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Movie Converter for Mac, integrate DVD ripper and video converter into one program that can successfully deal with all kinds of audio, video and DVD movies, import DVD and video to iMovie without any difficulty

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Import Dvd And Video To Imovie

  1. 1. Import DVD and video to iMovie Title: Import DVD and Video to iMovie, Edit DVD and Video in iMovie (iMovie HD, iMovie '08, iMovie '09) Keywords: import dvd and video to imovie, import dvd movies to imovie, put videos to imovie, edit dvd and video in iMovie, movie converter for mac Description: Movie Converter for Mac, integrate DVD ripper and video converter into one program that can successfully deal with all kinds of audio, video and DVD movies. Import DVD and video to iMovie without any difficulty As a portable data storage device and an entertainment medium, DVD has gain increasing popularity among people since its release for its convenience, portability, durability and superior data storage capability. And its compatibility with many kinds of material like music, video, games, TV shows or educational materials etc makes it among the first-to-consider options talking about watching movies. Besides enjoying DVD movies as a means of entertainment, there are people who are always interested in trying new things, take fan videos for example, is is a kind of videos made by some person or a group of persons who want to make their own videos by using their various portable devices, like cameras, digital camcorders, sometimes even video recording softwares or programs, there videos are then uploaded to website for sharing. Problems arise when editing DVD and video in iMovie In most cases, your DVD and video need to go through some editing process in order to get satisfactory effect. As for Mac users, iMovie is probably an ideal option, it is an editing software that freely bundled with every Mac, it allows Mac users to
  2. 2. edit their own movies. This simple-to-use tool offers you versatile editing functions like adding title, selecting transitions and apply effect. But problems may arise when you hopefully import your DVD or video into iMovie, nothing happens. What's wrong? Fristly, I'd like to tell you that, DVD may definitely impossible to be imported into iMovie directly. Second, as to video, I advise you to check your video, is it in the right format that compatible with iMovie? As to my knowledge, iMovie only reads a few files like MPEG-4 (MP4, M4V), MPEG-2, DV, HDV, MOV etc. Solutions for importing DVD and video into iMovie MPEG StreamClip as I know is a free open source video converter and editor that can convert DVD (VOB) to the corresponding MPEG format that can be recognized by iMovie directly. As to videos, various converters can be get via Internet, and some free media player may also be available such as VLCPlayer, MPlayer. But is it troublesome to use two applications in order to import your DVD and video into iMovie? There is good news for you, you just need one program to have all work done, that is Movie Converter for Mac, it packs DVD ripper and video converter into a single interface which can greatly simplify your tedious work. No other application can actually do the job perfectly at the same time, just feel free to have a try, Movie Converter for Mac comes to your rescue Movie converter for Mac is an simple-to-use application that integrates DVD ripper and video converter into one program to meet your specific requirements. If you want to import your DVD to iMovie, no problem, it can easily rip DVD content and convert to iMovie accepted file formats. Besides, it can also convert almost all regular file formats like AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4, DV, MKV, MOV, VOB, FLV, 3GP etc and also HD files with just a few mouse clicks.
  3. 3. Mac movie converter can also be served as a powerful editing tool. You can choose your favourite part of DVD or video to convert by Trim, crop off unwanted black edge from the DVD or video clip by Crop, merge sever DVD chapters or video files into one file by clicking "Merge into one file" option, adjust effect of DVD or video from the perspective of Brightness, Contrast and Saturation etc, the whole conversion process can also be previewed from the Preview window. Guidance for importing DVD and video into iMovie. Step 1: Download, install and run Movie Converter for Mac This program can be used for both Intel and PowerPC (Snow Leopard included). Just download the program, install it and run a test, an user friendly interface will pop up as shown below: Step 2: Select the right application for your program As shown in the interface, the program includes DVD ripper and video converter. Choose one of them needed. Note: You can only run one program each time. For DVD Ripper Mac DVD ripper support both home DVD and commercial DVD. Click DVD Ripper on the main interface, you can do the corresponding DVD importing, converting and editing which can be seen in the following picture: For Video Converter Click Video Converter on the main interface to pop up an interface where you can import your videos for converting and editing, You can see the whole process from the following picture: After converting, you can import the converted files to iMovie for further editing.