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Converse Consumer Profile


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This is a presentation made to inspire creatives and get their juices flowing.

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Converse Consumer Profile

  1. 1. Consumer Profile
  2. 2. Optimistic Rebel THE CONVERSE LOYALIST AGES 16-24 New found independence Want to distinguish themselves from society standards Self seeking journey Quick to take a stand and fight for their cause Do not want to be labeled
  3. 3. MY PROFILE MY FASHION STORY Since I have a long-ish backstory, I'd very much appreciate it if you didn't force me to Which style/label do you wear? type it down. So if you have any questions American Eagle, Macy's, Abercrombie (Don't be haters guys ), Anchor Blue, about me, just ask via PM. MY AVATAR emo Volcom, Billabong, Converse. I really can't believe I didn't update this for Which style/label do you wish you could wear? (almost) a year...Geez, all that "hehe"-ing made me look like a 6-year-old. I've now I WISH I could wear BB Dakota (she's on ModCloth). fixed all of the grammatical bad But she's too expensive. English for me! Especially when I'm Even more expensive than Abercrombie. planning to take over the world. I can't afford to be seen as an idiot. Which style/label/store do you love? Abercrombie. AE. Anchor Blue. Ralph Lauren, Polo-Series. ModCloth. Vintage thrift stores. Volcom. Billabong. Converse. Which style/label/store do you hate? Aero. Hot Topic, the second they filled with Twilight shirts, I got out of there. (Cheap-Looking) Old Navy. Calvin Klein. I HATE Vans!!! Which style/label are you wearing right now? Maroon Abercrombie pullover, one of the more over-sized ones, no zipper. Black Anchor Blue skinny jeans. Blue/Green/White/Maroon Old Navy vintage (for Old Navy) shirt. Heavily taped up and coloured in Converses. Rainbow sock. Argyle sock. Which style/label do you wish would return? I don't want one to return, I want one to LEAVE. I wish that the this "Gangster" trend would just be done. DALLAS, TX It's stupid.
  4. 4. MY PROFILE MY FASHION STORY Current obsessions: Hell, right about now you are wondering who is this person and what (TV Shows) is his deal. To start off my name is Joshua D. Jackson, but just call my Heroes * Which style/label do you wear? Joshua. I am approx. 5'7", black hair, brown eyes, and I have my lip Lost Tripp NYC pierced. I was born on May 24, 1991, and that makes me 18. So, Scrubs those are the basics about me you could have found out by asking. House M.D. Now, for the not so basics. I am a bit weird, but who isn't? I have a Castle * Which style/label do you wish you could wear? beautiful cat named Rebel. I am a gamer and damn fucking proud to Dexter Rivethead or Tripp NYC be one. I tend to cuss a lot without realizing it. I hate labels but, I Trublood label myself for your enjoyment. I am punk/emo/scene/goth/romantic/ Bones * Which style/label/store do you love? nerd/gamer/dork/geek/freak/misfit. Yep, that's a lot of labels. I am a firm believer of anarchism and I am a proud atheist. I smoke, and I (Music) Tripp NYC,, and various online sites System Of A Down will let you figure out what I am talking about. I am 420 friendly. I am Red Hot Chili Peppers a drop out, and not proud of it. Music is a big part of my life. I know a Lil Wayne * Which style/label/store do you hate? lot of people say that, but the only time I can truly relax is having Red Lil Wyte Abercrombie, Hollister Hot Chili Peppers blasting in my ears. Umm, I am running out of thing Kaiser Chiefs to say about myself. If you want to know more just ask me. Thank you 3Oh!3 for your time. * Which style/label are you wearing right now? (Movies) Tripp NYC Yours truly, The Boondock Saints Joshua D. Jackson SLC Punk! The Anarchist Cookbook * Which style/label do you wish would return? Old School Punk (Books) Anything from Stephen King Anything from Anne Rice (Anime) Fairy Tail (People) Ellen Page<3 (Yes the actress) Heroes List: Brandon Lee(R.I.P) Kurt Cobain(R.I.P.) MY AVATAR Bradley Nowell(R.I.P) Billy Idol Burt McCraken Serj Tankian Jussi 69 Travis Barker Daron Malakian Voltaire Bam Magera Sid Vicious(R.I.P) Jim Morrison(R.I.P) Joey Ramone(R.I.P) Anthony Kiedis Bill Kaulitz Mitch Hedberd(R.I.P) Flea Marilyn Manson Kieth Flin DETROIT, MI
