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J2579 D6 Educational Curriculum & Methods


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Cabell's Commendable Journals - National FORUM Journals

Dr. William Allan Kritsonis, Editor-in-Chief,

Published in: Education
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J2579 D6 Educational Curriculum & Methods

  1. 1. National FORUM of Teacher Education Journal Cabell's Commendable Journal SUBMISSION PROCESS: Electronic and Postal Submission Accepted Via Email or Online Portal or CONTACT INFORMATION: REVIEW PROCESS: William Allan Kritsonis, Editor-in-Chief Acceptance Rate: 15% National FORUM of Teacher Education Journal Invited Articles: 6-10% National FORUM Journals 17603 Bending Post Drive Type of Review: Blind Review Houston, TX 77095 USA External Reviewers: 3+ In-House Reviewers: 3+ Phone: 281-550-5700 Time to Review: 1-2 months Email: Reviewer’s Comments: Yes Website: PUBLICATION INFORMATION: MANUSCRIPT SPECIFICATION: Sponsor/Publisher: Manuscript Style: National FORUM Society of Educators / American Psychological Association National FORUM Journals Manuscript Length: Frequency of Issue: 11-20 2 Times/Year Copies Required: Launch Date: 3 Printed: 1990 Electronic: Reader: Administrators, Administrators ISSN: Printed: Electronic: TOPICS: Adult Career & Vocational; Curriculum Studies; Elementary / Early Childhood; Gifted Children; Higher Education; Languages & Linguistics; Rural Education & Small Schools; School Law; Science Math & Environment; Secondary / Adolescent Studies; Social Studies / Social Science; Special Education; Teacher Education; Tests, Measurement & Evaluation; Urban Education, Cultural / Non-Traditional; National Refereed Journal.
  2. 2. MANUSCRIPT GUIDELINES/COMMENTS: The National FORUM of Teacher Education Journal seeks to promote a scholarly dialog regarding the roles, problems, and progress of teacher education in a variety of settings, but with a distinctly urban emphasis. The NFTE Journal is a scholarly, refereed, peer-reviewed professional journal. The journal is widely circulated nationally and internationally. Professors, theoreticians, educational researchers, practitioners, directors of research and service, deans, chairpersons, university administrators, curriculum and instruction specialists, technology specialists, school superintendents, principals, supervisors, classroom teachers, consultants, school board members, librarians, graduate students, community leaders, and many others represent the cosmopolitan readership of the National FORUM of Teacher Education Journal. A function of the National FORUM of Teacher Education Journal is to strengthen collaboration among professors in higher education and practitioners in school systems. For detailed manuscript guidelines, visit the web site: