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Soldout Nigeria

  1. 1. SOLDOUT NIGERIA <br />  <br />PRESENTS <br />  <br />  <br />GOOGLE ADSENSE CASH SECRETS <br />  <br />By <br />  <br />Idy Umanah <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />INTRODUCTION <br />  <br />Adsense is an advertising program launched by Google in 2002. Since then many net savvy individuals and companies have jumped at the opportunity to earn income. Adsense gives website owners a chance to display relevant ads on their site and get paid a percentage when there is a click on any of the ads. This opportunity exploded when blogs were introduced to the online world. This gave those who couldn’t get a website a chance to join the adsense program. Blogs are online tools that are easy to set up, easily updated and get syndicated fast by search engines. This makes it easy to get lots of traffic. A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in descending order from the most recent post at the top of the main page to the older posts towards the bottom. There are a variety of blog platforms. Some, such as and are free but for others such as, you need to pay for domain name and hosting. If you are just starting out, I strongly advice you go for It’s easy to set up and monetize with adsense. Best of all, it’s FREE! <br />Unfortunately, not everybody makes money with adsense. As a matter of fact, only about 10% of people actually make money with adsense. In this report, i am going to give you the reasons bloggers don’t make money. I’ll show you how to join tha 10% of bloggers that are actually making money with adsense. In this report, i am going to assume that you already have a blog or website monetized wth adsense. Or at least you know how to set one up as this is not a beginner’s lesson. I also assume you know how to post on your blog. Although I use blogs and will be referring to blogs throughout this report, all these strategies can also be applied to a website. It equally works well with effective results. Anyone who is serious can earn money from adsense. Some people are earning as high as $20,000 monthly and above. The fact that you purchased this report and are presently reading it means you are serious about joining those making money. You want to know what the experts do to earn big bucks. I urge you to read on as you are on your way to rewriting your own adsense script. <br />CHAPTER 1 <br />GETTING THE RIGHT MINDSET <br />  <br />Making money with Google adsense takes time and hard work. Contrary to what most people think, adsense is not a get rich quick program. True, you can start making money almost immediately, but you must put in much effort and dedication. Don’t just relax and expect checks to come in through courier. The mistake most people make is in taking adsense as a part-time business. Although it can be run on the side but you must dedicate your time to it. Spend time posting, networking, promoting etc. I have seen blogs that get new articles every 4-6 months. Such blogs rarely make money as content is the fuel that oils the engine of your blog. All the promotion you do will not yield results without content. Most bloggers don’t even promote their blog. Blogging requires dedication; it requires your active involvement. Develop a proactive stance. It baffles me when I see bloggers who are not active complain of low adsense earnings. <br />Change your mindset about Google adsense. Don’t see it as an opportunity to get rich quick. Though you may make some fast dollars, but it all depends on how much work you put in. If you want to succeed much faster, work much harder. I currently put in 3 hours everyday into running my adsense business. This time is spent between posting, monetizing and promoting my blogs. I encourage you to do the same, put in daily effort to make your business work. Half hearted effort only brings half hearted results. <br />Also, develop your writing skills. You don’t have to be a Chiamanda Adichie or Wole Soyinka to run a blog. If you can express your thoughts and ideas in a clear concise and easy to understand way, that’s perfect. You’ll have to write in an interesting and engaging manner. <br />Remember, the chances for your making money will depend on many factors, most importantly the drive and determination and an attitude of success will serve you well. You can turn your blog(s) into a money maker that will generate enough money for you to quit your day job. <br />I strongly advice that you make a daily schedule for your blogging. Assigned daily tasks to yourself. This will help you to become better organized at blogging. <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />ACTION ACTIVITY <br />Start seeing your adsense program as a real business. Just as you would put in much effort to see  your offline business succeed and grow, apply the same principles online. Look at it with the end in mind. Work at it everyday as you would work on any offline business. <br />In the next chapter you will learn where to channel your energies to get fast results in your blogging activity. <br />  <br />CHAPTER 2 <br />CHOOSING MONEY MAKING NICHES <br />  <br />Before you rush into signing up for adsense  thinking its going to earn you a million dollars, you need to get certain things in place for your blog. Contrary to popular thinking, not every niche is profitable for adsense. People are always struggling when it comes to picking a niche. One of the main reasons is that many experts tell you to pick something you are passionate about or something you love. There’s a problem there. Let’s take for instance; you are passionate about movies and soap operas. That’s cool! But how do you convert that into a money maker? Sure, you can start writing about your love, but how much do you think you can make per chick on your ads in that niche? A blog about college education, financial products, technology products or mortgages will make more money from adsense than a blog about baseball, car accessories or food recipes if the two have the same layout and traffic, This is because blogs on the former niches have higher cost per click (CPC). Remember, Google pays you when people click on ads on your blog or site. So, what you do is to pick a niche that is going to make you money. The key is to know a little something about your preferred niche; the rest can be researched and after you’ve been blogging about it for sometime, you’ll be considered an expert. TRUST ME! I know. <br />So let’s get started selecting niches. You’ll have to do some keyword research. <br />  <br />DOING KEYWORD RESEARCH <br />To have an idea of the niche you may like to jump into, visit Browse through the various categories and sub- categories and you are sure to find one that interests you. <br />Once you’ve got your niche, keyword research is what will set you up for success in that niche. It demands a little bit of work, but it is well worth the effort and will pay a great return if done correctly. The most important thing you need in order to do effective keyword research is a keyword tool. There are a variety of them but I use Wordtracker. It’s got a free version, but the paid version is best. To use the free version, you need a credit card and it last for just seven days. You can also get a free Google keyword tool at I use Wordtracker because it gives me the number of daily searches. Multiply it by 30 to get the monthly search volume. <br />When you’ve opened up the keyword tool, put in a general keyword. The keyword tool will come up with specific keyword suggestions. For example, when I put in the keyword “make money” here are just examples of the list I got as at the time of this writing. <br />  <br />  <br />  <br /> <br />These are the keyword suggestions I got and its daily/monthly search volume on Word tracker. Multiply it by 30 to get the monthly search volume. Other keyword tools will give you similar results. Keep searching through different keywords to get good keyword with high search volume. Also run your keyword with quotations in the Google search engine to see how many sites are competing for a keyword. If there are less than 8,000 competing for a keyword that gets as high as 20,000 or more monthly search, pick those keywords. Keywords are important because that’s what people type into search engines when looking for information. These search engines now crawl the web looking for websites that have such words within their content. This is why you need to include your keyword in your blog URL and the title. Also when writing posts, endeavor to include your keyword within the article. This makes it more easily found by search engines and gives your blog a higher ranking. This can have a healthy effect on your traffic. Search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic. A thousand visitors that find your blog from search engines will bring in more money than a thousand visitors from another traffic source. <br />  <br />ACTION ACTIVITY <br />1.     Go to or Put in a general keyword from your niche. Pick a keyword with a high search volume. Do a search for it on Google and balance the search volume to compettion ratio. A ratio of 3:1 and above is best. <br />2.     