Import/transfer/convert/get home DVD into iMovie


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DVD ripper for Mac is the one specially designed for home DVD users for importing homemade DVD into iMovie compatible MPEG-4 (MP4, M4V), MPEG-2, DV, HDV, MOV files. Enjoy your DVD editing in iMovie!

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Import/transfer/convert/get home DVD into iMovie

  1. 1. Import/transfer/convert/get home DVD into iMovie If someone ask me what is home DVD, I can't render a definitive answer, but as to my understanding, homemade DVDs are DVDs made by one person or group of people for personal purpose including entertainment, study, live and work. They usually tend to record the wonderful moment of their daily life with their cameras, camcorders or other available recording devices so as to upload the videos to the websites for sharing with more people, or put them on their portable devices like iPod, iPhone, iRiver, BlackBerry, Mobile Phone, Sansa etc so that they can enjoy anywhere and anytime they can. And one of the frequently ways they do with their videos is to burn them in DVD for longer storage, send it to family, friends, colleagues, teachers etc or share with them. As most of them are not professional photographers or have non-professional camera, sometimes the videos they shot or the DVDs they burnt are not so satisfactory as they wish that they have to do some editing in order to get what they want. They tried to import their DVDs into iMovie, of no avail. Warning: can't import DVD into iMovie The problems of importing DVDs to iMovie are not rare cases, they do actually happen in most cases, the following are some of the typical examples I want to share with you and also I'd like to try to offer my method of overcoming the barrier in the next part. Situation 1: "Mac OS X system here. I can succesfully duplicate DVD's with Disk Utility, but I can't figure out how to take this material and edit it in iMovie" Situation 2: "I have just transferred many home movies from various size tapes to DVD using a Sony multi function DVD recorder, VRD-MC5. The next step is how to import them into imovie for editing. What do I have to do to achieve this step?" Situation 3: "I have the newest edition of the macbook and I have two home dvd's
  2. 2. that I acquired well over a year ago that I want to put into imovie to edit. I know this can be done through a camcorder but I do not have the orginial camcorder and tapes" Situation 4: "We are in the process of porting Hi8 tapes to DVD using AV output to a DVD recorder. The camera we have has usb port, not firewire. These are home movies. Is there a way to port the DVD into iMovie to edit it and then write the edited version out to another DVD?" Situation 5: "We just had a play at our school and someone there recorded it with viedo camera. They then took it home and burned it to a dvd. They gave the dvd to me so i could use idvd to make a menu and stuff. I put it into my computer and its in 2 folders (VIDEO_RM and VIDEO_TS) in these folders there are icons that look like blank pieces of paper. The names of these icons all end in things like: .BUP; .IFO; .VOB does any one know how i can put these in imovie?" ...... Tips for importing home DVD into iMovie Tip 1: Use DropDV, as we all know most home DVDs are made without copyright protection and this application could probably made according to this requirement. It is supposed to convert unencrypted DVDs into DV files for iMovie Tip 2: Use this DVD ripper for Mac, this is a proved to be good application, it is 100% clean and professional that can smooth all of your problems out without any difficulty, you can have a try if other programs you used didn't bring you miracle. Excellent and ideal application: DVD Ripper for Mac DVD ripper for Mac is a simple yet powerful application that facilitates ripping DVD contents, converting and importing DVD into iMovie with the least conversion speed and best output quality. It support converting wide range of video files like AVI,
  3. 3. WMV, MPG, MPEG-4 (MP4,M4V), MPEG-2, DV, HDV, MOV, MKV, RM, SWF, 3GP etc so that you can upload your DVD video into website like YouTube, or put on various portable devices and other applications as well. Besides, it can rip audio tracks from DVD video and save as AAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV, WMA etc. Mac DVD ripper can be suitable for both homemade DVD and commerical DVD and can be run on the Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It can be served as a powerful editing tool, with it, you can trim your DVD video to whatever length you want by Trim, crop off unwanted parts by Crop, add special effect like Gray, Emboss or Old film or make your videos more artistic.Besides, its built-in merging feature and batch mode also allows you to join several DVD clips into one single video and do batch conversion. And more features can be expected if you afford a few time to try. Simple guidance on how to use DVD Ripper for Mac We here provide a crystal clear and intuitive picture guidance to decrease your tedious reading work which I think can point out the exact way of how to do it after reading.