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2009 Buyer Presentation 050509


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Windermere Real Estate Buyer Presentation 2009

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business
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2009 Buyer Presentation 050509

  1. 1. Welcome Home Know that your happiness is my only goal. There are few things in life more important than your home. I understand that a home is about making memories and a place where dreams come true. It’s about family, friends and experiences you cherish. A home is where life takes place. My part in this process is to help you easily, quickly and safely reach the next chapter of your life.
  2. 2. Your rights in this Partnership You have the right to:  Expect prompt and caring service.  All of the correct information, immediately.  Find exactly what you want quickly and easily.  Expect me to know everything about the home, the neighborhood and your dreams.  Expect me to guide you through every step of the process.  The ultimate real estate experience. I fully expect to honor your rights and because of that, our journey will be mutually rewarding.
  3. 3. The Leading Regional Real Estate Brand in the West Windermere at a glance From REAL Trends 500 Report  Established 1972  Number of offices 336*  Number of agents 8,273  Total sales volume $31,860,630,014 From the REAL Trends 500 Report “The Largest Regional Brands in the Country,” May 2007. *Franchise offices: 336 Total offices: 375
  4. 4. Windermere Shoreline  Established 1977  # of agents 48  Total sales vol $68,767,980
  5. 5. Our Extended Family With more than 8,000 sales associates, Windermere is the largest independent real estate network in the West. Windermere has one of the region’s biggest selection of qualified buyers and the most homes available for sale.
  6. 6. Windermere Foundation Helping Homeless Families  Created in 1989  Supports programs that help homeless and low-income families  Every time I complete a real estate transaction, I make a donation to the Foundation  My office supports (org name) through the Foundation
  7. 7. Windermere Community Service Day Dedicated to the Community  One day each year, since 1984  All Windermere associates take off a day give back to the communities in which we live and work  Hands-on assistance to organizations in our community  This year, my office spent the day…
  8. 8. How I am Compensated 300,000 Helping you sell your home is my top priority 18,000  I’m an independent contractor 9,000 4,500 9,000 9,000  I’m paid by commission only after a sale is complete 44,444 500  I retain only a portion of the 44,444 500 total commission 44,444 44,444 1500 44,444
  9. 9. Moving Out of the Area Windermere’s Relocation network connects me to knowledgeable agents worldwide. And since so much of real estate is based on relationships, I’m able to pull together resources that will facilitate your relocation. No matter where you need to move, I can place you in good hands.
  10. 10. Professional Profile David O’Connor Experience  18 years experience in Real Estate  30 years living & working in the city of Shoreline Training  Currently hold Broker’s License  Hold several designations including SRES, IMS
  11. 11. My Support Team is Here for You My support team helps me provide top-notch customer service to clients. They include professionals in the mortgage, escrow, title, appraisal and home inspection sections of this industry
  12. 12. I’ll Maximize My Network for You Drawing on the strength of the personal and professional network that I have built after 18 years in the industry, I have been 100% successful in securing a home for my clients when in a multiple-offer situation.
  13. 13. How I Help You Buy Your Home To help you navigate the way to purchasing the home of your dreams, I will:  Explain the basic principles of real estate  Select and research properties that meet your wants and needs  Negotiate the purchase  Coordinate inspection procedures  Help close the transaction
  14. 14. I Can Help You Buy Any Home  Advertised in the newspaper or on the Internet  “For Sale By Owner”  Found during an Open House  Listed by another real estate company
  15. 15. Phases in the Buying Process  Financing  The Purchase & Sale Agreement  Negotiations  Escrow
  16. 16. How much house can you buy? Financing Prequalification vs. Preapproval  Prequalifying for a mortgage helps you determine how much home you can afford.  Prequalification doesn’t mean approval for a loan.  Preapproval means the lender has approved your actual loan amount. Preapproval puts you in a better negotiating position
  17. 17. The First Step in Buying a Home Financing Down Payment  Many lenders require 3.5 to 20 percent down payment on your home  more money down may qualify you for a lower interest rate I can help you locate a lender who will assist you in finding a financing package that best meets your needs.
  18. 18. Go Beyond Search on
  19. 19. Find Your Home on Whether you’re just dreaming or ready to make a move, start your home search on  View thousands of homes throughout the West  Preview homes for sale  Learn about our company  Get information to help you make your buying and selling decisions.
  20. 20. Go Beyond Search on You’ll find features such as:  Photo Gallery  Interactive map search  myWindermere  RSS Feeds  Open House search
  21. 21. A Custom Search Just for You Create a myWindermere account to:  Set up your own private username and password  Create multiple custom searches  Request automatic email notification of new listings  Associate your account with me and we can collaborate online to find your next home.
  22. 22. Windermere’s Exclusive Photo Gallery Photo Gallery is a multi- media presentation tool that allows you to quickly view a property’s best features.  Take a virtual tour of the home anytime online.  Access numerous high quality photos featuring exterior and interior shots.  PDF, Flash and video files may also be attached to the Photo Gallery.