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Press release for Art Exhibition by Jane Bennett


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Art Exhibition by Jane Bennett, of the industrial heritage of Sydney’s Working Harbour including Paintings and Drawings of the construction of the Anzac Bridge & other sites in Pyrmont,Cockatoo Island & White Bay.

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Press release for Art Exhibition by Jane Bennett

  1. 1. F R A N C E S K E E V I L G A L L E RY JANE BENNETT DAINA MATTIS CLOSING THE GAP CHINESE WHISPERS 18 MAY – 1 JUNE 2010 These exhibitions will be officially opened at the Frances Keevil Gallery on Tuesday, 18th May, from 6 – 8pm by Louise Anemaat - Head, Picture Section Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW With the objectivity of a documentary photographer, Jane Bennett juxtaposes heritage buildings with adjacent piles of rubble, city skyscrapers against a pristine blue sky. A complex style of painting mixing the expressionistic, romantic and realistic genres. She has been capturing Sydney's vanishing industrial sites for over 20 years. Recording the rapidly transforming scenes. Much of Jane's focus has been on our threatened working harbour, the sites at Pyrmont, Balmain and Cabarita Point, as well as shipping yards, federation warehouses and our harbour islands. The feature painting in this current exhibition 'Looking West from the top of the Anzac Bridge' is a dramatic painting illustrating the drama of construction as the Anzac Bridge was being built. This large painting on paper was painted from the top of one of the two pylons. Jane being the only Closing the Gap pastel on paper 68 x100cm artist ever allowed in to the site to paint or observe. A winner of many prominent art awards and finalist of the Sulman, Dobell and Wynne Prizes, Jane brings us an insightful exhibition into the beauty and drama behind our industrial heritage. Jane Bennett’s exhibition is coinciding with the Mitchell Library's 100 year object exhibition which is exhibiting a painting from their permanent collection 'Closing the Gap’. The Anzac Bridge before the two sides of the bridge meet in the middle. Renowned Sydney based artist Jane Bennett is exhibiting with New York artist Daina Mattis. Whereas Daina is a studio based artist, Jane is a plein air painter of the urban landscape. Daina Mattis was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, a city with a visual overload. In an image rich culture it is no wonder Mattis strips down the walls of excess providing the viewer with what she feels is valuable. The figures emerge from the paper in a subtle, tranquil fashion seeming to recall a memory. Each work has the extreme spectrums of drawing and painting where every component can suffice separately as well as symbiotically. One of the highlights within the exhibition is ‘Chinese Whispers’. This piece displays the receiving and sending of verbal communication evoking childhood memories of playing telephone yet also mirroring this practice into adulthood. The double, even ghost like portraits refers both to the possible duplicity within human behavior as well as the phenomena of language and its evolution. The whispered message is a symbol of something that is not concrete. It is ever changing with time as well as the receiver, just as a painting is. ‘Chinese Whispers’ is a pivotal piece for Chinese Whispers charcoal & oil on paper 120 x 300cm Mattis because it is a direct metaphor for the perception of painting. Bay Village, 28 – 34 Cross Street Double Bay NSW 2028 ph: 02 9327 2475 Gallery hours: Mon to Fri 10 - 5 Sat 10 - 4 Sun 11 - 4
  2. 2. F R A N C E S K E E V I L G A L L E RY JANE BENNETT Looking West, mixed media on paper 141 x 134cm Closing the Gap - from the top of the ANZAC Bridge oil on canvas 91x122cm DAINA MATTIS Suk Suk Ratele (diptych) charcoal & oil on paper 2.4 x 1.5 cm each panel Tucked Aside graphite & oil on paper 102 x 102cm For more images from these exhibitions, please visit our website