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DVD ripper for Mac is an effective and powerful application designed for Mac users to import their DVDs into MPEG-4 (MP4, M4V), MPEG-2, MOV, DV, HDV iMovie 09, edit DVD in iMovie easily and fastly.

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Import Dvd Into I Movie 09

  1. 1. How to import DVD into iMovie 09 In January 2009, the seventh version of iMovie series, iMovie 09 was released by Apple in response to the flooding complaints and criticism about the simplicity and incapability of iMovie 08 which seems to be released without the main editing features employed by the previous versions. iMovie 09, as an updated and improved version will definitely silence the hot voice It combines the faster, simpler and more straightforward interface of iMovie 08 with the main features of the previous versions returned,. Moreover, it offers more bettered, more advanced features including the basic video effects (Black&White and Sepia to more interesting Vignette and Aged film), video stabilization as well as globetrotting map animation functions. Two of the most impressive features have been introduced by iMovie 09, that is picture-in-picture and greenscreening. Besides, compared with iMovie 08, it has also improved editing (with Precision Editor and Clip Trimmer), improved camcorder support and full iDVD support. Other enhancements include dynamic themes, fast and slow motion, new titles, transition and effects. Hard nuts to crack when editing DVD in iMovie 09 iMovie is without doubt a convenient and ideal editing tool for Mac users to edit their own homemade DVD movies which come with ever Mac freely. However, there are still hard nuts to crack when they do the actual DVD editing in iMovie.Here, I want to share one or two with you with my personal advice supplied. Nut 1: "I am sure it is possible to import DVD footage to iMovie without buying third party software but does anyone know how? I have a few DVDs of my kids from about 5 years ago and I want to convert them to iMovie and then put them on my Apple TV".
  2. 2. Nut 2: "I am fairly new to working with iMovie 09 (and iMovie in general), and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction on how to import a movie clip from a DVD into iMovie 09. Any help would be much appreciated". Big stone to crack the nuts The two situations mentioned above are just the common problems encountered when editing DVD in iMovie, it could be possibly happens to your friends, your colleague, your family or even yourself. What I am going to talk would be helpful, I hope, can help you out if you would kindly finish reading the rest part. Actually, as to my knowledge, there is a open free-source program that can help you do your job. It can rip DVD video into a MPEG file format that can be supported by iMovie, this program can be download via the Internet, hope it can successfully get your job done. Another way around, if the process is too complex or with no satisfactory result out, you may as well try this DVD ripper for Mac, just a few bucks and clicks will greatly simplify your tedious work, meanwhile the output video quality can be well maintained without any quality loss. Just follow to have a review of this Mac DVD ripper Review: DVD Ripper for Mac DVD ripper for Mac is a professional application specially designed for Mac user who want to rip DVD content, convert and edit into iMovie. It can help you rip and convert your DVD into MPEG 4 (MP4, M4V), MPEG-2, MOV, DV, HDV, WMK, MKV, MOV, VOB, 3GP AVI etc that compatible with iMovie 09 and the other general iMovies as well with best output quality and least conversion speed. Besides, it can also extract audio from DVD video and export as MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, WMA audio files.
  3. 3. Mac DVD ripper can also be served as a versatile editing tools. Its built-in editing functions allows you to edit your DVD according to your preference. Such as, you can trim the DVD video to a certain length at your selection, crop off unwanted parts from the DVD clip, set video Brightness, Contrast and Saturation. Besides, you can also set the corresponding output parameters for video and audio depending on your specific program requirement, merge several clips into one for smoothing conversion. And the whole conversion process can be seen in the preview window. Guidance to use DVD ripper for Mac at a glance Step 1: Load files Click Load DVD from DVD hard drive or load IFO files supposed DVD has already been copied to your computer. Step 2: Select output format and path Click the drop-down menu of Profile to select the proper output format, and then click Browse to designate the output path. Step 3: Edit files There are three editing options on the top of the panel: Trim, Effect and Crop. You can do the corresponding editing according to your needs. Step 4: Convert files In order to help you get more clear information, here, I also offer an intuitive and easy-to-follow guide shown on a picture list below: