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  1. 1. NINA AND MIKHAIL the unauthorized love story
  2. 2. AUGUST 2000 the Republican National Convention nominates George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for the Republican presidential ticket But on another Hill, College Hill, more important events are taking place.....
  3. 3. Clara Armand-Delille: "I met Mike at Brown on my first day. And I met Nina the following day at the international party in Buxton. Can’t remember if I introduced them but ... I might have!” Severine Brustlein: Nina thought: "I am going to change this Russian!". She definitely felt there was going to be work!
  4. 4. Vadim Slavin: This is the time to explore, to see what the new life has to offer, try every chocolate in the box...but no, Mike and Nina decided that they were already beyond that (at the tender age of 18) and took to each other like Lenin and Marx. Nadya Dimitrova: I am not even sure about dating -- always together since then.
  5. 5. Severine: Definitely very different! Nina: much more calm and collected. Mikhail: completely out of this world!! Huge party animal, loves to climb up posts on Thayer street or drive his car up piles of snow after nights at Viva. Julia C: I was instantly impressed at how deftly Nina rolled her eyes. Vadim: I knew they were meant for each other when Nina put over-partied, overjoyed and still rambling = Misha on a garbage bag and dragged him from my party to his dorm. What a dedication! What love!
  6. 6. Even if it didn’t always feel like, they were at University...
  7. 7. Even if it didn’t always feel like, they were at University... Julia: As their relationship solidified, each was pursuing his and her own path in education, organizing events, learning. It was clear how eager both Nina and Mikhail were to be at Brown and absorb as much as possible. Vadim: When I first met them, they were the cutest couple already. It was a panel Mike organized for Khruschev and he was on stage and soliciting questions from the audience and no one would start. So Nina had to ask the first question to support him.
  8. 8. Severine: They spend a couple weekends in Newport. They take the bus or the boat... Always some kind of adventure with them. Mikhail eventually gets a car but it gets stolen... He finds it a couple months later... Julia: Nina suddenly starts nodding when we speak in Russian, and I know that Misha's last piece of armor is off.
  9. 9. Vadim: I knew this man trusted this woman when he let her color his hair into gold Ivanushka. Talk about trust. Nadya Samonova: This was during Parent’s Weekend. I come out of the car and look straight at Misha, but don’t recognize him at all. He says, Mom, that’s me, Misha! And this was also the time we met with Sandra and Gerard. It must be said they took this very well, much better than in Meet the Parents. I can only imagine what they were thinking...
  10. 10. Julia C: They are making friends, rising to the top, be it the sorority or the economics club -- soon enough they are crowned the Queen and King of Brown . Severine: Graduation. End of a very carefree life.
  11. 11. NYC
  12. 12. NYC Julia: Mikhail's parents help them move and put two twin beds in the apartment along separate walls. Well, guess this is going to be just like the dorm. Nina and Mikhail In Severine: They travel, they work, they practice yoga... They gradually become more and more similar and you feel the bond getting so much stronger...
  13. 13. Julia: They can still throw a mean party! And Mikhail can still surprise with his out-of-this-world antics! Severine: He convinced a taxi driver to lend him the taxi to impress his girlfriend whom he was picking up at a restaurant. He ended up picking Nina up with some friends in the back and driving off around the block...I guess you can imagine the taxi drivers face and stress when he saw his car being carjacked by some crazy russian!!
  14. 14. Julia: But for all the macho-ness. Goodbye investment-banker-style steak nights! Sara Bernier: There’s a deeper more spiritual commitment. They have grown up together. Mikhail is always right there for Nina, taking classes and workshops, going to camp in the mountains to take yoga and meditate with his lady. He is even in yoga teacher training! Julia: Nina's knowledge about healthy food and lifestyle, and ability to stick to it!, is inspiring not only Mikhail, but is enlightening their friends and families.
  15. 15. Julia: Always brimming with ideas, they keep advancing in life. Nina starts her business. Mikhail finally sees clearly what his business is about. Nadya D.: Both are very supportive of one another
  16. 16. Severine: Mikhail proposes to her in December 2008, during very difficult times for Nina. I have never seen someone provide such careful and strong support to their partner. I am so impressed by their true, profound bond. Ella Foshay: I wasn't privy to the development of Nina and Mikhail's relationship, I only know how happy it made her mother. Sandy loved Mikhail and it was a divine gift for her to know during her life of their engagement to wed.
  17. 17. November 22, 1980 July 30, 1981 Q: What does marriage mean to you? A: Though your questions are very simple, but once being put to older generations, it results in LOTs of Thinking... (Nadya Samonova)
  18. 18. A: Mariage is like a Wagner Opera, nice and happy minutes, long and difficult quarter of hours... Minutes may occur fifteen times more than quarter of hours, time is hence irrelevant, occurrence is. (Christian Brustlein) A: You have to live in the same city from now on :) and the realization that the day to have kids has really come close. (Nadya D.) March 18, 1982
  19. 19. A: It means always trying to understand the other person before making yourself understood. (Shannon Cusick, 28, engaged) A: It's awesome (at least the first few months!) (Mikhail Shapiro, married August 2009)
  20. 20. “Hypocrite's advice about marriage I never had: Don't bring up the Napoleon wars.” (Vadim) Patience! (Nadya S.) Ogden Nash has said it best:      "To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup,        Whenever you're wrong, admit it;        Whenever your're right, shut up." We remind ourselves of this advice often, but follow it rarely.” (Ella Foshay)
  21. 21. A: Marriage is nothing but a test of endurance, a test of the spiritual essence of two individuals on the grounds of grace, faith and tolerance. (Yogi Bhajan)
  22. 22. Many years of love and beauty to you!
  23. 23. Many years of love and beauty to you! Produced by Devchonki Productions
  24. 24. Many years of love and beauty to you! Produced by Devchonki Productions Compiled and edited by Julia Chernova
  25. 25. Many years of love and beauty to you! Produced by Devchonki Productions Compiled and edited by Julia Chernova Special Thanks to Everyone Who Sent In Responses!!!!!