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Explore Pennsylvania


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Project: A magazine celebrating RVing in Pennsylvania.
Client: Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association

  • That might be a lot of fun to see what is going on in Pennsylvania. I have been there before and loved it. It was a great place with wonderful people and food. I need to go back someday. I probably will have to take my girlfriend with me because I know that she would have a lot of fun going too.
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Explore Pennsylvania

  1. 1. America’s Largest RV Show Go Green in Your RV Find Us Online: Hits Record Numbers RV Like Royalty at Today’s Stop and See the Animals Campground Resorts
  2. 2. contents Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle 2 3 and Camping Association 10 Places to See Celebrity Scoop 4000 Trindle Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011 717-303-0295 • 888-303-2887 in Your RV Find out which celebrities Fax 717-303-0297 our favorite hot spots have been bitten by the for your Pennsylvania RVing bug. ExECUTiVE ViCE PRESidENT RVing adventure. Rebecca Lenington FiNANCiAL diRECTOR Therese Finney MARkETiNG & EdUCATiON diRECTOR 3 4 Heather Leach Forget the Myths, Curing Your AC Go RVing Power Line Problems MEMbERSHiP & OPERATiONS diRECTOR Russell Hatterer There’s no excuse not to The RV Doctor is in, RV. Get the facts, and and he’ll tell you how to MARkETiNG & EdUCATiON ASSiSTANT Megan McClain then hit the road. keep your RV’s electrical system in tip-top shape. RECEPTiONiST Stephanie Via GRAPHiC dESiGN / SHOw iNSTALLATiON 6 8 Ray Wherley The Green RV Scene Campground or RVing just got Resort? AdVERTiSiNG New Dimensions Advertising a little bit greener. campground resorts take RVing to a whole LEGAL COUNSEL McNees, Wallace & Nurick new level. 12 14 Stop and See the Attendees Flock to 1500 Paxton St., Harrisburg, PA 17104 Critters America’s Largest 717-236-4300 If your family likes RV Show CEO/PUbLiSHER animals, check out these More than 22 acres of RVs David A. Schankweiler wildlife pit stops. make the Pennsylvania RV & camping show a sight PRESidENT Larry Kluger to behold. bUSiNESS MANAGER Donna Schankweiler 18 Membership directory ASSOCiATE PUbLiSHER 42 & Consumer Guide Melissa Emerich PA ResouRces Focus on western PA 44 EdiTOR VisitPA Erica Streisfeld 800-VISIT-PA • OPERATiONS diRECTOR Focus on Central PA PA State Parks Chad Pickard 888-PA-PARKS 46 GRAPHiC dESiGNER Focus on Eastern PA Emily Graf Reservations: 48 CONTRibUTiNG dESiGNERS PA Visitors bureaus Andy Link, Ann Marie Reynolds PA State Forests CONTRibUTiNG wRiTER Angelique H. Caffrey RVing! PA State Trails Celebrate 100 Years of Cover photo supplied by sary of the RV PA Wilds r marks the 100th anniver Have you heard?! This yea roots in covered wagons and t of RVing has its industry. While the concep great American the official beginning of this camping, 1910 is cited as lers built PA Game Commission campers and camping trai pastime . The mass-produced auto the forerunners of today’s RVs by three that year are considered Woodworth, owned RV collector David pro minent RV historians: ren thsonian PA Fish & Boat Commission eum arch ivist Al Hesselbart and Smi RV/MH Hall of Fame and mus ing war and peace, and of travel has flourished, dur Whi te. Since then, a unique way Institution curator Roger ate. no matter the economic clim bration leading a centennial cele stry Association (RVIA) is , the Recreation Vehicle Indu g of yesterday, today and Throughout 2010 atives to highlight the RVin events, promotions and initi with an array of exciting . the festiviti es at tomorrow. Get involved in
  3. 3. 10 PLAces to see In YoUR RV Never a dull moment when you’re RVing in Pennsylvania © BY eRIcA sTReIsFeLD There’s no doubt that you’ll spend plenty of time in nature when you’re of pretzel-making. Watch old-fashioned soft pretzels being made by hand, and then try twisting your own. 7 Independence national Historical Park 4 RVing, especially at the campgrounds. 143 s. Third st., Philadelphia, PA 19106 But that’s not all you’re limited to as 800-537-7676 • you travel the state. If you dig deep Fallingwater Park your coach and take a sePTA train ride 1491 Mill Run Road, into the city! step foot inside the birthplace ©Western Pennsylvania Conservancy into Pennsylvania’s nooks and Mill Run, PA 15464 of the Declaration of Independence and the crannies, there are lively hints of 724-329-8501 u.s. constitution, and receive a guided tour of Americana everywhere. We wanted Independence Hall. Then head to the Liberty to share 10 of our favorite stops. Amid the scenic Laurel Bell center to see the cracked bell that has come to symbolize liberty. 8 enjoy the ride! Highlands lies the 1 most famous modern house in the world — Fallingwater. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub the crayola for Pittsburgh department store owner edgar 1452 Woodland Road, clearfield, PA 16830 FActoRY® J. Kaufmann, this organic masterpiece was 814-765-7190 • created to be harmonious with its natural 30 centre square, From quarter-pounders to 100-pounders, this pub surroundings. 5 easton, PA 18042 promises a burger for every appetite. Featured on © 610-515-8000 the Food Network, Denny’s is nationally known as Waldameer Amusement Park home of the world’s largest hamburger challenges. 9 Factory & Water World enter a world full of color and imagination, 220 Peninsula Drive, erie PA 16505 where you can draw, paint and create with 814-838-3591 • Zippo/case crayola’s latest products. Learn how crayola Museum crayons and markers are made, and participate With more than 75 rides, slides and attractions, 1932 Zippo Drive, this family fun park is an amusement park ©Zippo/Case Museum in a bevy of interactive projects and activities. Bradford, PA 16701 2 and water park in one. From the new Mega 888-GGB-1932 Vortex thrill ride to the kiddie Big Rigs and the Harry Houdini Museum refreshing endless River, it’s a place that is sure ZippocaseMuseum to entertain every member of the family. 6 1433 N. Main Ave., scranton, PA 18508 570-342-5555 • You can’t miss the entrance to this place, as you’re greeted by a 40-foot Zippo lighter. Go inside to Anyone fascinated by the illusion of magic will the view exhibits of rare Zippo lighters and case knives, want to visit this collection dedicated to the great magician, which includes rare film footage Yuengling including a 7-by-11-foot American flag composed of more than 3,400 red, white and blue Zippo lighters. 10 of Houdini’s amazing escapes. Included with the Brewery tour is a family-friendly magic show. 500 Mahantongo st., 3 Pottsville, PA 17901 Boyds Bear country 570-628-4890 75 cunningham Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325 Julius sturgis Pretzel 866-367-8338 • Bakery come see lagers, porters and ales being made For a unique and whimsical experience, stop and 219 e. Main st., Lititz, PA 17543 at America’s oldest brewery, a family-owned see the more than 70,000 bears and friends inside 717-626-4354 • company that has spanned more than 180 a 120,000-square-foot barn. If you’re feeling Tour the first commercial pretzel bakery in years. Top off your tour with free beer samples crafty, learn how to make your very own bear, or America and learn a little about the history at the bar for those over 21. adopt a cub in the Teddy Bear Nursery. 2 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 2010
  4. 4. Celebrities who live for RVing celebrity Scoop © “My kids love riding around in these big RVs — like an old-fashioned Forget the Myths, American road trip like Go RVing when I was a kid.” BY eRIcA sTReIsFeLD If you’ve never gone RVing, it may seem – Rob Lowe, Actor ©WireImage like uncharted territory — literally. But that’s no excuse. We’re here to cast aside “Being an some of the common myths about RVing RVer helps and offer the facts. me do my “One of the reasons so many job better. MYtH: I can’t afford to buy a coach. The RV [NASCAR] drivers are using FAct: RVing is actually pretty easy on your wallet. Your flexibility is unlimited, world gives RVs is that we’re not always which is more than you can say for hotels me a and airline tickets. And you can save up chance to in places where you can stay to 61 percent on vacation costs compared with other forms of travel. If you’re not balance in a nice hotel. The RV is your sure that you want to buy an RV, you can things out. always start out by renting one. It allows me home away from home. It MYtH: camping is not really my thing. a sense of freedom.” allows you to stay focused.” FAct: RVing is completely different than camping out in a tent. Today’s RVs – Jeff Gordon, NASCAR Driver come equipped with kitchens, baths – clarence thomas, U.S. Supreme Court and living areas, as well as TVs, sound Justice systems and central air conditioning. Most campgrounds also get cell phone “With RVs you have all the coverage and offer Wi-Fi. Plus, you can conveniences of a first sleep in your own bed with your own “It’s great for family class hotel right behind linens and pillows. the driver’s seat. You don’t bonding and eating have to make reservations. You just say, ‘Let’s hop in MYtH: The kids will get bored. FAct: Quite the contrary — RVing is very kid-friendly. They’ll feel right at home healthy on the road the RV and go!’” with all their favorite toys, games, movies and books. You can bring the family dog, – Mark orwoll, Travel & Leisure Magazine too. They’ll become fast friends with because you can prepare fellow RVing kids at the campground, and many sites offer swimming pools, mini your own foods.” “RVs have changed golf, petting zoos and plenty of activities. – Dean Karnazes, MYtH: A big RV will limit where I can go. Ultra Marathon Runner the nation’s roadways FAct: completely false. There are RV campgrounds all over the state that forever. RVers see are strategically located close to major attractions. Just pull your coach up to America in style.” the site, and you’re set. Not convinced? check out the directory of campgrounds – Gordon elliott, Host that starts on page 18. 2010 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 3
  5. 5. + cURInG YoUR e Ac PoWeR LIn BY GARY BuNZeR, The RV Doctor PRoBLeMs The RV Doctor has the prescription for a healthy + THE diAGNOSiS wiring, motor load switching and improper grounding or bonding of power lines, to name There are myriad electrical problems a few. electrical system that plague RVers, no matter the season. Collectively known as “power line problems,” These problems can originate from the We’ve all heard the they create a palette of dilemmas that we campground itself or from within your own stories: An air must be aware of and protect against. Why? RV. It is important to understand that given Quantum leaps in RV electrical technology the state-of-the-art technology we have in conditioner hums to a mean that many components in our coaches our RVs today, all AC power lines, as well stop and trips the are now controlled by electronic boards and as campground phone, cable TV and data breaker. A TV suddenly microprocessors. Not only have computers, communication lines, must be commonly reduces to a thumbnail e-mail and Web browsing permeated the RV grounded or bonded together to prevent image. A neighbor plugs world, but with the push of a single button you transient voltages from entering sensitive can now also deploy a patio awning or extend a equipment. into the campground room addition. Think of it as the electronic age pedestal, and your of RVing. One study shows that surges and impulse microwave quits in mid- spikes can occur as frequently as twice per cycle. A lightning storm + THE CAUSE hour in any typical residence. In larger, more is reported in the next industrial campgrounds, they can be more According to electrical industry studies, frequent and severe, with spikes as high as county, and the lights voltage transients, or any short-term 5,600 volts during lightning storms. A study inside your coach disturbance on the power line, represent by IBM in various locations across the United suddenly become very 12-15 percent of all AC power line problems. States revealed an average of 50.7 voltage bright. I think you get Transients can be caused by a variety of factors spikes per month. Another study showed that the idea. — lightning strikes, utility grid switching, many locales will experience approximately 25 outdated campground pedestal hookups, faulty power line disturbances per year, 87 percent Doc’s WIsDoM on steady-state Voltage: Normal voltage for a system that stays VoLtAGe tRAnsIents constant for 10 seconds or longer. The Ac shoreline at the campground pedestal is the lifeblood Power Failure: A zero-voltage for all things Ac in your RV, but it can also be the pathway condition lasting for more than for power problems that can damage many components in one cycle (1/60 of a second). your coach. understanding these terms is the first step to finding a cure. Dropout: A portion of the sine wave that has a lower value, or is missing altogether, but only 4 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 2010
  6. 6. © of which will probably be sags below 96 VAC. incoming power before damaging transients Voltages below 105 VAC can be very damaging can reach sensitive equipment. They should to items such as rooftop air conditioners. also have the capability to monitor and detect high- and low-voltage conditions, and to The bottom line is that “power line problems” interrupt the incoming power until the system are severe, they occur often, and the damage has returned to safer levels. can be substantial, which usually means expensive. What goes mostly unnoticed is the Most surge protectors utilize MOVs (Metal cumulative effect on sensitive equipment in Oxide Varistors) to protect against transient the RV after enduring spikes, surges, dips, voltages. Quality devices should have a notches, etc. The long-term performance minimum of three MOVs in the circuitry. deterioration of some delicate components The key to this technology is determined may not surface until later on, but in the by the “clamping voltage rating,” also called meantime your equipment is performing at a the “let-through voltage rating.” The lower substandard level. the rating, the better the protection. In addition, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), has developed a minimum standard for spike + THE PRESCRiPTiON suppressors. The surge protector you choose One of the best solutions is to install a spike to install in your RV should meet or exceed the And remember, RVing is suppressor/surge protector in