  5. 5. my high school schedule i shop 7:15am - wake up and get ready for school 7:30am - pick-up friends, drive to school 8am - school starts noon - eat brown bag lunch 3:15pm - track practice 5pm - shovel dinner with family 5:30pm - work at Target my room 8:15pm - do homework in room 9:30pm - blog and snack break from homework 11pm - finished homework, watch tv in room 11:45pm - bed time
  7. 7. MY PROFILE MY FASHION STORY Rwarr * Which style/label do you wear? I'm Toxsic I vary it up. When I head to a mall, I'll walk in to every store and see what I like and wear it. Lots of Or you can call me by my real name: Omar my wardrobe involves Levi's & Hollister & Abercombie & Guess Jeans. I got a bunch of stuff from INC Uh. and Guess. My shirts vary from store to store. I shop at for a lot of my casual shirts. Birthday's on June 8. O: I just turned 18. Ummm... I've got a bunch of v-necks as well from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. I'm a huge fan of H&M and And I totally live in Miami, FL. I used to live in the middle east =3 I'm a sophomore(starting August) at Florida International University. I'm so anytime I go, I tend to get whatever I can (most of my boxers are from there). I'm also a fan of studying biomedical engineering with a pre-med path =3 But I may very well TopShop. I also frequent Hottopic for accessories like belts and such. As an example, I'm a college change and study Psychology, a passion of mine. I really wanna become a student so my typical daily wear is a plain kinda jeans, tend to be on the darker blue ( a bit more surgical oncologist~ formal looking) and for shoes either converse or vans. I've got multiple pairs of converse and vans I love video games and being on the computer. University eats up a lot of my and I vary those. time unfortunately. I adore music. I love concerts and stuff. That's all, I guess. * Which style/label do you wish you could wear? PM me. I love being talked to. Ummm... If, I had all the money in the world, I'd wear purely Versace. I've always been a fan and I find their If you wanna know what I listen to Click that style elegant. It's a classic look that's incredibly sharp and beautifully stylistic. I am such a fan of and explore around it. ^^ I love music and being exposed to new stuff so fill Juicy Couture's men's section but it's horrifically unfortunate they cut that out. I managed to grab a me in. pair of jeans, some shirts, and boxers before they shut down. I've got a very slim build so all of those I'm perpetually questing. higher up, couture clothes fit me very well. That's essentially it. I'm always looking for fun. (; I roleplay it up. I'm looking for friends. I'm always down to be spoken to. So don't be afraid to talk to me!<3 I make typos. I'm sorry. It happens. I make them because I don't care to slow * Which style/label/store do you love? my typing down. I apologize from now for it. Well, I think I vary well described it all above. I'm just a fan of styles, they can be quite versatile. I'm bicurious but mostly girls.. I do guys but mostly girls x3 Lucky Brand has really been coming in to my life lately. I love their jeans. I've got several pairs and I I've got a webcam and I love talking on 'em. adore them. I hate talking on the phone. I've got a number but you gotta earn it. x3 What else... * Which style/label/store do you hate? See I'm not dumb I just suck at these things. I swear >.> Ed Hardy. FUCK. I hate that style. It's an insult to the world of fashion. Place a cheap print on Idunno what else to say o.o something and sell it for 80 dollars? I mean, look at the quality of it and see that that is what it is. Just that whole MMA douchebag style disgusts me. Affliction was decent prior to it's revival in this way. It just looks tacky and overdone now. It disgusts me, frankly. Those extremely shiny shirts for guys are also extremely obnoxious. Also, this leggings as pants deal. Yeah, it shows off your ass, and yes, as a guy, I will forever to love to check out your ass, but dammit, it's a terrible stylistic choice. It just looks incomplete, trashy(in general), and just completely plain. Also, Louis Vuitton, I mean, they do have some nice things, but the general LV print bags are just dull and I feel like they are the MY AVATAR "cheap" of the higher up clothing, much like I feel the Corvette is