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  2. 2. SYNOPSIS <ul><li>We have decided to make a music video for the single ‘White Horse’ by the country pop artist Taylor Swift. We chose to produce a music video as every member of our group had a passion for music and would find producing a video a challenging but interesting task. </li></ul><ul><li>As our video has a low tempo and intense, emotional lyrics we decided to make the videos structure half narrative and half performance to convey the meaning behind the lyrics effectively. </li></ul>
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE <ul><li>The key demographic for our music video is the target audience our artist, Taylor Swift has. As a result we had to make our video appeal to the same audience as the music which it was promoting. Therefore our music video’s target audience was the stereotypical teenage girl. For more information on the likes and dislikes our and typical generic conventions which belong to our target audience see the ‘Audience Profile’. </li></ul>
  4. 4. PLOT SUMMARY <ul><li>We will involve two main characters in our narrative one of which being the artist who is seen in the performance also. According to the theory by Richard Dyer, ‘stars’ often have a ‘variety of representational strategies in order to produce charisma’ and as a result by making the artist of the song the ‘star’ of both the narrative and the performance in the video it will conform to the generic conventions of contemporary music videos. The artist will be playing the ‘girlfriend’ who is cheated on by her ‘boyfriend’ and by choosing to have this story which reflected the lyrics but also would relate easily to the lives of our target audience. The main female character, the artist, is a typical teenage girl and the simplicity of the mise-en-scene along side of the storyline means that our target audience will be able to relate to the story and the artist easily. Also other characters are used such as ‘the girl who the boyfriend cheated on with’ will be used to represent ‘evil’ in the eyes of Vladimir Propp’s theory and as a result cause the audience to empathise with the artist more. </li></ul>As a group we have decided to not use complicated locations or setting purely because the simplicity of the storyline and song would be lost if shot with a complex location. We have decided on just three key settings for filming. The first being the ‘Black Room’ in the college which we attend, mainly because it is a dark room which does not resemble a classroom but more like a professional studio where ‘performance’ parts of music videos are often shot so by choosing an area similar to that the performance sections of our music video would comply to the generic conventions of performance. Our second location we have chosen is the college canteen as we want to show the characters in a natural setting which would show they were students and make our target audience relate to them and also would make the video appear more realistic. The final location we have chosen is a member or the groups house which is where we will film the ‘narrative’ section of our video as we believe the narrative should be set in a homely environment as when somebody has cheated the phrase associated with the person is ‘a home wrecker.’ Characters Locations Costumes Our mise-en-scene for our music video is quite simple apart from one items of clothing the artist will be wearing, the prom dress. We decided as the repetitive line throughout the song in the chorus's is ‘I’m not a princess’, by putting the artist in a prom dress, which is commonly associated with a ‘princess’ and also making the artist have tears running down her face it would make the lyrics and performance relate. The other costumes we will use will be simple clothes representative of the age of the characters involved as they will wear stereotypical clothes of their age group i.e. jeans and a T-shirt.
  5. 5. STYLE NOTES <ul><li>Camera Angles Mise-en-scene Framing Sound </li></ul>We will use a variety of camera angles from close up shots, to show the emotion portrayed by the characters as it has emotional lyrics and is an emotional story line, to long shots to show the use of costume i.e. the prom dress and to show the actions portrayed by the characters i.e. the fight scene. To make sure we can achieve as many different camera angles as possible we will use more than 2 cameras for every shot we film. This is especially important as music videos very rarely involved shots that last for a long time they often involve numerous shots within a small amount of time. As we are involving a lot of narrative camera angles will be vital to ensure that gestures, facial expression are all seen by the audience. This is due to the fact 93% of our communication is none verbal so it is crucial that the audience can understand the emotions of the characters without words as with it being a music video no extra lib can be put in so audience must understand via the use of non-verbal communications. The mise-en-scene we will use in our music video is basic as previously mentioned the video will be simple so the mise-en-scene will also not be complex. The mise-en-scene we will use is very limited and will consist of only a few items. Firstly ‘Mobile Phones’ will be the key item as they are the basis of the ‘cheating’ shown on screen is the basis of the storyline and without the use of the ‘Mobile Phone’ for the boyfriend to text the other girl the storyline would not be clear to the audience. Also by using simple clothing (as mentioned in the ‘Clothing’ section in Plot Summary) the characters appear more realistic and more relatable for the audience. Also by making the artists hair into a princess style up-do in the performance sector the idea she is a ‘princess’ like the lyrics becomes clearer. We plan on framing the shots as due to the fact it is a slow tempo song it cannot be on an angle or un-even as the video is not to up beat music and should represent chaos. As most of the filming will be done in a house with a dado rail in the shot we need to ensure the camera is straight and as a result so is the shot. As we will be filming a music video it is vital that the movement of the artists lips on screen match the words which she is meant to be singing and is on the music track played. The continuity of the song is vital as otherwise the professionalism of the video is jeopardised. Also as a group we are undecided if we will be involving speaking in the video or not (as done in the Official video for White Horse by Taylor Swift) however if we do decide to use speech in our video we will have to take into consideration the recording of the words on a voice recorder separate to the sound picked up on the video this is to make sure the sound is clear.
  6. 6. RECCE <ul><li>Due to our select choice of location we only need to have a Health and Safety briefing whilst in ‘The Black Room’ and have all ready booked to have this briefing with the women in charge of the room Lesley Kirkpatric. We have also however had Health and Safety talks with the IT Technicians about the use of the equipment we will be using i.e. Video Camera’s and Lighting etc. </li></ul>
  7. 7. STORYBOARD CONCIDERATIONS <ul><li>We plan on using a website called to generate our storyboard as it is as quick and efficient method which means that the pictures will be clear and precise so we are clear, when it comes to filming, what shot we want and where it fits in to our music video. As our narrative is pretty general so will our storyboard however we will do multiple camera shots within the one picture on the storyboard. </li></ul>
  8. 8. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK <ul><li>The audience feedback we received for our ideas impacted our final decision immensely as we had three very different ideas to choose between and as a group we were all undecided so getting a final decision was a huge step. Also as the people we received feedback from were similar to our target audience we were able to see which video would appeal the most to our key demographic. To see more about our Audience Feedback please view our ‘Audience Feedback’ video. </li></ul>