your RV. A requirements of UL 1449. more than a hobby, it’s a number of suppliers now provide these lifestyle! protective devices for the RV industry. A I encourage you to look into transient voltage surge protector acts like an electrical sponge, protection for your RV’s electrical system. If absorbing excess voltage to protect your RV you truly value that electrical equipment and Gary Bunzer, components. RV surge protection should are well aware of the consequences, it can be the RV Doctor include the ability to completely shut off the considered cheap insurance at the very least. for a small portion of any sag: A cycle-to-cycle reduction of surge: A cycle-to-cycle increase of notch: An out-of phase, under- given cycle. power (of at least 10 percent of the power (the opposite of a sag) that voltage impulse, which is similar to a average voltage) that lasts for half is typically below 500 total volts. dropout but usually too quick to see Blackout: A total power failure of one cycle or longer. It might occur (up to several milliseconds in duration). lasting several seconds to when your RVing neighbor first swell: A series of long-term surges For every notch, there is usually an many hours. turns on his rooftop air conditioner, that lasts from a few seconds to immediate spike that follows. and it can affect devices such as several minutes. Brownout: A planned reduction of microwaves, TVs and DVD players. spike: An in-phase, over-voltage available power, usually done to Impulse: A very short disturbance of impulse that typically lasts for less prepare for a period of heavy Dip: A shorter sag (e.g. a either polarity (up or down) that lasts than 1 millisecond. spikes are the most electrical consumption. lightbulb flicker). between 0.5 and 100 microseconds. detrimental to sensitive circuitry. 2010 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 5
  7. 7. tHe GReen RV scene RV makers set their sights on ‘green’ consumers BY ANGeLIQue H. cAFFReY When you think of RVing, the first words that come to According to a survey released simple prospect, as the term mind aren’t usually “environmentally friendly.” After by Simmons, consumers who “green” has a wide variety of admit to living in a “green” way connotations, depending on all, RVs are big, bulky and create a burden on are on the rise, representing who you ask. Therefore, instead the environment — right? almost one-third of all buyers. of trying to be all things to all And since many RV enthusiasts people, most RV makers have Wrong — you’re in for a pleasant surprise! The “gas are lovers of the outdoors, they focused on a few niche “green” have a natural desire to keep the areas, such as making their guzzlers” of previous generations have given way to planet safer. When they invest models more aerodynamic, a whole new breed of recreation vehicles aimed in an RV, they want a product lighter, smaller, more fuel- squarely at consumers who want the benefits of that resonates with their eco- efficient and/or less dependent RVing without feeling like they’re harming the earth beliefs. In response, several RV upon wood. in the process. From extra-light towable trailers to manufacturers have made it their missions to provide greener RV companies have responded in full-size motor coaches, today’s newest RV models varieties of RVs and campers. significant ways to this consumer are sleeker, leaner and, most importantly, greener. drive (no pun intended!) for “From an environmental aspect, greener options, and many have Why Green RVing? it’s the right thing to do,” says “gone green” in some way. Check Scott Tuttle, president of Livin’ out a few of the trendsetters. It probably wouldn’t shock you Lite Recreational Vehicles. “From to hear that now more than a marketing perspective, it’s also ever people want to spend their a good thing … because more and Damon Boasts money on products that they feel are better for the earth. more consumers are becoming Aerodynamics environmentally focused, and From the cereal they buy to the they are looking for little ways In September 2008, Damon light bulbs they use, they’re they can help the environment.” Motor Coach surprised the public consciously making choices that at America’s Largest RV Show in fit their convictions. Of course, going green isn’t a Hershey, when it introduced the 6 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 2010