the "cheap" sports car. * Which style/label are you wearing right now? Well, I'm heading to a New Found Glory concert in like an hour or two. So, I always try and dress with clothes I know will get destroyed; I like mosh pits. So I'm donning a New Found Glory tour tee, Abercrombie jeans that have been thoroughly worn and classic high top converse. So, nothing special, I'm just looking to get trashed in these clothes. However, for what I am attending that is more than enough. * Which style/label do you wish would return? I miss eccentricity in outfits. I feel like everything is quite plain and repetitious and yeah, it may be different, but it kind of blends in memory as the same. I feel like Lady Gaga has potential to revive this eccentricity. I watched the Pink "I'm Getting Started Video" and that was a lot more... hardcore, for lack of a better term. So, I miss that. But yeah, I feel like Lady Gaga will do a lot for style just like Madonna brought Dolce & Gabana to noticement. MIAMI, FL I think I wrote all of this for nothing XD
  8. 8. MY PROFILE er..let's just get this over with. MY FASHION STORY -i'm pretty shy when you first meet me, but then you get to know me and you come to realize i can be moody and mopey like Harry Potter, or vibrant and retarded. oh, and i'm always tired @_@ Which style/label do you wear? -go-with-the-flow person..and a procrastinator what style rofl i just wear jeans, hoodies, graphic -painfully shy.. tees, and converse..all..the.. time.. -I love to draw, and I want to become an artist when i grow up, (to the disapproval of the parental Which style/label do you wish you could wear? units, they're totally in denial.) forever21, any graphic tee stuff, but i almost NEVER -I like to walk around in the rain, hop on my bike, or read out on the front porch. or at least in the go shopping. summer. when nobody's around. -I absolutely abhor major billboard/guerilla Which style/label/store do you love? advertising/stupid/annoying/robotic labels like delia*s (tees,) H&M, forever21, wet seal, stuff like Hollister, Aberzombie & B*tch, and that..? whatnot..maybe it'll fade away after high school? -I am usually doing homework while i'm on gaia, so..feel free to remind me to get back to working xD Which style/label/store do you hate? P.S.- I rarely swear >.< except when i vent (see Abercrombie/and Fitch, Aeropostale, Hollister, above clothing rant) Victoria's Secret (PINK,) since everyone wears it, and it's propaganda in the form of guerilla advertising. *facepalm* MY AVATAR Which style/label are you wearing right now? a sweatshirt, a t-shirt from kindergarten, fuzzy pajama pants. Which style/label do you wish would return? any retro stuff, back then all clothes had class. now it's just a bunch of labeled zombies in my midst PHENIX, AZ
  9. 9. my college schedule i shop 9am - take shower, have cereal and coffee 10am - phyche class, have cigarette after class 11am - chem class, take coffee to class my College schedule 12:45pm - meet friends for lunch 1:30pm - attempt to take nap 2pm - study, while listening to music my room 3pm - cigarette break, then back to studying 5pm - make supper 5:30pm - hang out with friends 8pm - head to work, bartender 11pm - cigarette break 1am - go to bed
  11. 11. Why I like Converse. VIA FACEBOOK “I love that my favorite actors and bands wear them too so that makes me want to wear mine even more” “my brother had got a pair so i just had to get them and fell in love with them instantly :D they're just too cool and comfy and you get AMAZING styles” “chucks fits my personality well, and you can go to a formal party and wear chucks! (you could be in a black cocktail dress and have black converse on)but even if the fashion trend will end I will stick to chucks no matter what!” “they still look good if they are all worn out and dirty. they go with everything and they never go out of style. and compared to other shoes they are pretty cheap and last a long time. i saw LOTS of people wearing them and they were in a lot of magazines so i saw them and liked them and bought a pair.”
  12. 12. I buy Converse cause... Brand that lets me who I am Canvas for my self-expression Goes anywhere with anything Lots of people wear them Cheap and durable
  14. 14. FOR LIFE
  15. 15. Sources +teens+and+media&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari