior: less than 2 years experience Pentalog was assigned different tasks: * Intermediate: 3-4 years experience • Develop graphic interfaces allowing to define parameters for the mo- dule configuration database and to provide testing interfaces. * Senior: 5 years experience or more • Write the technical and functional specifications complementary to the ** ADR: Average daily rate in EUR (net ones written by the client. price) • Develop certain modules and take part in their integration. *** Dedicated team: composed of four Contract period: started October 2007 developers and a project manager. Technical environment: Java/J2EE, Jboss, Seam, Netbeans, RichFaces, Unless otherwise stated, all our prices are Ingres exclusive of travel and accommodation expenses where applicable. Average team size: 4 people 2009 Catalog 6/19
  7. 7. Information System Development > Technical skills • Web environment: HTML, Java (J2EE, EJB, Servlets, Applets, JSP), ASP.NET (VB, C#), PHP, Silverlight, Flash, Citrix… • Client/server: Visual Basic, Visual C++, .NET environment (VB, C#), Access, Oracle Applications, PowerBuilder, VBA, Delphi • Datebases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostGreSQL… • Modelling and dedicated development environments: UML, Rational, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver MX, application servers (JBoss, Websphere, WebLogic…)… + Testing environments, online communication and project management tools Offshore - Nearshore Time & Material Contracts Net rates in EUR per day Remote time & material Remote time & material Remote time & material Romania (E zone) Moldova ($ zone) Vietnam ($ zone) Service description Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Technical and functional consultant - 310 370 - 280 340 - Java developer 145 190 220 130 175 200 70 100 130 .NET developer 145 190 220 130 175 200 70 100 130 PHP developer 140 180 220 125 160 200 70 Project manager 180 220 260 160 200 230 100 150 190 Project Director - 290 340 - 270 310 - 210 260 Architect 230 320 370 205 290 340 145 180 240 Analyst 200 250 285 180 235 255 110 190 210 Technical or functional writer 150 200 240 135 180 220 90 110 140 Tester 125 155 175 115 135 160 50 75 110 Test Manager 180 220 260 160 200 230 95 130 160 Web designer 110 150 190 100 150 175 50 90 125 DBA 200 230 300 180 210 270 - Profile examples Roxana C. Jean-Paul L. PROJECT MANAGER PROJECT MANAGER - DEVELOPER Have a look at APPLICATION TESTER their CVs and at our success stories on Cornel F. Alexandru A..! PROJECT MANAGER - DEVELOPER ENGINEER - DEVELOPER Mihai B. Ludovic B. ENGINEER - DEVELOPER PROJECT MANAGER - DEVELOPER TEAM LEADER Alexandra S. Cristina B. ENGINEER - DEVELOPER ENGINEER - DEVELOPER 2009 Catalog 7/19
  8. 8. Business Intelligence For more than 15 years, Pentalog High Tech has provided its customers with support and project management services for the development and integration of decision support systems: extraction, processing, analysis, exploitation, and feed of data warehouses and datamarts. Our consultants had opportunities to specialize in various sectors such as telecommunication, credit, leasing services, call centres, agri-food industry. Their daily tasks include the analysis of business processes, data collection and integration, the conception and administration of ROLAP data warehouses and and the integration of web-based restitution tools. Offshore - Nearshore Time & Material Contracts Net rate in EUR per day Remote time & material Romania (E zone) Remote time & material Moldova ($ zone) Service description Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Reporting developer 190 270 350 175 250 310 ETL developer - database feed 220 290 370 200 270 335 Decisional expert - Project manager 350 420 520 315 380 470 DBA 200 250 320 180 230 290 Net rate in EUR per day Dedicated team*** at least 4 persons and 1 project manager Service description period > 3 months (ADR) Reporting developer 275 Send us your ETL developer - database feed 300 request, we will answer immediately! Request a free online quotation on and get a 5% discount! Business Intelligence service range We offer 6 types of Business Intelligence services: • Controlling data flow and production data feed into the decision support information system (data warehouse) • Extracting data • Transforming, homogenizing and analysing data • Automating data extraction, generating digital dashboards Legend: • Training and assisting users in exploiting datamarts or standardized reports * Junior: less than 2 years experience • Integrating data testitution tools * Intermediate: 3-4 years experience Their daily tasks include the analysis of business processes, data collection and inte- gration, the conception and administration of ROLAP data warehouses and and the * Senior: 5 years experience and integration of web-based restitution tools. more ** ADR: net average daily rate in EUR. *** Dedicated team: composed of at > Technical skills: least 4 developers and 1 project • Relational databases: Oracle (Oracle Express, Oracle Applications), SQL manager. Server, Sybase, MySQL, PostGreSQL Unless otherwise stated, all our prices • Multidimensional databases: Hyperion (Essbase, Planning) are exclusive of travel and • E.T.L.: Ascential DataStage, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), Hyperion Application accommodation expenses where Link, Informatica (Powercenter, Powermart) applicable.Please, note that prices are • Report editors: Business Objects (BO Reporter, Designer, Supervisor, subject to modification at any time Broadcast Agent, Web Intelligence), Cognos (Impromptu, Impromptu Web without prior notice. Only customised Reports), Hyperion Intelligence, Hyperion (Reports, Analyser), Microsoft (Excel, quotations are legally binding. SpagoBi) 2009 Catalog 8/19
  9. 9. Business Intelligence Success stories > Loxam: creation of an Oracle database Since 2002, Pentalog High Tech has taken on several tasks for Loxam (the European leader in construction equipment renting services): • Developing ETL procedures in PL/SQL and Sunopsis for infocentre data feed. • Checking database feed and access through Business Objects and Webintelligence. • Drafting specifications in the field of Marketing, Management Control, Accountancy. • Creating Business Objects universes in these fields. • Drafting specifications and creating Business Objects reports in these fields. • Setting up the data infocentre for the application of overseas subsidiaries. • In charge of the infocentre maintenance. • Assisting the project director in developments. • In charge of Business Objects and Webintelligence user support. • Business Objects administration: incident management, access and user rights management. • Analysis of a production data integration application. Pentalog High Tech also studied and anlyzed the data of Loxam Germany’s information system in order to integrate them into the group’s infocentre. Data extraction and integration processes were set up, aiming to tend towards a standardized data model. Contract period: since October 2002 Technical environment: Oracle, Business Objects, PL/SQL, Sunopsis Profile examples Bogdan P. BUSINESS OBJECTS - ORACLE ENGINEER - DEVELOPER SENIOR PL/SQL - DELPHI DECISION SUPPORT Christine H. Check our BUSINESS OBJECTS SPECIALIST ENGINEER - DEVELOPER SENIOR Business Intelligence SUNOPSIS - ORACLE DECISION SUPPORT profiles on Ludovic G. HYPERION - ORACLE INTERMEDIATE ENGINEER - DEVELOPER BUSINESS OBJECTS Labaran C. BUSINESS OBJECTS - ORACLE JUNIOR ENGINEER - DEVELOPER ACCESS - EXCEL Sébastien L. DECISIONAL EXPERT - ETL SENIOR IS ARCHITECT - PRODUCTION ORACLE - UNIX 2009 Catalog 9/19
  10. 10. IT Infrastructure Management Today companies can entrust subcontractors with the management of the whole or part of their information system. The IT facilities management services Pentalog High Tech offers its cutomers are more than just a transfer of their information system and should rather be considered as a partnerschip. Our facilities management services can be combined with our hosting services. Offshore - Nearshore services Service description Net rates in EUR comments Level 0: Web trouble ticketing 50 E/month option 1: + mutualized telephone "Pentalog High Tech support" 100 E/month + cost of surcharged option 2: + dedicated telephone "Customer support" 150 E/month calls (E 0,34/minute) + commissioning costs 210 E Level 1: Supervision services - follow-up of simple procedures 240 E/day Level 2: Administration services - trouble ticket system (pack of 50 tickets) 500 E/pack option 1: stand-by duty - ticket regime (pack of 10 tickets) 150 E/pack option 2: stand-by duty - full availability on request Level 3: Expertise service 800 E/day Project manager for IT facilities management follow-up 470 E/day Unless otherwise stated, all our prices are exclusive of travel and accommodation expenses where applicable. Please, note that prices are subject to modification at any time without prior notice. Only personalised quotations are legally binding. Success stories > Haulotte Romania: remote supervision of system resources The Haulotte group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of lifting and loading equipments (aerial lifts, telescopic lift trucks, self-propelled cranes, back-hoe loaders). Since February 2008, the Haulotte group has assigned to Pentalog High Tech the supervision of its industrial unit’s information system based in Romania. The goal of this unit is to increase the company’s production capacities. Pentalog High Tech is in charge of the following tasks: • Resolution of users’ requests for intervention (resources access, technical dysfunction) • Resources supervision (workstations, servers, printers, network equipment…) • Controlling of automatic tasks • Daily, weekly, monthly reporting • Proposals for architecture evolution and optimization Contract period: since February 2008 Technical environment: Linux, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Active Directory Average team size: 2 persons 2009 Catalog 10/19