Next, when you’ve chosen your preferred keywords include it in you blog URL  and title. Be creative when doing this as you may experience that some of your preferred blog URL have already been taken. Also remember that you’ll have to include your keywords within your posts. <br />  <br />  <br />IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS coming up with good keywords with ratio of 4:1 and above, send me a mail on and I will show you the easiest way to do keyword research. It’s beyond the scope of this report. <br />                                      <br />  <br />  <br />CHAPTER 3 <br />WHY CONTENT IS KING <br />Content is king in the online world. Content is very very important. This is especially true if you are blogging. A blog is kind of like a journal. Just as you would update your personal journal everyday, you need to update your blog as often as possible. To really make money with blogs, you need to have much content. This is where a whole lot of bloggers get it wrong. They rarely update their blogs. Content is important because it helps to build and maintain your traffic. Traffic is the blood of your adsense business. Even if everything is wrong with your blog, but you still generate lots of traffic, it is difficult to fail. And what will get you that traffic and keep it is CONTENT. Let’s take for example, if you see a good blog that deals with relationship issues and the article there provides real value to you. You visit often and read all the articles, but it seems the blog owner isn’t updating new articles. You’ll stop visiting such sites because you’ve been through all the posts and there’s nothing new to interest you. That’s exactly the same thing that your visitors do when you stop updating your blog. They stop coming. You’ve probably heard the business saying that it’s six times harder to get new customers than it is to maintain the current customers. <br />Successful bloggers are more commited to get the present readers to come back to their blogs and the only way to do this is by providing valuable content. It’s all about providing real values. <br />  <br />CREATE STRONG (VALUABLE, INTERESTING & INFORMATIVE) CONTENT <br />Is your content worthy of being read by millions of people? Remember that the purpose of content is to provide value to others. Provide genuine value and do it to the best of your capacity. When I sit down to write my blog articles, I imagine myself standing on a stage before an audience of a million people. Then I ask myself; what shall I say to this million human beings that will be of value to them? This mindset will help you create strong and valuable content. Think about the effect you want your writing to have on people. If you are writing on relationships, your writing should change people’s love life for the better. It should help people get over heartbreak, get more energy into their love lives, get out of abusive relationships and be happier in relationships. When you focus on providing real value instead of junk content, your readers will notice and they’ll refer others to your site in droves. They will do your blog promotion for you FREE. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing. They’ll keep coming back to your blog and referring their friends too. This will easily build your traffic without your doing any work. All you have to do is focus on creating value through your content. Strong( valuable, interesting, informative) content is universally valued. It’s hard work to create, but in the long run, it generates lots of long term referred traffic. <br />Each time you write, focus on creating the best content you can. This will lead you to blogging success. <br />  <br />CREATE ORIGINAL CONTENT <br />          Maybe when you were starting out blogging, you must have been told that if you cannot create your own content, you can go over to article directories and copy some articles from there to paste on your blog. You’ll have to also copy the author’s bio box though. In the old days of internet marketing, that was a good strategy. I used to have other people’s articles on my blogs, but I realized that with this strategy, I was losing more visitors than I was gaining. When my visitors read the articles on my blog, they go on to know who the author of the article is through the author’s bio and become loyal to him/her. even buying some of their products. That’s because he provides value to them in form of articles and stuffs like that. That’s when I stopped. I’m not interested in working to build traffic only to lose same to someone else. That’s why you need to create original content. Create your own quality content. Somehow, your readers can tell if your content is original or if you stole it from somewhere. They’ll love you if you provide original content. It’s hard for anybody to compete with you if your content is original. You’ll have a base of hundreds of thousands of readers who will come to your blog daily. This kind of traffic takes time to build, but once you’ve built it, it will keep growing and growing without your doing any more promotions. Anybody can start a blog in your niche, but your site will remain unique because no one else has the same content as you. <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />WRITE FOR HUMANS FIRST, SEARCH ENGINES SECOND <br />I mentioned earlier on the need to include your keywords in your articles but it should not be over saturated. Let your readers barely notice the keywords. These keywords will help you get higher in the search engines. But don’t just saturate your posts with them. My strategy is to include my keywords after 100 or more words. I also make the key words bold. The thing is, let