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High level overview of AdviCoach business model and how it can increase a business' performance and ROI and focus the business on the right activities.

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  • Welcome Your Introduction and co-presentersLet’s get started by introducing you to our presenters for our session today. My name is _______________ Regional Developer (or Franchise Director) with AdviCoach®.The goals for this presentation today is to get you familiar with the AdviCoach® business model and give you a peek behind the scenes of our world class proprietary tools, resources and technology. Before we get started let’s review the technology we will be using today.Review:Raising Hands for questions Yes/No responsesClappingLaughingApplauding Review Conference Call TechnologyTo place all phones on mute the moderator needs to hit [*96] – to un mute your phone hit *6.Do not use a speaker phones to reduce background noiseIf you are calling from a multi line phone do not place phone on hold, hold music will make it impossible to continue the call4. Encourage the candidates to take notesLet’s get started.
  • Our objectives over the next 60 minutes is to give you a good understanding of:Why business fail and the expansive need for AdviCoach services.The four disciplines of the AdviCoach business model and the tools and resources associated with each of the four areas which are:Lead Generation – Sourcing qualified leadsClient Acquisition – Gaining commitment for business coaching engagementsClient Results – Implementation on weekly coaching sessions and Rapid Impact StrategiesPerformance Enhancement – Tools, systems and resources designed to drive a high return on your new AdviCoach practice.Let’s get started!
  • According to the US Department of Censes there are 7.2 million pay rolled businesses in the United States. That means 7.2 million businesses in the U.S. that are large enough to have people on payroll.Of the 7.2 million payrolled business 98% of them have under 100 employees.Obviously, there’s a lot of people who depend on small business for their livelihood and the fulfillment of their dreams.
  • Studies conducted by SCORE (service corp of retired executives) affirm that 90% of businesses will fail within the next 10 years for these four reasons.78% lack a solid business plan73% are being overly optimistic about sales77% are not pricing their products or services properly70% Don’t recognize/ignore weaknesses, don’t seek helpAs a result, business owners are working more hours and making less profits. As a matter of fact 45% of all independently owned business will fail within 24 months of birth.
  • Our business model is designed to empower business owners to increase the value of their businesses. We keep our clients focused on driving results though our unique coaching methodology, not by peddling or selling solutions.Today, the top five dangers in business are:Poor Leadership SkillsUnder Performing SalesIneffective MarketingLack Human Capital ManagementFinancial MismanagementAs a AdviCoach® you will help business owners identify these dangers though weekly coaching sessions. Our coaching methodology provides business owners with information and education that helps them to discover how to best achieve results in their business. You will guide business owners to move beyond these common dangers and focus on growing the value of their business.
  • So, what is business coaching and how does it work?AdviCoaches are quite different than traditional business consultants. [read definitions from the slide]
  • As an AdviCoach franchisee, area developer, or regional developer, you will be trained extensively on the four disciplines of operating a successful coaching business.They are:Lead generationClient AcquisitionClient ResultsPerformance EnhancementYou’ll learn our proprietary system for converting your leads into engagements paying $1000 to $3000 per month, or more for 1 to 2 hours per week of effort.And you’ll learn how to service your clients and retain them for at least 1 to 2 years, or more.And we will show you how to manage your own time and cashflow for maximum leverage
  • Training begins as soon as you become a franchisee and continues throughout your career with us. Training as a AdivCoach is not a one time event, it is a continuous process.When becoming a AdviCoach you will be learning new skills through our proven business model on how to become a successful business coach. What you are seeing on the screen now is a graph that illustrates your learning curve or as we like to say the “Aha Zone”. The “Aha Zone” is when skill levels reach a point that anxiety is no longer a factor. As you can see on the graph, as the fear decreases and the skill level increases you will eventually reach the “Aha Zone” or a point of clarity in the learning process of becoming a business coach. As a new AdviCoach our Regional Developers and Performance Enhancement staff have developed a proven performance enhancement system to work with you to reach the “Aha Zone” quickly and confidently.
  • Let’s take a closer look at each Discipline.Discipline 1 – Lead GenerationThere are several lead generation resources and techniques that you will be trained on to effectively generate leads for Business Owners seeking Business Coaching.The include: NetworkingSite VisitDirect Mail E-MarketingCall CenterReferralsStrategic PartnersFSBI Brand ReferralsNational AccountsWe will train you on how to take qualified leads and turn them into first meetings with business owners. You will be able to quickly and easily identify gaps in their business and introduce Rapid Impact Strategies that will increase the value of their business.Next you will conduct a complementary coaching session, gain agreement and begin your coaching relationship.
  • We will teach you our proven system for identifying the right networking opportunities and develop qualified leads quickly and easily from these events.We’ll teach you how to identify “opened” versus “closed” groups, how to enter groups, and begin conversations to identify prospects.
  • We have dozens of direct mail letters customized to various industries such as: electrical contracts, dentists, manufacturers, tool and die shops, restaurants, software design companies, and the list goes on……These letters are industry specific and influence action from the business owner to investigate your services as a business coach.
  • We work with a Call Center that has been trained by us here at FSBI with our 24 yrs of experience to help them identify what Rapid Impact Strategies are hot buttons with a particular business owner. They are seasoned and trained to overcome objections and schedule you appointments.Our outbound call center is trained on how to reach business owners, identify the need for business coaching and overcome objections. They will indentify a minimum of three business coaching needs and schedule your first meeting for you.
  • Referrals and recommendations from your center of influence is a powerful resource in growing your coaching practice. You will be trained on how to implement our “Raving Fans Referral Program” and gain momentum multiple levels of referral sources.
  • A business owner will have four important team members that they rely on to run a successful business:They include:The Accountant who protects the value of their businessThe Attorney who distributes valueThe Financial Advisor who compound valueAnd the AdviCoach – who is their most trusted Advisor who CREATES VALUE.We will train you on how to form a Strategic Partner Core Team that will leverage all of these relationships to create clients for your AdviCoach practice in a professional seminar format.
  • Now let’s take a look at discipline #2 – Our Client Acquisition System:Our system includes: 30 Second Value Proposition Company FAQ’s 30 Minute Strategy Call Professional Seminars Complementary Coaching Session Coaching AgreementOur system and training will provide you with everything you need to convert your complementary coaching sessions into paid coaching engagements.
  • You’ll be trained to use industry-leading software to perform financial benchmarking to identify the areas of opportunity for improving the financial performance of your clients businesses.This software program will take key performance indicators and compare where a company is performing to industry standards. KPI include:Gross ProfitsOperating ExpensesOperating ProfitsExpensesProfit Before Taxes
  • You will be trained on how to identify common key performance indicators and quickly and easily complete a business profit equation that will demonstrate the value that coaching provides in increasing their ROI.By comparing where they have been and demonstrating improvements in key areas you can quantify the positive impact that activity, accountability and acumen will have in each of these areas to improve the bottom line. The include:LeadsConversion RatesCustomersRevenueGross MarginGross ProfitFixed CostYou can
  • Now let’s time some time to look at discipline #3 – Client ResultsUnlike, consultants who peddle solutions or billable hours, as an AdviCoach, you will help business owners increase the value of their businesses by helping them implement the appropriate rapid impact strategies though weekly coaching sessions. Client results start with our Coaching Process which includes:Setting Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity Goals with your clientCompletion of a 1 Page Strategic PlanSetting of annual, quarterly and weekly goalsConducting weekly coaching sessionsImplementation of our Rapid Impact Strategies (listed on the next slide)And a continued relationship with business owners and guiding them through their annual planning process for years to come.
  • Our ILWE planner will help your clients to clarify and set their income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals. You’ll work with them to set short and long term goals and help them to see clearly what they hope to achieve though their business.
  • You’ll then help them develop a 1 Page Strategic Plan to drive their business toward the fulfillment of their goals.This will be completed with the help of the executive team and indentifying key performance indicators and accountability to each goal.You will also guide them though a SWAT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis that will help in creating monthly, quarterly, annual and long range goals.