  8. 8. © © © Damon Avanti Livin’ Lite Winnebago Via Quicksilver of testing for this model, Brad and flash-in-the-pan occurrence, it’s Amy Herzog, spokespersons for probably safe to say that it’s here the Recreation Vehicle Industry to stay. As consumers continue Association (RVIA), traveled in to demand further options, you the concept hybrid RV during should start noticing even more summer 2009 to promote the environmentally friendly RVs and benefits of RV travel. fifth wheels in the coming years. Ah, the power of consumers What’s next? — don’t underestimate it. Just Though it was once thought that remember to do your part to help the green movement might be a make RVing greener. 5 wAYS to stAY In tHe GReen RVing greener is not just about the RV itself — it’s also about what © you’re doing to stay environmentally conscious. No matter what kind of RV you have, make sure to follow these simple guidelines. Mother earth will thank you. © 1. Don’t Get tRAsHY. Avanti, a fuel-efficient, Class A and it also makes them much Buy a set of unbreakable dishes diesel that gets 14.5-plus miles lighter and stronger. and cups rather than using per gallon. disposables. Avoid products with excess packaging, and make sure What makes the Avanti green Winnebago to recycle even when you’re on aside from its fuel efficiency? Goes for MPGs the road. Quite simply, its aerodynamic design. Thanks to state-of-the-art Winnebago has also gone into 2. contRoL tHe cAMPFIRe. engineering, the RV is sleek and more eco-conscious product Help preserve nature by keeping attractive. It’s more than 31 feet development. Introduced in campfires small, and always stay within site. Be prepared with a long and built for live-in luxury, September 2009, its Via is water jug in case things get out of hand. Never throw anything in the green-style. considered the most fuel-efficient fire that won’t burn, such as plastic or metal. Class A on the market, with the 2010 model listed at an estimated 3. MInD tHe FUeL. stay on roads that you know your RV can Livin’ Lite 15-plus miles per gallon. It’s an handle, and remember to get it serviced regularly. Driving at a Makes It Lighter alternative for consumers wishing steady 55 mph rather than 65 mph also saves fuel. consider RVing closer to home rather than several states away. to enjoy the perks of RVing while In late 2008, Livin’ Lite took remaining true to their desire to eco-RVing to a new level by reduce carbon emissions. 4. WoRK WItH nAtURe. use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning introducing a line of innovative supplies and tank additives. Park in natural shade, and use awnings travel trailers. Its initial In June 2009, Winnebago unveiled to save on air conditioning. Find a spot that’s sheltered from north Quicksilver model was quickly the Adventurer hybrid concept RV, and west winds to minimize the need to turn on the heat in winter. named the Roamin’ Times’ featuring the industry’s first hybrid- 5. KeeP It cLeAn. everything you bring to the campsite should “Green RV of the Year.” Livin’ electric chassis. This technology come back out with you. Make sure to leave all the campground Lite RVs are constructed with could not only bring improved fuel facilities as clean as you found them. composite materials instead of efficiency, but also reduce noise and wood. That means they’re not emissions, improve acceleration susceptible to rotting or mold, and reduce maintenance. As part 2010 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 7
  9. 9. campground or Resort? The Ins and Outs of Today’s Lavish RVing Options BY AN Ge LIQ ue H. cA FF Re Y 8 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 2010
  10. 10. ©Lake-in-Wood Camping Resort “Consumers may crave the pristine ambiance that only nature provides, but after a long week on the job, they want to relax with ©Lake-in-Wood Camping Resort their own particular selection of creature - ReB ecc A LeN INGToN , comforts close at hand.” Executive Vice President, PA Recreatio and Cam ping Association n Vehicle Have you checked out the directory evolution of the RV “Consumers may crave the pristine ambiance of campgrounds that starts on that only nature provides, but after a long campground week on the job, they want to relax with their page 18? It’s no coincidence own particular selection of creature comforts that the word “resort” figures Why have so many RV campgrounds radically close at hand,” Lenington says. “They simply prominently into many of their changed the face of RVing from basic to walk out the door and climb into their home names. That title seems only fitting deluxe? It’s hard to put your finger on the exact on wheels, and then they’re off to their next reason, but we have a few in mind. for places with lavish amenities, RV adventure.” including indoor/outdoor swimming As part of today’s generation of RV travelers, Recognizing this shift in what RVing pools, saunas, hot tubs, miniature many of you are looking for vacations where you can relax in the great outdoors but not individuals, couples and families want, golf courses and pristine restroom campgrounds have changed their appearances have to give up everyday creature comforts and accommodations. some even accordingly. Instead of offering just the social activities. Besides, if you’re investing have their own currencies and money in a state-of-the-art RV, why not take it essentials, they’ve begun experimenting with movie theaters! sure, there are to the Taj Mahal of campgrounds? new amenities — on-site masseuses, gym still places that offer a more facilities and even gourmet meals delivered Rebecca Lenington, executive vice president right to your RV. This, in turn, has caused rustic feel, but if you’re an RVing of the PA Recreation Vehicle and Camping other campgrounds to follow suit in an effort enthusiast who wants a luxurious Association (PRVCA), has been in the industry to woo vacationers looking for something getaway, there’s no shortage of for more than 33 years. She agrees that today’s more upscale than just a tiny plot of land possibilities in Pennsylvania. traveler is more complex. and basic hookups. 2010 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 9
  11. 11. “We have three-bedroom cottages. Our activity hall can accommodate 300 people. It’s hotel-style, but not ‘cookie-cutter’ - BuR T MAc KI, General Manager, hotel-style.” Drummer Boy Camping Resort, Gettysburg You probably also want more bang for centers, newspaper service and more. your buck. Who doesn’t? You have the discretionary income to spend on RVing, but, Times have changed in the world of RVing, let’s face it, your expectations are high. Having and Burt Macki, general manager of the campgroundwide Wi-Fi access is great, but it’s Drummer Boy Camping Resort in Gettysburg, practically mainstream at this point. You’re understands that all too well. Macki craving extras like Laundromat access, fitness managed upscale hotels for 30 years, but all that experience didn’t fully prepare him for the differences between yesterday’s RV campgrounds and today’s RV resorts. Drummer Boy has become a destination in itself. “It’s no longer like when we were kids,” Macki says. “We have three-bedroom cottages. Our activity hall can accommodate 300 people. We have an activities director. It’s hotel-style, but not ‘cookie-cutter’ hotel-style.” What is a true “vacation” all about these days, anyway? As Americans, we are accustomed to a fairly high level of customer service in everything we do. A vacation is no exception — you want RV campgrounds to exceed your expectations. Simply put, you’re looking for a place that’s comfortable and packed with fun for the whole family, without blowing your budget. For campgrounds, this has translated into some serious investment in facilities. With more than 7 million RVers across the United States in a given year, it’s a no-brainer. ©Lake-in-Wood Camping Resort Klaas Bakker, owner of Lake-in-Wood Camping Resort in Lancaster County, knows how motivating it can be for families to have a place where they can get back to nature, spend time with each other, and still get the “royal 10 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 2010
  12. 12. ©Lake-in-Wood Camping Resort ‘campground Resort’ Is not an oxymoron Luxurious campsites really do exist in Pennsylvania. Here are a few campground resorts to prove it. ©Lake-in-Wood Camping Resort Adventure Bound camping Resorts - eagles Peak u Robesonia u page 19 Drummer Boy camping Resort u Gettysburg u page 24 treatment” of a fine inn mixed with a bit of theaters and Broadway-style dinner shows. As Granite Hill camping Resort u amusement park magic. That’s why Lake- more campgrounds adjust their offerings to Gettysburg u page 25 in-Wood’s goal is to create a true camping match these types of accommodations, the bar paradise. RVers will find a kids’ club and a will no doubt be raised. Hidden Valley camping Resort u strong sense of community, thanks to a quirky Mifflinburg u page 25 “gnome” theme throughout the resort. So what does the future hold? “The sky’s the limit,” says Brad Rhone, PRVCA chairman and Keen Lake camping & “We have our own ‘gnome’ money … you can owner of Rhone’s Travel Trailers. “With all the cottage Resort u hop on the trolley — the ‘gnome mobile’ — new amenities available, RV resorts will be a Waymart u page 22 and go to the pool. It’s like a little town! People leader in providing all the comforts a traveler seem to like that very much.” could ever dream about or need.” Lake-in-Wood camping Resort u Narvon u page 20 In the end, these changes mean one thing What comes next? — as an RV enthusiast, you can honestly Mountain Pines find anything you want. If you’re seeking a campground Resort u There’s no crystal ball to indicate what the next rustic experience, you can get it. If you want a champion u page 26 level of luxury for RV campgrounds will be. middle-of-the-road RV adventure, that exists, There could certainly be a return to yesterday’s too. And if you desire posh surroundings otter Lake camp-Resort u “no-frills” camping experience, but given and amenities, they’re out there, and getting east stroudsburg u page 23 the trends over the past few decades, that’s swankier by the day. Your perfect RV getaway unlikely to happen. If campsites across the is just a short (or long) ride