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Ryan Capple Samples

  1. 1. Ryan Capple Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools • Website 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  2. 2. Ryan Capple Commission on Graduates of Foreign nursing Schools • Corporate Materials Appl icant Hand Applicant Handbook b ook dition 2006 E 2006 Edition n itio 6 Ed 200 dbook nt Han 2006 Applica Editi on CGFN S Cred entia k ls Eva boo luati The C d for s GFNS o n Ser Han CGFNS Certification Program ta and te lice redenti C vice ant li n It is censed sure of als Evalu ram a in emp lso utili practica ternati ation S Ap plic sessme nt Prog The CGFNS Certification Program (CP) in the lthcare of h ea loye rs fo ze d b l nu r ona ll r the y U.S. ses in c y-educ (CES) ervic e tials As purp acade ertain ated r is a p is designed only rofe U pfor os mic U.S. e re den first-level, general nurses (registered The Ns) .S. or ar ssion: e of ass insti CGFNS gistered requisit Certification e isa Cre nurses–RCr educatedlo orn als state who essing th tions a s and te nurses Program Certificate tu eden alle bokin n y een™: V outside of the United States. rega or rternatio als rdin ti wish e in n p rrit g to The CGFNS Certification Program Certificat is g the ap Evaluati s be emp to con ternatio rospecti ntly.have a higher rate holdersdconsiste ories /ICHP Visascr d: the CGFNS Qualifying Exam and a HeaIn ege,trati pliof ician lthc consisting c n o nS a Evaluatio ch o c a te ti a Credentialsre icn l re n, nt's edu ervic loye ti n d in successaon uca e v of nue their el ed theoNCLEX-RN® examinationeq A pre r u CGFNS ate valuable to internationally-educated ther or edProfe denisals logatits e result O c is o the duc ti n duc am, is Cou • m an registeredgnurses for the no S than internationally-educated nursesernatio isite for s int U.S. te y-e s ts t Progr following reasons: re ic o l tech thncme oists ssio . o n an s in atio pist ssistan n is re se Repo datians & Scie eraprga d profe written hca n Sta r iz a l essmen on Healt born quir• me t. A nally ta nal s Ass era ential Commission rnationalCertification Program req al ssio -edu te licensu ork • The CGFNS ly ed b r pptionuire e Co nizatio whoado notor rep atio l th rapy a hold the Certificate. • reg n l d isa Cre ational CGF Certificate is upa licanof the Fntsurse-b ns re li t cated Y n™: V rn na Inte FNS. internatiospee gists, ch y threquired Eva nurses • occ e receiv ts w ista ull NS quir censur istere re of ew erapis chnolo cated registeredluati haby evmajority n g ssill nee Educati ourse e the e ts, nally-edu y-c is Inte aScree the Intern ion of CG atio l th e s s da elo sicia in or of a • lice d : or N nsed nurses The V tered by ical th ical te in order sisttake the NCLEX-RNn S cup ona ists tant to ants e• phyped m hcar licensure examination.ganpists desig n Cour port. is U.S. states o d to Re ), a div , phys healt o e pr vice rep caore th ra ization. ian as thea ce f is ed admin ions (ICHP ical nurses logists, m • oc cupati therap y assis es r physic .S.ioneProgram ofes consistentl pract nate se-b • CGFNS Certificat ar ts, and the Certificate holderssphysirts ly in ce rvi ss ct io whic y- Profe ed and pra sts and aud therapishave a higher U es • ionalso for inunrse,0 25 s rtain ical n Se er • oc sical erap l nurs ork in regist e pathologi occupation al visa to w ration Serv ernment on the NCLEX-RN examinatiucinl n terna 00 Cred al ic rate of success cd onathan tion ti r g h Re port U.S. s urses not hold • pCertificate. thenurses ll entials gists ion s, uired l ny th a the ra internationally-educated nurses who do • ph ysical practic es tate It is a ag ig ov langu technician reqoccucaatio and Imm Federal G tates icat red past 12ay y-eduiolo p ove. al medic e seekingsanp.racitiz i ti enship • The .S. rk S list ed ab U CGFNS Certification Program te Certificate helps• regis nally- uage ear cated ists ud lso u and t rif S) d.S C CV ns U h ee n™ is a rofessions s • p ensed d nur al ysis, Yo internatio lang a s. olog instit tilize errito s Ve who arce (by the e ts,ied. VisaScr for the p tion an t, educated registered nurses in their quest d i ed ice artif ts uca • lic gistere ew for an occupatioch speenal ge path U.S. u emplo tions an