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Dj Jenkins Magic


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Dj Jenkins Magic

  1. 1. After a moment you will enter the world of magic ... Created by: DJ Jenkins™
  2. 2. … you will witness the unbelievable. Created by: DJ Jenkins™
  3. 3. You are part of an illusion ... Created by: DJ Jenkins™
  4. 4. … A Gamers' illusion. DJ Jenkins™
  5. 5. In this simple programme you will see , DJ Jenkins™
  6. 6. That I can tell what you think, through your computer . DJ Jenkins™
  7. 7. You can see 6 cards . Think one of them . Just think . Do not ”click” it . Think now . Press the space bar if you had chosen your card ... DJ Jenkins™
  8. 8. Look into my eyes & Just think about your card. DJ Jenkins™
  9. 9. Look, I took your card !!! DJ Jenkins™
  10. 10. I knew the choice you would make. DJ Jenkins™
  11. 11. DJ Jenkins™ Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You’ve got ” SERVED!”
  12. 12. DJ Jenkins™ Bye! Later, Sucker.