your readers not get bugged with keywords, let your article just flow naturally and let your readers enjoy the whole reading experience. <br />  <br />CREATE STRONG ORIGINAL CONTENT REGULARLY <br />If you’re providing strong and original content, do it regularly. Endeavour to update your blog with new articles everyday. Give your readers reason to keep coming back to your site. That’s why active forums make money. The members just keep coming back everyday because they are sure to see something new and interesting. Your article need not be long. If you can come up with longer articles. Do! But just post valuable content on a regular basis. <br />  <br />  <br />CONCLUSION <br />Let me sum it up by saying that content is crucial to your building traffic. Give your visitors something of value. Come up with your plans of how often you will post on your blog and post consistently. My advice to you is to be consistent and keep the quality of your post as high as possible. Problems occur when bloggers change their frequency of posting. Develop a rhythm of posting your readers will become accustomed to and that you are able to sustain. If you can’t write everyday, write as many useful articles at once when you have the time and spend each day just editing one by one and posting them. There are ways you can identify what people in your niche want to read. Do it and give it to them. <br />  <br /> IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO COME UP WITH CREATIVE, useful and original content that will draw thousands of visitors to your blog. Mail me on <br />  <br />  <br />ACTION ACTIVITY <br />1.     Develop a plan for creating content at once. Schedule time to write as many strong (original, valuable, interesting, informative) articles as possible. Save them as a draft on your blog and spend a little time posting daily.. <br />2.     You may decide to post 4 or 5 times a week, but however you choose, let it be  rhythmic so your visitors can get accustomed to it. <br />  <br /> If you want to know the strategies to come up with original, valuable and interesting content that will draw thousands of people to your blog without burning yourself out, send me a mail and I’ll be glad to help. <br />  <br />CHAPTER 4 <br />OTHER TRAFFIC GENERATION METHODS <br />The more people anticipate that they’ll get something of value from your blog, the more they’ll come back. In the last chapter, I harped on why you need to create content to build readership. Here, I’ll be sharing more ways you can get traffic to your blog. But let me remind you that all the marketing in the world won’t help you if you have a lame duck blog. In your search for more traffic, more publicity and more adsense dollars, never forget it starts with strong content and needs to continue with strong content on a regular basis. I know you think it’s hard to maintain post quality and regularity, but its not. This is where your persistence will be put to the test. Send me a mail if you want secrets to remain motivated, how to get article ideas and keep producing great content your readers will love you for. Here we go on generating traffic. <br />  <br />1.     BECOME AN EXPERT IN YOUR NICHE:- Let your audience perceive you as an expert. Develop a keen interest. Continue to read literature relating to your niche. Write intelligently and after a while, your experience will begin to show and your audience will grant you the title of an expert. People will seek you out, your reknown will grow and it will be easier to get noticed, linked to and get promoted by others. <br />  <br />2. COMMENTS ON OTHER BLOGS:- Drop comments on other blogs. This is a largely ignored method of getting traffic. It is very effective. Leave valuable and useful comments that will get people inquisitive about who you are. Most blogs have trackbacks enabled and so they’ll link back to your blogs. These links improve your search engine ranking. It may even interest other blog owners and they may visit your blog and link to some of your good articles. Comment on blogs that are in the same niche as yours or somewhat related. It’s advisable to target the bigger blogs with high traffic levels. For these type of blogs, the tip is to be among the first 10 or 20 commenters depending on how much traffic the blog gets. Most readers don’t read past the first 20 comments. <br />  <br />3. PARTICIPATE IN FORUMS:- Forums with tons of pages, huge list of members and a responsive community are an easy way to connect with others, demonstrate your expertise to thousands of people and build traffic. Don’t spam these forums, locate posts that ask for help with something you are familiar with and share your experience. <br />  <br />4. SUBMIT TO ARTICLE DIRECTOFIRS:- Submit quality articles to article directories. You’ll have a bio box linking back to your blog. You’ll be able to demonstrate your expertise and if your blog is of high quality, it may get published in an ezine and thousands of other blogs and websites leading to more traffic and more inbound links to you. <br />  <br />5. LINK TO OTHERS AND GET LINKS FROM THEM:- Peharps one of the central features of blogging is that they are linked. The intricate web of links help in getting traffic. Link to other blogs and you’ll find that the benefit are many. For a start, you’ll be taking part in the conversation and getting the attention of others. Your readers will appreciate that you’re interested in helping them find the best content out there. However, you should not just link to everyone. Be selective and link to quality content that is relevant to your niche topic. As you engage in linking, others will link back to you, assuming your blog has useful content and the traffic begins to flow from both these sites and from increased search engine ranking. <br />6. SUBMIT TO TECHNORATI:- Technorati is a web portal that can get you lots of traffic. Create a profile and add a tag to your blog. <br />  <br />7. GUEST BLOGGING:- One of the most powerful but unknown ways of exposing your writing to a new group of people is to put some of your content on other people’s blogs and not your own. Guest posts have been a feature of blogging but many people are not taking advantage of it. When you launch your blog, you can raise your profile by focusing on writing guest posts on other blogs. Put your best posts on other blogs. While it may seem odd, it’s something that does pay off. While you can keep showing your regular readers great content on your blog, the best way to show people who have never heard of you your best stuff is to go where they’re already gathering- on other people’s blogs. It’s a win-win situation. You are happy because you are getting fresh and relevant traffic, the other blogger is happy you are providing quality content that will please his/her readers. <br />Find blogs that are related to your niche. Blogs with large fellowship are good, but a smaller blog with a more relevant readership would be more effective than a large one with little relevance. Write regularly for these blogs. Target multiple blogs. The key is to locate blogs that have high traffic and contact them via e-mail. Let them know your intentions. <br />    An even more effective strategy is to exchange guest posts. As you guest post on         another blog, have the other blogger guest post on your blog too. This way, you two share the benefits. <br />  <br />8. CREATE A SQUIDOO PAGE LENS:- Squidoo get lots of traffic.. Take part in the squidoo community. Create a lens on a given related topic to your blog. Funnel the traffic and tastefully include links in the page lens to your blog. <br />  <br />9. SUBMIT TO BLOG DIRECTORIES:- Here’s a list of blog directories to submit your blog to. <br />  <br />10. WRITE EFFECTIVE POST TITLES:- Write effective and catchy post titles. Let the title create an urge to read the entire post, but of course should be related to the topic of your blog. <br />11. EMAIL OTHER BLOGGERS:- Email other bloggers in your niche when you write something that you think will interest them. They’ll link to your posts and have their readers come visit your blog. <br />12. BLOG CARNIVALS:- Take full advantage of blog carnivals when you’re just starting out. Periodically submit your best blog post to carnivals for your niche. Carnivals are free and they also get links and lots of traffic. Submit to these carnivals once a week and watch your traffic flow. Submitting only takes minutes. <br />13. ENABLE COMMENTS:- Enabling comments on your blog is good for getting links. When people comment, reply to some of them. It creates interaction and keeps the conversation flowing. <br />14. USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO YOUR ADVANTAGE:- Social media sites can get you lots of traffic. They are of two types:- <br />                         I.      SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES:- Here, the primary activity is connecting with others. Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and Linkedin are good examples of these. <br />                      II.      SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES:- The primary activity here is the finding and sharing of web content through different systems of voting on sites. Digg,  Reddit, Stumbleupon and netscape are examples. <br />The two types are wonderful for getting traffic. Social media sites are among the largest sites on the web at present and the volume of traffic they have is mind boggling. Social media sites are used by people to find content. Register on a few of them, participate actively and make friends. <br />  <br />  <br />15. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION:- Traffic from search engines are organic. The traffic from search engine is the best because this is the traffic that will take the action you want visitors to take on your site. Whether you are selling products, building a list or running adsense. Search engine optimization is so broad and so, i’ll only give you important tips. I have already given some tips on this earlier on in this report and so I’ll just share a few more. <br />High search ranking is available for the careful writer. If you implement the things discussed earlier; keyword in the blog URL and title, regular posting, linking to and getting links from other blogs, creating links within your blog etc, it won’t be long before you appear on the first page of Google. <br />In addition; <br />1.     PING:- Ping  (at your blog to servers to notify search engines of your blog availability. Ping every time you update with new posts. <br />  <br />2. SUBMIT TO DIRECTORIES:- Submit your links to directories. This is another way to generate inbound links. Submit to directories-submitting links to key pages with appropriate keywords in the links. There are loads of directories, some of which offer a free submission. You can start with these; <br />  <br />       I.      2rss                <br />    II.      Blizg               <br /> III.      Blogarama      <br />IV.      Blogdex          <br />   V.      Blogdigger      <br />VI.      Bloghop         <br />VII.      Bloglines         <br />VIII.      Blogmatrix      <br />IX.      Blogrunner      <br />   X.      Blogsearchengine <br />XI.      Blogstreat       <br />XII.      Blogvision      <br />XIII.      Blogwise         <br />XIV.      Blogz              <br />XV.      Bloggieplay     <br />XVI.      Daypop                    <br />XVII.      Eatonweb       <br />XVIII.      Fastbuzz         <br />XIX.      Feedster         <br />XX.      Globeofblogs  <br />XXI.      Localfeeds      <br />  <br />2. INTERLINK YOUR BLOGS: - If you have more than one blog, you can interlink them. Create links within your blogs linking to your other blogs. <br />  <br />3. KEYWORD RICH ARTICLES: - I’ve hinted on this already, but let me shed more light. Identify a few keywords for your article that you are hoping will get indexed highly by Google. When picking keywords, consider the following questions <br />  <br />       I.      How do I want people to find this post in search engines? <br />    II.      What will they type into Google if they want information on this topic in the search engines? <br /> III.      What results come up when I plug these keywords into Google? <br />IV.      What other keywords are these other sites using? <br />  <br />The answer to these questions will give you a hint of what keyword you want to repeat in your article. <br />          What ever you do, don’t sacrifice your reader’s experience of your site just because of SEO. Keyword density is important in climbing search engine rankings, but more importantly is that your contents are user friendly and helpful to readers. Nothing irritates readers like a blog stuffed with keywords. <br />  <br />5. KEEP IT AT ONE TOPIC PER POST: - The more hightly focused the theme of a page, the better when search engines come to rank it. Sometimes, you might find yourself writing long posts that end up covering a number of different topics. They might relate loosely but if search engine ranking is what you are after, it could be better to break up your post into smaller more focused pieces. <br />That’s it on getting traffic. There are a whole lot of other strategies not mentioned here, but these ones are easy and will not demand much of your time. Use one of them at a time and hopefully you’ll see your traffic skyrocket. But it is worthy to remind you again that without content, all these strategies for promoting your blog will be useless <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />  <br />CHAPTER 5 <br />INCREASING COST PER CLICK <br />A sure way of increasing your adsense earnings on your blog is to have ads that pay high per click. There is nothing unethical about this. <br />In this chapter, I’ll look at what to do to get high paying adsense ads running on your site. Obviously in any business, one way to get higher profits is to charge more for your products. In adsense however, you have no direct say on how much is charged for ads running on your site. But there are ways to targeting types of ads that might bring in a higher return than others. <br />Finding high paying adsense ads is not easy (is anything?). It involves getting the right priced keywords. I’ve compiled a list of high paying adsense keywords and their prices as a bonus to this package. However, I will list some other ways of getting high paying ads showing on your blog. <br />Cost per click (CPC) depends on the niche of your blog. Niches such as financial products and services, mortgages, college education, medical, legal and health are a profitable niche that can get a couple of dollars per click. Technology related ads are also well paying. <br />  <br />1)                 BUY KEYWORDS:- You can get high paying adsense keywords for a small fee at They give you a free trial of 25 top paying keywords. <br />2)                 ARE THERE ANY ADS:- This is a great first question. Despite the many thousands of advertisers using adsense, there are some topics to which the answer to this is NO! A simple way to check is to do a search on Google for the keyword you are targeting. The results page will bring up not only a list of other sites writing about that keyword (these are your competitors) but on the right hand side, there will be a list of ads- there are the same sort of ads you’ll get on your site if you write on the topic. If there are ads there, it’s a good sign. If not (or very few ads), you’ll have to find another topic to write on if you’re hoping to attract ads. <br />3)            7SEARCH:- 7search has a list of 100 of the top paying keywords on their advertising program (not adsense) at the moment. 7search is a pay per click search engine and advertising network. Check the site out at Also from 7 search (and more useful) is their keyword suggestion tool which gives you an idea on what people are paying per click. This is not specifically for adsense, but it will give you an idea of what the going rates are. <br />4)           FIND WHAT: - Findwhat has a similar service at <br />  <br />Targeting high paying adsense ads is an important aspect of generating good income with adsense. It is not enough in and of itself however, you can have $10 per click but without getting any traffic, your research into the right ads will be useless. Likewise, its one thing to identify which ads you want to target, but it’s another thing to get these relevant ads showing on your site. <br />In our next chapter, our focus is on getting relevant ads. <br />  <br />CHAPTER 6 <br />GETTING RELEVANT ADSENSE ADS <br />Consider these two scenarios I encountered recently. <br />1. A blog whose content largely focused upon the topic of dieting. Most of the ads the blogger was getting on his blog were focused on blogging. Even if the blog is getting quite reasonable traffic and a reasonable high paying niche (there are some good dieting keywords out there) but as you would expect, people coming to blog about dieting did not click on ads for blogging software and services at a high rate. You can imagine how adsense earning will be despite much traffic. <br />Another blog I saw had a problem of not getting any ads being served on the blog. Instead of ads, all the blog had were the public service ads that adsense serve when they cannot find any relevant ads. These public service ads pay nothing. The challenge is to get relevant ads that reflect the content of your blog. So how do you get relevant ads? <br />I.      MAKE SURE THERE ARE ADS AVAILABLE; The second scenario where public service ads are showing on a blog needs to be checked if ads are available or there are a very few ads for that keyword. A simple way of checking this is to do a search on Google for the keywords you are targeting. If Google doesn’t serve ads or serve very few ads on their own search result page, it is an indication that such ads are scarce or not existing. The way around this is to experiment with other related keywords. Experiment with different combinations of key words until you find something that works. <br />II.      INCREASE YOUR KEYWORD DENSITY:- The more you use your keywords, the more likely you are to get ads on these topics. It is not common knowledge exactly how the adsense bot decides what ads suits your content best, but it’s a pretty safe bet that if you put your keywords in your title, at least once in your first paragraph and then scatter it through the rest of your page that you’ll convince the adsense bot of what your topic is. I’ve already described how to do this. I also told you to include your keyword in your blog or page URL. You should also make your keyword bold or put them in outbound links. All these also help improve your search engine ranking. <br />III.      EXAMINE YOUR SIDEBAR, MENUS, HEADER AND URL:- It is not just your main content that adsense bot searches to find the topic of your page, but also your other areas. Take the dieting blog in scenario I that was getting blogging ads. The blog had the word “blog” in its title and URL, three times in the sidebar and once in its blog name.  The word ‘blog’ also came up quite often in the content. It is recommended that you remove the word from as many as these places as possible and to improve the dieting keywords. The ads will improve their relevance almost immediately. <br />IV.      STICK TO ONE TOPIC PER PAGE:-For some blogs, this may not be visible on the front page, but attempt to keep each individual blog post as highly targeted as possible. I’ve noticed that some people often include two or three topics/keywords in one entry. This confuses the adsense bot. For blogger blogs, an effective strategy i use is setting the blog layout to display only one or two posts at a time. <br />If you do all of the above, you should find that adsense serves you with relevant ads. However, if all else fails….. <br />V.      ASK GOOGLE:- If all else fail, notify Google of your issue. Of course, they are busy people but Google prides itself as being responsive to its users. I’ve emailed them on a number of issues and everytime, I’ve had positive results from my query. You’ve got nothing to lose- send them an email. <br />  <br />It is all very well to rank in search engines, to generate high levels of traffic, but without relevant ads that relate to the content of your blog, you are not likely to generate much in terms of click through. <br />Doing all these ad optimization contributes to increased click through rate and higher adsense earnings. <br />  <br />  <br />INCREASE CLICKS THROUGH RATE <br />How many people that visit your blog eventually end up clicking your ads? Ad posting is an important factor in getting a higher click through an ad. The amazing thing about the adsense advertising system is how one simple change in positioning of your ads can have a profound impact upon the earnings you receive from it. Just by making a slight change in your adsense ads, you can double your earnings overnight. Ad design also matters. Well designed and optimally placed ads are the secret to doubling your adsense earnings. Adsense ads placement and design have been an issue among adsense users. It seems that each adsense user has their own strategy- some like ads that blend in with the blog design, others like ads that stand out from the rest of the page. Some like ads in banner positions, others like it in skyscrapers. Well, different strategies work on different blogs at different times. The key I’ll give you is to experiment. <br />Let me share a few strategies you should experiment. <br />  <br />1.           BLEND:- Most successful adsense users blend their ads into the overall theme of their page. This often means that the ads background and other backgrounds are of the same or similar colour of the background of the page. In this case, the ads don’t stand out as being ad-like. <br />2.           IN CONTENT:- More and more bloggers and website owners are putting their ads inside the main body of their post. In this way, the ads are prominent and more likely to be seen by readers as they read your content. If your blog platform allows putting ads between content, do it. For blogs that have a comment section, putting your ads just after the article and before comments has been found to be very effective. The reason is that readers are normally at a loss of what to do after reading your article and are more prone to click on the ads. <br />3.                 ABOVE THE FOLD:- Placing your adsense ads at the top of the page is equally effective, because it is visible without your readers having to  scroll down. Studies have shown that first time visitors to your blog stay on average for 60 or so seconds without scrolling down. If your ads are hidden towards the  bottom of your page, you decrease the likelihood of them ever being seen, let alone clicked <br />4.                 LEFT IS BEST:- Ads on the left hand side of your blog do much better then ads on the right hand side. So, if using blogger blogs, use a template that allows adsense on the left hand side. <br />5.                 USING PICTURES:- An equally effective tip for increasing CTR is to put a picture above, below and at the sides of the ads. Although, Google has a strategy against pointing at the ads to attract attention, pictures do not hurt. For example, if you have ads about laptops, you can put pictures of laptops bordering ads. This works well. Although it may not be readily feasible, yet I think it is worth considering. <br />6.                 KEEP ADS CHANGING:- I’ve noticed that if you have a blog with regular and loyal readers, it is good to keep things changing as your readers tend to get used to the way your blog is and become blind to adsense ads. Move your ads around to get higher click through. <br />7.                 CURB OUTGOING LINKS:- One reason I advise against using articles from directories is the number of outgoing links you’ll be dishing out. Pages with fewer outgoing links result in higher CTR. Give your readers fewer options of links to click on and they are more likely to click on your ads. <br />8.                 PLACE NUMEROUS ADS:- Don’t be shy about placing ads on your blog. This increases your chances of higher click through. <br />Experiment with these strategies and track your results. Work on what positions are most effective and stick to that. <br />Hopefully, after implementing these tips, you’ll see click through increase and so will adsense revenue. <br />  <br />Apart from adsense, there are other ways you can monetize your blog to make more money especially if you have high level traffic. This is through affiliated marketing. Get a product that converts otherwise your traffic will waste. In the next chapter, I’ll focus on using affiliate products to make money with your blog. <br /> <br />