by U.S. a ries. tial in N visa on practice assessmen CGFNS was an ed in the U.S. e. requv ses, l be scen i tan rogram named in • section 343 langua er ir d to work in t n S urIS) toassi asats n p prisethe Illegal cy en Immigratowledg d c sure s io den atio (USC pist certific d n ro ific stereapperavedherap y is com of e profici nursing kn ion Reform and Immigrant speech grams languResponsibility Act of ates to ag • re n • ationa l visa to asses yers for t prospect ademic Cre lice t am of Ver egi al th al t creen™ Pro oElnc isnd l e gl a h 1996 an rtific as ars.organization qualified to sing he pu ive ials r ic i en isaS io c i rses, attlyn, al nuals administer aeen™ and ex king ce screening ven ye validen ationered nt o who VisaScr th st seprogram for healthcare professionals g occup of he th r SC ent ated hys Ttho V a red educ sts, p ccup litcensure pend of registcrede nt t60,000 are seeking e la occupational visa. For ae . c e caseedu t e or t than educatedals see in an seekin althc e interna pose of - pi o ated internationally- are p t rofes ional edu e on FN ally era and k St andSin theant’s dedhmparem nre professi nurses whoign not taken the NCLEX- ind , . des have CG ation cal th pists Yor N plic hasrifisu Dehealthca passingion 212(r) sure is e tio RN exam, e Th ntern hysi hera New GF ap S e , C CGFN ce vnalation rnpplly bo ica 0 a Sect the ci icen Qualifying Exam fulfills one of the CGFNS ,00 requirementsl L section d a siona catio i of ses, p onal ure in t n ram of ain . Onatio uc sure a ho are 5 at nal Cou of-RN); 343. rn 2 from n hol ve ls n r nu upati icens rog ity alste ate Edpclicants w ately eYorkio es (NCLEX e of the fi s, n N S P ntic nti t pli e im d th CGFNS has rostered se w d Nurs on linoi occ king l ko a A CV uthe crede orNS te:nt’s ; have oxasor NetereProgram nse from eoand ,tested over 300,000 Certification rp rgia Il he a Y pl c y* app rs f egis lice applicants since 1977. Over 120,000 G see ugh t s the ation ew apcoiuntr of ionkfor R restricted e rida, from a of those applicants ro fie str have met Flo stated requirem n and e N e Exatminatword and un r) states— allgraduated ctioents at the time of their applicatio ials Th veri /regi to th of th denrr care vali n 212( and have received theirru GFNS 212( e inst r) n and nsure arded s par t cre culthen t, d hav Sectio York; an language of theCertificatents Program Certificate. C ion lice forw ated a the hea ignated New hich the for irem fied cated des higan, and w apply IS requ are evalu eri Mic in ld gram nglish shou meets USC rtificate. a s v -edu 5. g pro E be S h lly 00 nursin s were in which also aScreen™ ce ntly FN ona 1-2 ok t, the fiv e rece , CG rnati m 200 textbo emen eu of a Vis cluding a, New Ze aland e int te fro ed Stat in li da (in aic Certifi igration, rbados , Cana land, Jam , Ire alia, Ba m Quebec) United Ki ngdom St a m for im coun age Scho ties: Au str ates, ols fro and th e nated gu ited St r) desig glish-Lan go, the Un n 212( d En ba *Sectio designate ad and To S id CGFN rica, Trin Af South 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  3. 3. Ryan Capple Commission on Graduates of Foreign nursing Schools • Annual Report 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  4. 4. Ryan Capple PlayOn • Website and Emails 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  5. 5. Ryan Capple Migun of Newtown • Website 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  6. 6. Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Website and Email 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com
  7. 7. Ryan Capple LA Weight Loss • Free-to-Live Center Materials Exclusively from L A Weight Loss... ask your counselor about our exciting new program today! Be free to live the way you want. 489FS ©2005 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company delicious choices energy & vitality nutrition positive thinking eating out 600FP-C ©2005 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company healthy habits healthy cooking 600FP-C ©2005 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company active lifestyle 600FP-B ©2005 L A Weight Loss Franchise Company 119 Damson Lane, North Wales, PA 19454 • 215-368-3201 (home) • 215.368.3201 (mobile) • ryancapple@hotmail.com