  11. 11. IT Infrastructure Management The IT Infrastructure Management is composed of 4 levels: > Level 0: Incident collection and dispatch Requests and incidents are reported in the incident monitoring tool. A ticket Preparation phase 3 months number is allocated to each new entry in order to ensure better follow-up. Start-up meeting Each incident is then assigned to a team member to be processed. Every FOLLOW-UP AND REPORTING change linked to an incident is historized: allocation, follow-up notes, … 2 months > Level 1: Supervision / Setting up and exploitation Escalation phase Supervision consists in the follow-up of the supervision tool and Competence transfer programmed logs reading in the system. The aim is to detect incidents and describe them in the management tool (category, criticity, transfer to another level). This supervision can lead to the execution of simple procedures such as account creation, resolution of known incidents. The simple Operational phase procedures have to be defined with the client. N months Service flow > Level 2: Administration / Support Administration consists in analyzing and resolving unknown incidents (not managed on the supervision level), writing simple and complex procedures resulting from this resolution (when possible) and apply them if need be. Support corresponds to parameterizing services and installation as well as migration tasks. Reversibility phase > Level 3: Expert 4 months Competence At this level, operators are in charge of resolving incidents that cannot be transfer processed at the lower levels. They also carry out audits, studies and consulting missions. Services offered level 0 level 1 level 2 level 3 User hotLine (incident collection) X IT service support X X X User computing equipment X X X X Infrastructure supervision X X Core infrastructure X X X Messaging system administration X X Maintenance and operation services X X X X Web hosting services X X X Profile examples Call us on Alex F. ++33 2 38 25 30 30 UNIX - LINUX - WINDOWS SYSTEM ENGINEER ADMINISTRATOR SENIOR to get a customized ORACLE - APACHE DBA quotation Iancu S. SYSTEM ENGINEER ADMINISTRATOR UNIX - LINUX - WINDOWS INTERMEDIATE Alin F. UNIX - LINUX - WINDOWS INTERMEDIATE SYSTEM ENGINEER ADMINISTRATOR 2009 Catalog 11/19
  12. 12. Network and Telecom Infrastructure Infrastructure, réseaux et télécoms Pentalog High Tech has set up a range of services aiming at assisting companies whatever their needs and the development level of their network and telecommunication infrastructure may be. Network quality is essential to increase the value of a company’s information system assets (datawarehouse, business software package, custom applications, groupware... ). Offshore - Nearshore Time & Material Contracts Net rates in EUR per day Remote time & material Romania (E zone) Remote time & material Moldova ($ zone) Service description Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Network system audit / 250 320 370 225 290 330 Consulting Server configuration: Windows 130 185 270 120 175 250 network administrator Server configuration: Unix network 140 190 270 130 180 250 administrator Workstation configuration: 120 160 200 110 145 180 Network technician DBA 200 250 320 180 230 290 Offshore - Nearshore Training Pentalog High Tech offers custom made training programmes on Windows NT, Windows Server, Novell Netware, HP UNIX, Solaris, SCO, Linux, AIX, 3Com, Cisco Routers, IBM, Administration Notes, Exchange. Success stories > Lexmark: Oracle DBA Send us your request, we will Lexmark entrusted Pentalog High Tech with the administration and optimization of its Oracle answer immediately! customer database, which gathers all necessary production data to manage the activities of all the Lexmark call centres in Europe. Since 2005, Pentalog High Tech has also taken on the administration of all the company’s Oracle databases in Europe. Pentalog High Tech is in charge if the following tasks and their daily follow-up: • Implementing backup plans • Setting up a reporting database • Ensuring the availability of the whole production environment Legend: • Updating the datawarehouse environment * Junior: less than 2 years experience • Maintaining certain applications linked to the Oracle * Intermediate: 3-4 years experience database * Senior: 5 years experience and more • Advising the technical team ** ADR: Average daily rate in EUR (net price) Contract period: since November 2001 Unless otherwise stated, all our prices are exclusive of travel Technical environment: Oracle, Solaris and accommodation expenses where applicable. Average team size: 4 persons Please, note that prices are subject to modification at any time without prior notice. Only personalised quotations are legally binding. 2009 Catalog 12/19
  13. 13. Network and Telecom Infrastructure Offshore - Nearshore Fixed Price Contracts Offshore fixed price (ADR) ** Net rates in EUR per day Service description < 50 man days 50 to 300 man days > 300 man days Network system audit / Consulting 500 425 360 Server configuration: Windows network administrator 230 195 170 Server configuration: Unix network administrator 230 195 170 Workstation configuration: Network technician 170 145 125 DBA 350 310 290 Profile examples Alex F. UNIX - LINUX - WINDOWS SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - ENGINEER SENIOR ORACLE - APACHE DBA Alin F. UNIX - LINUX - WINDOWS INTERMEDIATE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - ENGINEER Catalin C. UNIX - LINUX - WINDOWS INTERMEDIATE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - ENGINEER ORACLE - APACHE Constantin S. WINDOWS - LINUX - SQL JUNIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - ENGINEER SERVER Have a look at their CVs and at our success stories on! Cristian P. UNIX - LINUX - WINDOWS JUNIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - ENGINEER Dragos C. WINDOWS - LINUX JUNIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - ENGINEER Iancu S. UNIX - LINUX - WINDOWS INTERMEDIATE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - ENGINEER 2009 Catalog 13/19 6/18
  14. 14. Managed Hosting Services Pentalog High Tech offers high bandwidth hosting solutions. We can host high added value services: online databases, streaming contents, documentary search engines, e-commerce websites, online catalogs, mailing-list servers, electronic document management, collaborative extranet, etc. Our hosting services can be combined with our IT facilities management services. Description The platform ist hosted in a hosting room where there are numerous national and international telecom operators. Our platform is fitted out with network equipment (firewall, switches) around a blade centre-based architecture. This ensures high evolution capacities so as to be able to integrate new hosting services. This platform is the core of our infrastructure. The infrastructure supervision and monitoring team is located on several sites to ensure redundancy. These sites are connected to our Data Centre through other access means (Operator VPN). Services offered The following services are systematically included in our hosting offers: • Backup copies of website resources (files and data) for a period of 20 days • Supervision and monitoring of resources to ensure permanent availability • Security services for resources • A 99,8% availability rate beyond planned actions Security Regarding security Pentalog High Tech offers the following garantees: • Double Internet connexion through two providers, optical fibre connection (voice, xDSL) • Secured access to equipements (multiple biometrical controls) • Secured environment (incident, hydrometry, temperature) • Electrical security (uninterruptible power supply) • Internet access through redundant firewall Hosting solutions Pentalog High Tech can offer several types of hosting solutions. We adapt to each specific need in the lifecycle of a business tool. The hosting solutions we offer differ according to the lifecycle stage of your tool (launch, escalation, etc.) and of course according to the criticity level and the control objectives of the client’s technical team. Pentalog High Tech also offers high availability solutions for critical applications. The following table presents the various hosting levels we offer. Net rates in Service Description EUR per level month The application is deployed on a mutualized physical server that also hosts other applications. The from Mutualized client does not have advanced access to the platform but only front-end access (PhpMyAdmin, E 20 FTP). The application is deployed on a platform on which the client has complete access to the system. from Virtualized The operating system is virtualized with others on a mutualized physical platform (VMWare, E 50 Microsoft Virtual Server, XEN). The situation is the same as for a virtualized platform but the operating system is installed on the Dedicated upon request physical machine. Thanks to our equipment and location we can set up a fully stand-alone platform offering Stand-alone dedicated access to servers and to all network resources. The client benefits from an infrastructure upon request that meets many different needs. 2009 Catalog 14/19
  15. 15. Managed Hosting Services Services and rates Service access Net rates in EUR Monthly lease costs Server hosting (per unit) 75 100 Secured Mbps 70 50 Call us on ++33 2 38 25 30 30 Virtual machine (Linux)* 50 100 to get a customized quotation Virtual machine (Windows)* 70 100 Website hosting (mutualized) 20 50 Blade hosting 70 50 Blade leasing upon request upon request Price per hosted Gb 10 - * Virtual machine: 512 Mb memory, 10 Gb hard disk, 10 Gb traffic Application services Our competences in application technologies include among others: • Operating systems: Windows 2003, Linux • Application servers: ASP.NET, PHP, Mambo/Joomla, Tomcat, JBoss • Presentation servers: TSE / Citrix • Databases: MySQL, PostGreSQL • Other services: electronic messaging, electronic document management, e-commerce • PCBX-IP (Asterik) … Pentalog High Tech offers monthly lease-based Microsoft solutions as a service (SaaS). SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamics are examples of possible solutions. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for other specific needs. Optional services We are also able to cover various additional needs: • Window backup extension • Backup provisioning • Setting up of an operator VPN (xDSL) or dedicated VPN (IPSEC, SSL) to ensure totally secured exchanges • Integration of advanced services for synchronisation with the client’s information system • Integration of the physical servers provided by the client • Additional resources for planned activity peaks • Application management • Video streaming 2009 Catalog 15/19
  16. 16. Embedded Systems Pentalog High Tech offers R&D outsourcing services on several levels: • Participation in the functional description of a product or subsystem • Prototyping • Industrialization • Development This service range is based on various available competences in several fields of activities (mechanical and aircraft engineering, architecture, electronics and IT). Offshore - Nearshore Time & Material Contracts Remote time & material Remote time & material Remote time & material Net rates in EUR per day Romania (E zone) Moldova ($ zone) Vietnam ($ zone) Service description Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Junior * Intermediate * Senior * 2D/3D design and modelling 140 190 230 125 175 180 50 95 115 Electronics design (hardware) 145 200 240 130 180 180 90 110 130 Validation testing 90 135 160 80 120 140 50 75 110 Embedded system developer 165 200 240 150 180 200 90 120 150 Project manager 200 220 260 180 200 235 110 140 180 > Our scope of expertise: • 2D/3D design and modelling (AutoCAD, Catia…) of products, subsystems or architectural elements • Electronics design (hardware) • Embedded system programming (Assembler, C/C++, ARM…) • Design and development of management systems connected to products (Java, databases, .NET, C++…) • Validation testing Legend: * Junior: less than 2 years experience * Intermediate: 3-4 years experience * Senior: 5 years experience and more ** ADR: Average daily rate in EUR (net price) Unless otherwise stated, all our prices are exclusive of travel and accommodation expenses where applicable. Please, note that prices are subject to modification at any time without prior notice. Only personalised quotations are legally binding. 2009 Catalog 16/19
  17. 17. Embedded Systems Success stories > Parrot: functional validation of Bluetooth products, development of testing tools and embedded applications Parrot is specialized in technologies using voice recognition and signal proces- sing for embedded and mobile applications, and is a leading company in the field of Bluetooth® communication devices. Parrot is quoted on Eurolist (Euronext) and holds 25% of the global market shares and 50% in Europe. Pentalog Technology, the offshore R&D subsidiray based in Brasov, is in charge of quality assurance for Parrot’s Bluetooth solutions. The team performs industrialized tests on the whole range of Parrot’s cellar equipment, automotive and audio systems and ensures Bluetooth compatibility between those products and latest generation mobile phones. The assignment started with a team of 3 persons in January 2007, which now includes 25 members who are in charge of the following tasks: • Mass testing of prototypes before product launch. The results of these tests are published on Parrot’s website. • Random robustness testing to check the products’ reliability and extreme handling capabilities • Testing new prototypes in order to reach a high level of stability before starting mass tests • Developing the flashing tool allowing to install software versions on different products • Developing several Mass Storage solutions using USB stacks Contract period: since January 2007 Technical environment: specific Parrot products, latest generation mobile phones Average team size: 20 persons > ST-NXP Wireless: embedded system development in the field of mobile telephony Pentalog Technology (a 50/50 joint-venture with Ausy) has signed a big contract with the semiconductor manufacturer ST-NXP WIRELESS. Pentalog Technology provides embedded system development services for mobile telephony. 