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Sign up process & activating your site

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Frooly Pre Start Guide


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presentation for new frooly website owners to help them make the most of their site. Top Tips, Ideas.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Frooly Pre Start Guide

  1. 1. gettingstarted... TM TM Website recommendation guide Getting started 2009 @whatisfrooly
  2. 2. startupguide... TM Contents Introduction Sign up process & activating your site Your site – content Invite – email addresses Images & photos for your site pageone
  3. 3. gettingstarted... TM Introduction The purpose of this guide is to get you to think about elements of your website before you start building it? It will provide you with some useful advice and A new customer may stumble across your site and get suggestions about the layout, design and content for the telephone number, however this is no better than your site. Ultimately, the website is yours; we simply an expensive yellow pages. want to help you make sure it’s a success. You will have John Stott It is much easier to sell more to existing clients than Site Mentor full control of your site; you can update your content as often as you like (more frequently will increase the find new ones. With frooly, you can create a super easy number of visitors finding your site). website that automatically starts a conversation with every customer – turning them to members, and Using frooly (& Style Account), any individual, business eventually to friends. or organisation can easily and intuitively create a state of the art website in minutes. Built to be super efficient Friends give better feedback, they are more loyal and for Google, and to drive your sales and profits, your they tell more people about your business. Frooly site is a business improvement tool – not just a shop window. pagetwo
  4. 4. gettingstarted... TM Introduction Your new site will give you and your business the Home page – this is arguably the most important page opportunity to reach out to existing and new of your site and it is generally the first page people customers online, I think you will agree it should ‘look land on; they need to see what they’re looking for the part’. It should also be a well thought out site in instantly and find it easy to navigate around the site terms of content (amount of text per page), layout, from here. images and branding (this includes your logo and any colours you would like to use). Here are some Decide what pages are important for your site, and in suggestions (feel free to pen down your ideas): what order should they be – what are the best names for these pages? We suggest not having too many, if Look at your competitor’s websites. I’m not suggesting anything; consider having pages displayed as drop copying these; you want to keep your own identity, down menus. however this is a good starting point. Who, what, where, why, when & how? Any brochure, Visitors to your site are real people and are much more website or marketing material has to be able to answer likely to trust and buy from you if you keep it personal. these simple questions about your business. You can Upload some photos of yourself / or your staff and a structure this however you would like but we short friendly biography telling customers a little about recommend that each area is covered somewhere and yourself (see as an example). easy to find within your site. pagethree
  5. 5. gettingstarted... TM Introduction It’s best to start with your goals in mind. • Perhaps you want to use your site to simply keep your customers informed about all the latest news and gossip. Are you going to have the time to update your site or do you have someone else in mind? • Do you want visitors to your site to use the contact forms? Make sure these are visible and users know what they’re supposed to do! • Do you want more phone calls? Make sure your contact details are easy to find. • Maybe you’re looking to increase local visibility for your business. Talk about what’s happening in your area and keep your site up to date. • Do you want to direct visitors towards your online shop to buy a range of your products (online shop coming soon)? Make sure signposted towards correct page. • Do you want to encourage online bookings (online bookings coming soon) or would you like people to use a contact form? Ensure this is easy to find. Whatever the purpose of your site, it’s important your message is clear. pagefour
  6. 6. signup... TM Sign up process The sign up process is designed to be as straightforward as possible: • Design the brand of your website – upload logo, choose theme and template (see below). • Enter basic business information, including name, description and business type. • Invite your friends and customers to become members of your site (see section 4). • View videos and screenshots to help you along your way. pagefive
  7. 7. signup... TM Sign up process - Brand - colours / themes / template / logo Our unique branding system offers you the best guidance on how to make your site look and feel professional. We made it super easy! Branding includes your logo, theme, templates and any Activating your frooly website is easy. colours you would like to have on your site. It’s just like opening a tab at a bar or restaurant, or putting drinks on your room at a hotel. You will have complete freedom, deciding which colours to use for your site as well as selecting any one from a number of different templates. If you Registering your Debit / Credit card for have a logo for your business, this can be uploaded automatic billing. at any time, although you will be prompted for this After you have entered your personal and business during the sign-up process. details you will be asked to enter your payment details. Frooly is built to banking security standards. To activate your account we need to register your debit/credit Card. To verify your card we take a £1 charge and immediately refund the £1. pagesix
  8. 8. yoursite... TM Your site Frooly will automatically generate a home, contact and news page for your site using the details you provide in the sign-up process. You will still have to add content to the home and news pages. We suggest that you have no more than 200 Home words/page and write using short paragraphs / This is your opportunity to introduce your business sentences as people don’t like to have to read too not only to your existing customers who already know much information at once (better in bite sized chunks). you, but also to new and prospective customers – keep it personal. Menu The layout and appearance of your menu will change If you have any photographs/images of your business depending on what type of template you use for your or product add some onto your home page. site. Your can have as many pages as you would like (unlimited). The Best web sites are easy to navigate, Contact clean (not cluttered with images/text) and simple to Address, telephone number, email address. Your site understand. Pages can be reordered or renamed at will automatically generate a map showing your any time. location, using the information you submit during the sign-up process. pageseven
  9. 9. yoursite... TM Your site News Benefits / services We encourage you to think about any news stories What are you selling/providing? Sell yourself! This is relating to your business, this could include a new an excellent opportunity for you to promote your member of staff, a new product range (or special business. offers to attract new business) or perhaps new opening hours. About us Tell your customers and visitors to your site something Staff news could for example include any birthdays, about you and your business. Biography each staff pregnancy or marriage. Remember, you're trying to member, possibly include photograph, keep it personal. make your clients feel like a part of your 'community' - the personal stuff is what keeps clients loyal! On-line shop (Coming Soon) Your site will have an online shop, effectively giving you The following are all suggestions for additional pages you the opportunity to sell your products/services in the may want to add to your site. online global marketplace. The site is automatically set up to manage online transactions. You will need to have product images, a description and price. pageeight
  10. 10. yoursite... TM Your site Blog Domain name What is a blog? “Blog - A frequent, chronological When you sign up you will be given publication of personal thoughts and Web links” . If you would like Blogs are a really good way to keep in touch with your to point a domain name towards your new Frooly site, customers and to direct traffic (potential customers) let us know and we will be happy to tell you how (e.g. towards your site. Your Frooly site provides you with www.your your own blog for you to use (if you want to) as you wish. Blogs also encourage open discussion with your You will also be provided with a frooly email address visitors, allowing them to comment on your posts, (e.g. prompting debate. for your business; this email account can be managed See directly through the site. In the coming months, you will also have the option to buy a 0800 telephone number for your business from Frooly. pagenine
  11. 11. invite... TM Invite Invite - collect all your customers, suppliers and friends email addresses and mobile numbers Invite your friends and customers to become members some a5 sized flyers to capture info (mobile no, email of your site and use our powerful email, frooly address, possibly more depending on your messaging and text messaging (SMS) tools to relationship). You may already have contact telephone communicate with them automatically. numbers for some of your customers; if you think they won’t mind, maybe give them a call to see if they will More members mean greater sales potential! kindly give you their email address. We suggest you begin to collate as many email addresses as possible. Maybe you already have some from existing or past marketing campaigns. It may be an idea to start collecting these when a customer next visits you, either simply make a note of it or print off pageten
  12. 12. images&photos... TM Images & photos for your site You can upload any images or photos you would like to use onto your site. If you don’t have a current site and you’re unsure how and where to find images, I recommend the following as a good place to start: • google images - • istockphoto (better images although paid for-minimal cost) - • flickr - • hair - • Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license - pageeleven
  13. 13. gettingstarted... TM Images & photos for your site Save a picture by hovering above it and clicking the right mouse button and selecting save picture as. Save it to somewhere you can access easily like your desktop. Note: Make sure that you have permission before saving and uploading a picture/image. You need to look for "Creative Commons-licensed content for commercial use" if you’re not using your own images. It is suggested that you save any images, photographs and your logo onto a memory stick or somewhere easily accessible on your computer. pagetwelve
  14. 14. checklist... TM Checklist Make sure that you have all of the following ready or that you have at least thought about each element before you begin to design your site. You can always add more later on. • Any images / photos you want to have on your site in high resolution, saved in a folder (or memory stick). • Content for your home page. • News stories about your business. • Information about you and your employees. • Email addresses for your clients/customers and friends. • Credit / debit card (with at least £1 available balance) • Company logo saved as a file, accessible on your computer. • What colours do you want your site to have? • Do you know what additional pages you want your site to have (if any) and what are these called? There is lots of really cool stuff on its way (shop / online bookings plus lots more) to help your business keep in touch with your customers. For now let’s get your site up and running and we will keep you up to date with any exciting developments. Yours frooly & Style Account x pagethirteen
  15. 15. yourcontacts... TM Support If you require any further information please contact us Sheffield Technology Parks, Arundel St, Sheffield, S1 2NS Tel: 0845 6430114 email: pageone