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Traveling with Andy Arrowhead


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Traveling with Andy Arrowhead

  1. 1. Anny Arrowhead lived good but it was to cold but he lived really good in till he said LANDSLIDE and snow hit him in the tip It is so cold
  2. 2. He fell down the hill with bigger rocks. He made friends. But his sharp point got so round he should not be called Anny the arrowhead. He looked to the side and the big rocks were small as him. OUCH MY HEAD
  3. 3. Anny arrowhead was now one of those small rocks you find in the lake or the rivers but it was scary because he saw a lot of fishes and lot of rocks that turned in to lots of sediments on the side of the river. He was scared that he was going to end like that. AAAHHH a fish a big fish is in here
  4. 4. Anny arrowhead was just a tiny pebble in a big glacier bigger then the rocks that were in the landslide. So he was drifting alone in till he say water going down and he yelled water fall Hello I'm stuck hay there is my home
  5. 5. Anny was in the glacier and he was falling down the water and he hit the bottom and the glacier broke WATER FALL
  6. 7. By:Eddie .T. Simas Traveling with Anny Starring:Anny Arrowhead The end