away. Robin Hill camping Resort u country are any indication, the next generation Lenhartsville u page 20 of RVing could reach even higher levels of Bakker is certain that RVing will always be luxury and convenience. big, regardless of the economy, as long as scottyland RV Resort & sales u Rockwood u page 26 campgrounds listen to their customers and There are already campsites nationwide continue to exceed expectations. Yogi at shangri-La/ that offer perks such as a gated entry to the Legacy RV Resorts u campground, private beach access, expertly But perhaps Macki best sums up RVing: “It’s Milton u page 25 landscaped RV sites, pet parks, private movie an experience versus an overnight stay.” 2010 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 11
  13. 13. st P AnD see 5. Gobbler’s Knob & Groundhog Zoo 301 e. Mahoning st., tHe cRItteRs Punxsutawney, PA 15767 800-752-PHIL • Come meet the famous weather-forecasting • groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, and his groundhog erie friends. Every Groundhog Day, Phil makes his 12 Pennsylvania pit stops 4 prediction on historic Gobbler’s Knob, but you can visit him at his year-round home, the Groundhog for animal lovers BY eRIcA sTReIsFeLD Zoo, which is housed in the children’s section of Punxsutawney Memorial Library. The RV is packed, and the whole family is ready for an adventure. But in order to keep the troops happy, a few fun pit stops are in order — to see the animals, of course! • Benezette Pennsylvania is brimming with unique and exotic wildlife refuges and zoos. And since good things seem to come by the dozen, we wanted to share 12 of our top critter stops. We assure you, the kids will choose these stops over a dozen 5 • Punxsutawney 12 donuts any day. 11 1. Animaland • Pittsburgh Zoological Park 2. claws ‘n’ Paws 4181 Route 660, Wild Animal Park Wellsboro, PA 16901 1475 Ledgedale Road, 570-724-4546 Lake Ariel, PA 18436 570-698-6154 While you’re visiting the picturesque Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, don’t If you’re headed to the Pocono forget to also check out the exotic 3. clyde Peeling’s Reptiland Mountains, stop at Claws ‘N’ Paws wildlife at Animaland Zoological Park. to see the baby animals. Have 18628 u.s. Route 15, Allenwood, PA 17810 This 11-acre, walk-through zoo allows you ever fed a giraffe or parrot? 800-REPTILAND • you to say hello to more than 200 wild Now you can. You can also pet and domestic animals at your own an alligator, python or tortoise, pace. Set your eyes on cats, monkeys, and jump right in the pen with Alligators, lizards and cobras, oh my! Reptiles and amphibians kangaroos and many others. tame deer, lambs and goats. Get may not be the most popular members of the animal kingdom, up close and personal with the but they’re the stars at Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland. Take in the animals at this zoo located in the multimedia show to get a close-up of the reptile world, and then middle of the woods. pet some of the residents or watch as a snake devours its prey. 4. erie Zoo • 423 W. 38th St., Erie, PA 16508 • 814-864-4091 • Within the city of Erie, you’ll find a 15-acre escape that is home to more than 500 animals and 2,500 plant specimens from around the world. Stroll through the historic Main Zoo Building and then spot some never-before-seen animals at the Children’s Zoo. Experience an African Safari at the Kiboka Outpost and glimpse the red panda on your journey to Wild Asia. 12 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 2010
  14. 14. 6. Lake tobias Wildlife Park 760 Tobias Road, Halifax, PA 17032 7. Lehigh Valley Zoo 717-362-9126 • 5150 Game Preserve Road, There’s no need to go on an African safari when you can visit Lake Tobias instead. schnecksville, PA 18078 Hop on one of the specially designed cruisers for a ride across 150 acres of rolling land, where herds of wild and exotic creatures roam. You’ll get amazingly close 610-799-4171 • to animals from around the globe. And if something tamer is more your speed, there’s always the Petting Zoo and Reptile Building. From African penguins to zebras, you’ll find more than 200 animals right in the Lehigh Valley, within the scenic 1,100-acre Trexler Nature Preserve. 1 Make your way around Lemur Island on a family- 2 • Wellsboro friendly paddleboat or take a horse-drawn wagon ride for a behind-the-scenes tour of the grounds. • Lake Ariel 3 9 8. Hawk Mountain • Bloomsburg sanctuary • 1700 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton, PA 19529 7 centre 610-756-6961 • 8 Hall Kempton Don’t miss the world’s first refuge for birds of prey. As part of the • • Kittatinny Ridge or Blue Mountain, the sanctuary’s 2,600 acres of forests schnecksville offer a migration stopover habitat for almost 100 species of birds, including • Halifax 6 16 raptors. Fall is an especially exciting time here, as migrating hawks, eagles and falcons can be seen flying past the lookout points. 