30 engineers will be involved in this project by the end of 2008. ST-NXP WIRELESS is merging with Ericsson Mobile Platforms in order to offer complete mobile platforms to the main mobile phone manufacturers. Profile examples Catalin P. C/C++ VALIDATION ENGINEER JUNIOR MICROCONTROLERS Have a look at their CVs and at our Alexandru F. success stories on VALIDATION ENGINEER C/C++ - MICROCONTROLERS JUNIOR! Zoltan R. EMBEDDED-C/C++ PROJECT MANAGER - DEVELOPER SENIOR MICROCONTROLERS Victor B. PROJECT MANAGER - DEVELOPER C/C++ - ORACLE INTERMEDIATE 2009 Catalog 17/19
  18. 18. Business Process Outsourcing Pentalog High Tech designed an exclusive outsourcing mehtodology for companies’ functional processes such as: desktop publishing, graphic design, web design, calls and contact management, accountancy, content management. Offshore - Nearshore Time & Material contracts Remote Time & Material Romania Remote Time & Material Moldova Net rate in EUR per day (E zone) ($ zone) Service description Junior * Intermediate * Senior * Junior * Intermediate * Senior * DTP, computer graphics 80 110 140 70 100 125 Graphic design, corporate identity 110 140 170 100 125 155 Multimedia - Webmaster 100 120 140 90 110 125 Call Centre (incoming calls) 70 90 130 60 80 120 Call Centre (outgoing calls - data qualification) 70 90 130 60 80 120 Call Centre (outgoing calls - prospection) 100 130 160 90 120 145 Administration (data entry and processing) 70 90 120 60 80 110 Web Marketing 65 85 125 55 75 115 BPO team superviser 105 145 160 85 110 140 BPO project manager 175 195 235 155 175 210 Web Designer 110 140 170 100 125 155 Translations between E 0,052 and 0,19/word between E 0,052 and 0,19/word > Fields of competences: • DTP - computer graphics - web design: thanks to our experience in DTP and content production we can create web- and paper-based documents (catalogs, product sheets, technical design, plans, 2D, 3D, computer-mediated communication, corporate identity, graphic charter, logos, etc.) • Web Marketing: these services include database creation, management and updating, conception of marketing campaigns, creation of newsletters, launch of e-mailing campaigns, web tracking services, web traffic follow-up and reporting. • Call Center: we offer phone answering services such as customer service, technical support, hotline, switchboard, message taking, and outgoing call services for recruitment, advertisement, quality surveys, prospection, appointments setting, business leads generation, etc. • Administration - Accountancy - Finance: Pentalog High Tech offers various services such as account reconciliation, bills entry, management of accounts payable, supervision of payments, data entry, file processing, etc. Profile examples Legend: Adrian O. * Junior: less than 2 years experience COMPUTER GRAPHIC DESIGNER - BPO - DTP * Intermediate: 3-4 years experience * Senior: 5 years experience and more Victor R. ** ADR: Average daily rate in EUR (net price) COMPUTER GRAPHIC DESIGNER - BPO - DTP *** Dedicated team: composed of 4 developers and a project manager Livia R. Unless otherwise stated, all our prices are exclusive of travel and accommodation expenses. BPO CALL CENTER AGENT - CRM The above mentioned rates are exclusive of phone call expenses. Please, note that prices are subject to modification at any time without prior notice. Only customised quotations are legally binding. 2009 Catalog 18/19
  19. 19. Business Process Outsourcing Offshore - Nearshore Fixed Price Contracts Dedicated team*** Net rates in EUR per day Offshore fixed price contract (ADR) ** at least 4 persons and 1 project manager Service description 50 - 300 man < 50 man days > 300 man days duration > 3 months (ADR) days DTP, computer graphics 220 170 140 90 Graphic design, corporate identity 250 200 170 115 Multimedia - Webmaster 240 210 180 105 Call Centre (incoming calls) 200 160 140 80 Call Centre (outgoing calls - data qualification) 220 160 140 80 Call Centre (outgoing calls - prospection) 240 170 140 90 Administration (data entry and processing) 220 160 140 80 Web marketing 200 155 130 80 Request a free online quotation on and get a 5% discount! Are you planning to outsource a process? Call us on ++33 2 38 25 30 30 2009 Catalog 2008 Catalog 19/19 19/17