  • The 21 Rapid Impact Strategies are designed to help business owners address the three areas of pain they typically experience: time, team, and moneyListed on the screen are the 21 Rapid Impact Strategies that will fall under each of these categories: [Read all 21 RIS slowly and deliberately]
  • Your clients will send you Weekly Focus Sheets after each coaching session to recap the goals from the session and before the next week’s session to report on goal achievement. As their business coach you will be empowering them to improve results through: Activity, Accountability and Business Acumen.
  • Our last discipline #4 is Resource Management. These are all the tools and resources that you will be using in your business to implement and grow a healthy AdviCoach coaching business.
  • It starts with your business plan. You’ll be coached on how to develop a business plan of your own to achieve your own ILWE goals. You will be receiving coaching and guidance from your regional developer on the achievement of the goals you develop in your customized business plan.
  • Our default calendar will show you how to structure your day to achieve maximum results. We know the right mix of activities in planning your day for how to allocate your hours in building a healthy business.
  • Having the right mix of activity is especially important in launching your business and maintaining a healthy new client base. You’ll be trained on how to execute on the exact combination of activities to produce the results you desire from your business
  • FSBI is #1 in Business Coaching today. We are pioneers in coaching with over 24 years of proven coaching experience. Today FranchisEsource Brands International dominates over 33% of the coaching and consulting franchise market.This combined with our exclusive strategic partnership with E-Myth Worldwide makes AdviCoach the premier coaching franchise.Our franchisees are provided with world class support through the utilization of our call center and development of national accounts through our Performance Enhancement Center. Our franchise is a complete package that drives both high gross margins and net profits for our franchisees.Before we end our session today I would like to take you into a application share to show you our support only available to franchisee of our system. AdviCoach Central is our 24/7 intranet system that hosts all of our proprietary tools, systems and resources that we have reviewed in our session today.
  • We have several franchise options available. (Review Bullets)
  • (After the app share, if time permits open it up for questions)(After questions, close the session by saying)Thank you all for your participation in our session today. Your franchise director will be contacting you to discuss the next steps in the AdviCoachAwards Process.
  • Advicoach Disciplines Webinar 9 29

    1. 1. Leaders in Business Coaching<br />Your Success Is Our Only Business<br />
    2. 2. Our Objectives<br />What you will learn over the next 60 minutes:<br />Why Businesses Fail<br />The Four Disciplines of the AdviCoach® Business Model<br />Lead Generation<br />Client Acquisition<br />Client Results<br />Performance Enhancement<br />
    3. 3. The Size of the Business Coaching Market<br />The United States has over 7.2 million pay-rolled businesses. 98% have under 100 employees.<br />
    4. 4. The Market For Business Coaching<br />Out of every 100 independently owned small business 90% will fail within ten years because:<br /> Source: SCORE - Counselors to America’s Small Business<br /><ul><li>78% lack a solid business plan
    5. 5. 73% are being overly optimistic about sales
    6. 6. 77% are not pricing their products or services properly
    7. 7. 70% Don’t recognize/ignore weaknesses, don’t seek help</li></li></ul><li>The Five Business Dangers<br />
    8. 8. Consultant vs. Coach<br /> A consultant completes projects for their clients based on their own technical expertise.<br /> A coach mentors entrepreneurs in growing their businesses, so the incremental cash flow more than pays for their customized education.<br />
