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Media Diary Entries For Practical Work


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Media Diary Entries For Practical Work

  1. 1. 1612904476752/2/2010 – Today I made the initial brainstorms for the planning of my magazine. I included things such as the name, coverline and the different types of images I may use.<br />4/2/2010 – I analyzed a front cover of a typical music magazine. This is to help me acknowledge the features which typically go on a music magazines front cover. I made annotations on the front cover and after this I made my annotations into a short essay.<br />-2381254965708/2/2010 – today I drew up a rough sketch of my front cover. I decided on the name for my magazine (Mayhem) and I thought of some coverlines to include. <br />12/2/210<br />Today I thought up some masthead designs. I decided to use the name Mayhem’ and I experimented with the different designs on photoshop.<br />17/2/2010<br />Today I took some photo’s of my main models that I will use for my magazine. I went in at lunch time to the MPA room and took photo shots using different camera shots.<br />22/2/2010<br />Today I made a rough first draft of my front page for my magazine. I decided upon the image I want to use, I decided upon the masthead and the coverlines. I also decided upon the colour range.<br />24/2/2010<br />Today I analyzed a contents page of a hiphop magazine. The purpose for this was to give me ideas for my own contents page for my magazine.<br />26/2/2010<br />Today I started the production of my own contents page. I added the main features such as the images and the pages.<br />4/3/2010<br />Today I added the finishing touches and completed my contents page.<br />8/3/2010<br />Today I did an analysis of a main article/double spread page. This was also to help me in the construction of my own main article.<br />12/3/2010<br />Today I made a rough draft of my own main article. I decided to have my article in a interview format. I decided to do an interview with my main artist ‘Grinder’.<br />16/3/2010<br />Today I have completed the final draft of my front page cover. I have change the masthead design, the font of the coverlines and the background style.<br />18/3/2010<br />Today I had made a second version of my front cover with a free CD on the front.<br />25/3/2010<br />2657475514985-476250534035Today I have completed my double page spread, consisting of my main article, which is an interview with my main artist. <br />