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  1. 1. Note to Instructor - Have all employees click on Departments, Human Resources. This is a new employee’s best source of information. Take a few minutes to explore. Ask participants to identify their HR Generalist assigned to their department. This is the person you can contact if you can’t find the answers you need. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the T&D website. Training is one of your employee benefits. Most are at no cost to you or your department, so take advantage of the opportunities. Bring up At A Glance Training Calendar. You’ll notice that most of our trainings are held Tues – Thur. Mondays and Fridays seem to be bad days for training. Mention eLearning opportunity. Have all employees click on Departments, Finance, Timesheets, 2008 Payroll dates. Show payroll calendar: http://citytalk/finance/docs/2008_PayrollCalendar.xls Not all departments have websites, other departments such as PW have very robust sites. Common departments you may use are BIS, Finance, HR. Note to Instructor - Have all employees click on Employee Information, Labor Agreements and Salary Schedules, and locate their labor agreement. If the employee is unsure of what union they are in, you can volunteer to look that information up for them at the end of class (directions to do so at the end of this guide). If you are new to the public sector, the City is a very unionized environment. If you see that your labor agreement is expired, don’t worry, it does not mean the labor contract has lapsed. The terms are carried over until a new agreement is signed off. Show employees Employee Information, Employment, Transfer Opportunities. Hopefully you are happy with your new job and you do not need to check out the transfer opportunities yet. The City of Minneapolis has many career opportunities available. Pam French, the HR Department Head started with the City at the age of 17 in the mail room and moved up. Note to Instructor - Have all employees click on Government, Results Minneapolis. From this page, you can show them where to find the City goals (also in Section 1 of the binder), Minneapolis 2020, Department Business Plans, and their department’s most recent Results Minneapolis presentation. Explain briefly what the Results Minneapolis program is, they will receive more information on it during the all day session from the City Coordinator. Show the City org chart—top tier is Mpls residents. As the mayor states, we have 400,000 bosses. Has anyone looked at their department’s business plans? Your business plan outlines why you are doing what you do in the City. The business plans are strategically aligned with the City goals. What is Results Minneapolis? It is a management tool Minneapolis city leaders can use to monitor progress and offer strategic counsel toward reaching the City’s 5 year goals and 20 year vision.
  2. 2. To start off on the right foot, get to know the “big 3” (1. Your business plan 2. Your labor agreement and 3. the name of your HR Generalist.) Directories Note to Instructor - Click on Home icon. The right part of the screen is a large directory. From here you can find people, policies, forms, as well as information on what different city departments do and the different work tools available to you. Show employees City Services Directory. Show employees Find People Search. Search for a phone number with a partial or a full name. Show how all names eventually link to R.T. Rybak. It takes a little bit longer for me to reach the top as I’m at the bottom of the totem pole. Lists my boss-my bosses’ boss, and so on. So, if I can’t reach Nichole, I can see who her supervisor is and at least get someone in the same division. Take a minute to search your name. If you are not listed, don’t worry, sometimes there is a lag time—it is is one of the last things to get updated for new hires. If you work at a desk, it is important to find your space id. You will need to know this number if you ever fill out an IMAC/BIS form to get new software installed. The Space ID lists the building, room and desk. Find people is one of my most used searches. Show employees Forms page. Common forms used: 1. IMAC for equipment installs, moves 2. Mileage and 3. Employee Reimbursement. Show WorkTools page. Talk about Stellent tool and how each department is responsible for the content on CityTalk. News and Events This area is updated the most often. News and Event articles are posted for approximately a month. Some of the information here can also be found on the public website or even in a local paper, but some is just for internal usage such as transfer opportunities. Internal classifieds for City employees
  3. 3.  Three topics down, 2 to go. HRIS Log onto HRIS. Have all students log onto HRIS as well. If they have never logged in before, their password is the last four of their social security number. If people cannot remember their password, you can try to call Crystal x3891 to get it reset; if you cannot get a hold of her or you are running short of time, let them know they can follow along with you and their account will be reset to the last four of their social tomorrow or Monday. Logging on. To log on to HRIS you need to know your employee number. The password will be the last four digits of your social security number until you change it. How many of you have logged into HRIS before? HRIS – LM. Generally it is best to have employees log onto HRIS-LM first since it is the only part of HRIS that brings up a new web browser page. No notes. Personal Information. Note to instructor: Have students click on Employee Self Service tab; Personal Information link; Personal Information Summary. The personal information summary allows you to ensure your personal information is updated and correct. You may also make corrections and updates to this information. You can change your name, address, phone number, emergency contacts, email address, marital status, smoker status, and disability status. A blank smoker status = nonsmoker. If there is an incorrect field they cannot change, have them email to make the change. If marital status is incorrect here, it WILL NOT effect taxes. They can make the change in HRIS. The system will notify them that they are unauthorized to make the change, but it will take the new information anyway. This information is relayed to HR and they will make the final change within a few days. It is okay if the new information does not show up immediately. Ask them to give it a few days and if it is still incorrect, contact Mary Whitaker x2031. At times a person’s highest education will not be shown in this area. Generally, the highest education shown here is the highest required for the position. There is an area under Education and Qualifications to add additional education. Payroll and Compensation. Note to instructor: Have students click on Employee Self Service tab; Personal Information link. This page will allow you to look at and print your paycheck or direct deposit advice, set voluntary deductions (for a charitable donation, can be either a percentage of your paycheck or a dollar amount, you can also set a maximum or goal amount you wish to donate), update your direct deposit information, look at W-4 information and request a W- 2 reissue. Have employees check their W-4 information and ensure that they marital status is correct. This is where it will effect taxes if it is incorrect. Also show them the
  4. 4. direct deposit page and explain that they can have their money go into numerous accounts if they wish. NOTE – if they decide to delete one account completely and replace it with another, there is a good chance they will receive a paper paycheck while the system is “pinging” or checking out the new bank information. Generally, everyone’s first paycheck is a paper paycheck (why it is important to make sure your mailing address is correct!). (I have had one person say they got their first one direct deposited, but I think it was a special case.) The checks are mailed out Thursday at noon, and generally do arrive on Friday. If not, it will likely be there Saturday. If something unforeseen happens and they have not received their check by the next Tuesday, they should contact their Finance rep. Benefits. If you know the choices you would like to make now, you can certainly make your selections. If you do not, you can come back at any time before your benefit eligibility date to complete the process. You can also access HRIS from home by going to Click on benefits summary; this is the closest thing you can show them to what it will look like when they go to enroll in benefits. Explain that when they log in, it will say “Waived” next to their benefits. This does not mean they waived their benefits, it just means they have not enrolled yet. Education and Qualifications. This area contains Education, License and Certificates, Languages, Honors and Awards, and Memberships. The only area that is mandatory to be filled out is License and Certificates if a licensure or certification is required for the position. View Job Postings. Note to instructor: Have students click on the Employee Self Service tab. At the bottom left you will see in your Important Links a link to Careers. All open positions are posted here, updated every Monday.