    9. 9. The Four Disciplines<br />Coach Competencies<br />
    10. 10. AHAZONE<br />AnxietyFear<br />SkillConfidence<br />TIME<br />Learning the Four Disciplines<br />
    11. 11. Discipline 1<br />Lead Generation<br />E-Marketing<br />Call Center<br />Direct Mail<br />Referrals<br />Site Visits<br />Strategic <br />Partners<br />Networking<br />First Meeting – 30 Minutes<br />Rapid Impact Strategies<br />National <br />Accounts<br />FSBI Brand<br />Referrals<br />Complimentary <br />Coaching <br />Session<br />Free<br />Seminar<br />New Coaching Client!<br />Team Day<br />
    12. 12. Networking Events<br />Discipline 1<br />Identify networking opportunities in your community<br />Target Open versus Closed groups<br />Develop qualified leads quickly and easily<br />
    13. 13. Discipline 1<br />Direct Mail and E-Mail<br />General Contractors and the Trades<br />Dentist and Medical Practices<br />Manufacturers<br />Tool and Die Shops<br />Restaurants<br />IT and Software Companies<br />Attorneys<br />…and the list goes on<br />
    14. 14. Discipline 1<br />Call Center Support<br />Callers trained by us<br />Leverage the use of a Call Center to help stoke the front end of your pipeline by scheduling meetings on your behalf<br />
    15. 15. Discipline 1<br />Referrals<br />
    16. 16. Discipline 1<br />Strategic Partner Core Team<br />AccountantProtect Value<br />AdviCoachCreate Value<br />Business Owner<br />Financial AdvisorCompound Value<br />AttorneyDistribute Value<br />
    17. 17. Discipline 2<br />Client Acquisition System<br />
    18. 18. Discipline 2<br />Financial Benchmarking<br />
    19. 19. Discipline 2<br />Coaching ROI<br />
    20. 20. Discipline 3<br />Our Coaching Process<br />I.L.W.E.<br />Goals<br />Strategic<br />Plan<br />Input from Owner, Team and Coach<br />Q1<br />90 Day<br />Plan<br />Q2<br />90 Day<br />Plan<br />Q3<br />90 Day<br />Plan<br />Q4<br />90 Day<br />Plan<br />Weekly<br />Coaching <br />Agenda<br />Weekly<br />Coaching<br />Agendas<br />Weekly<br />Coaching <br />Agenda<br />Weekly<br />Coaching <br />Agenda<br />
    21. 21. Discipline 3<br />Income, Life Style, Wealth and Equity<br />
    22. 22. Discipline 3<br />One Page Strategic Plan<br />One Page Strategic Plan<br />
    23. 23. Discipline 3<br />Our Coaching System<br />Team<br />Employee Acquisition Plan<br />Psychometric Profiling Process<br />Key Performance Indicators Measurement System<br />Lean Manufacturing Program<br />Performance Incentive Plan<br />Strategic Plan<br />Leadership Development Plan<br />Team Meeting Rhythm<br />Organizational Plan<br />Team Building System<br />Time<br />Apprenticeship Plan<br />Operations & Training Manual<br />Time Management Plan<br />Comprehensive Exit Strategy<br />Money<br />Current Business Plan<br />Break-even Plan<br />Revenue and Profit Budget<br />Cash Gap Plan<br />Unique Selling Proposition & Guarantee<br />Sales Management System<br />Tactical Marketing Plan<br />
    24. 24. Discipline 3<br />Weekly Coaching Agenda<br />Accountability<br />
    25. 25. Discipline 4<br />Resource Management<br />Our Franchisee Peak Performance System<br />
    26. 26. Discipline 4<br />Your Business Plan<br />
    27. 27. Discipline 4<br />Your Default Calendar<br />
    28. 28. Discipline 4<br />Your Activity Plan<br />
    29. 29. #1 In Business Coaching<br />FSBI dominates the business coaching franchise market<br />Pioneers of business coaching with over 25 years of proven experience<br />Business coaching call center support for business development<br />National accounts<br />High gross margins and net profits<br />FSBI <br />33%<br />
    30. 30. #1 In Business Coaching<br /><ul><li>Single Units
    31. 31. 5 and 10 Multi Units
    32. 32. 49% of franchise owners currently own multi units
    33. 33. 23% of new franchisees start with multi units
    34. 34. 26% start off with one unit, then add additional units later
    35. 35. Regional Developers
    36. 36. Select national and international markets available</li></li></ul><li>Q&A and Next Steps<br />