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Jesica y lara

  1. 1. Championship in a High School In the Pablo’s Neruda high school, there is a championship of football, where the students play on the break. The championship was created by Javier Osorio the 23rd of January, who’s a student of 1st of (bachillerato). The championship began the 25th of January. The first football match was the 25th of January between “Lucky y 6 más” and “Chustachampions”. Rayden, rapper singer, in Leganés The 7th of April, the rapper whose name is Rayden presented a new LP; the named is “Estaba escrito”. The event was in the Fnac of Parquesur, he sang four songs of last LP. He presented his new single; the named is “Sastre de sonrisas”. After that, he singed Cd’s and he took a photo with his fans. Rayden is a component of the band “A3Bandas”. In this band are Dj Mesh and Lumier too. Airport in Gibraltar
  2. 2. Between Marruecos and Spain, finds an airport, which form part of United Kingdom. The airport was built for the Second World War. At the beginning only will be like emergency base for the British Army. On December og 1987s, the Spanish and British government agree to use the installations. In 2006 it was a new agreement, which restraing civil use of the airport until that moment. This airport is one of the airports more dangerous of the world. It is in the centre of the city, there are many traffic lights. The airports has a runway on the sea, so the landing is to very difficult. Bora-Bora: the pearl of the Pacific The island of Bora-Bora is the French Polynesia (Tahiti). In the center of the island are the remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, the highest point at 727 metres. The original name of the island in the Tahitian language might be better rendered as Pora Pora, meaning "First Born". Bora- Bora is a place very exotic of the world. It’s economy is based on Japanese and American tourism. A strange operation The American surgeons eliminated the trembling of the hands of a violinist encouraging his brain while he played in the operating theatre. Roger Frisch, of Minnesota, he was on the operation’s table while he held the violin with his chin. The melody helped to the surgeons to study the nervous boost that his brain emitted to trying to heal the trembling that Frisch had in his body. A special child
  3. 3. A child of six years old of the Liaoning (China) has 31 fingers of the foot and hand. The 23rd of March he recited in the Shenjing Hospital, dependent of the Chinese Doctor University, a static operation of (amputación). Now, he has ten fingers on his hands and ten fingers on his foots. The little boy was born with sixteen fingers on his hands, and another sixteen on his foots. The hour planet. The 27th of March of 2010, it was an hour (20.30-21.30) was place the hour planet of WWF. This event did that a lot of people and cities held up the climate change. v=CMIfclDxCE8&feature=player_embedded A car runs with coffee There are cars made with vegetables, others are made of chocolate, but any with coffee. This is the famous “Capuccino Car”, it doesn’t use fuel, it use coffee. The question is, where does the idea come from? The idea began with in a BBC science TV program. The experiment consisted on turning a “Volkswagen Scirocco” of 1998 into a “Carpuccino Car”. The car works with coffee, not fuel. The car runs 330 km/h, the distance between Manchester and London. The “fuel” used was 70 kg of roasted coffee.
  4. 4. Died the most little man of the world The chinese He Pingping, the man more little of the world measured less of 75 cm. He died with 21 years’ in Rome. Pingping was in a TV program when he began pains in the gut. Then, persons of the program went to the hospital, but the doctors couldn’t do anything. The biggest dog of the world One person bred to his dog in Arizona. The dog is a Gran Danés. The dog has four years’, his weight is about 111 kg. The height is 110 cm from the leg to the shoulder and 221 cm from the nose to the tail.