10 Philadelphia • 9. Penn’s cave & Wildlife Park 222 Penns cave Road, centre Hall, PA 16828 814-364-1664 • Experience animals from a different perspective at America’s only all-water cavern and wildlife park. Jump on a motorboat for a cavern tour offering views of stalagmites and stalactites, as well as trout that jump for food. Next, get on the bus for a wildlife tour of the 1,500-acre forests and fields of Penn’s Cave, which are filled with animals in their natural habitats. 12. Winslow Hill Winslow Hill Road, Benezette, PA 15821 610-756-6961 10. Philadelphia Zoo While elk once lived throughout 3400 W. Girard Ave., 11. Pittsburgh Zoo Pennsylvania, now you can spot the Philadelphia, PA 19104 & PPG Aquarium herd at Winslow Hill, which offers two 215-243-1100 7340 Butler st., Pittsburgh, PA 15206 viewing areas with off-road parking. Come watch for elk along the area’s 800-474-4966 • many trails and dirt roads, and during What does a Komodo dragon eat? Where do penguins live? the fall mating season, listen for the Make a stop at America’s first zoo, a 42-acre How did the spectacled bear get its name? Find those male elk’s unmistakable bugling. Just Victorian garden that more than 1,300 animals answers and more when you visit thousands of animals at remember that it’s illegal to feed the elk. call home. Cheetahs, hippos and giraffes are the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. From Antarctica’s icy always a hit, but don’t forget to explore the seas and the balmy oceans of the tropics to Pennsylvania’s various habitats to see all sorts of worldly own freshwater rivers, the aquarium features species from critters. For more action, take a ride on all of the world’s waterways. the Amazon Rainforest Carousel, a swan paddleboat or even a live camel’s back. 2010 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 13
  15. 15. ©PRVCA Attendees ©PRVCA Flock to America’s Pennsylvania RV & Camping Show hits record attendance and sales BY eRIcA sTReIsFeLD Largest RV Show What do you think about the economy? Not so great, right? Do you think people are spending much time thinking about vacations and leisure time? Probably not. But you wouldn’t know it by the 2009 Pennsylvania RV & camping show’s numbers. The 31,710 people who attended the show at Hershey’s GIANT center on sept. 16-20, marked its largest-ever crowd. That’s almost a 14 percent increase in show-goers from last year. u ©PRVCA Follow us on 14 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 2010 Search: America’s Follow: @PARVing Largest RV Show
  16. 16. ©PRVCA Welcome, RV ©John Zeedick show newbies! one ingredient to maintaining America’s Largest RV show is to keep adding new RV Despite the recession, sales at the show live in your motorhome full-time. Either way, this manufacturers. The more RV also hit high numbers. Prices seemed to be show is for you. There’s a reason that RVers and choices, the better. These were this more reasonable than ever, and low interest RVers-in-the-making flock to America’s Largest year’s first-timers to the show: rates and government tax incentives made RV Show. With a name like that, why wouldn’t purchases extra appealing. As Nick Palm of you want to attend? Bonus: You get to be the first u everGreen Recreational Tiffin Motorhomes Inc. reports, “Tiffin’s retail to lay your eyes on what’s new in the RV industry. Vehicles LLc sales were up 235 percent over retail sales last Focus: eco-friendly travel trailers year. Consumer attitudes were very positive, For starters, this year featured more than which reflected in the increased sales.” 16 football fields of new RVs from 59 manufacturers. From small campers to full- u Galileo Even on the first public day of the show, size motorhomes, the different types of RVs Focus: aerodynamic travel trailers attendees noticed that RVs were a hot on display catered to every taste and budget. with contemporary styling commodity this year. “It’s nice to see that Inside the GIANT Center were more than people are buying … it’s amazing, especially 100 vendors, which showcased everything since the show has just started,” notes Rhonda from folding tables and portable satellite TV u Livin’ Lite Recreational Daub of Muir. “There are some great deals. You systems to motorcycle carriers. Vehicles Inc. come here and get the fever.” Focus: “green,” light and compact Some attendees, like Donald Hughes of automotive trailers and toy haulers Could RVing be the recession-proof solution Harrisburg, Pa., are regulars to the show, and to vacationing? Gloria Isenberg of Reinholds have dreams of someday owning an RV. They find thinks so. “We’re looking for the perfect one. comfort in the fact that this show offers many u Riverside travel trailers Inc. Prices seem to be decent, and I’m seeing a lot affordable RV options. “I like the idea of RVs, and Focus: luxurious travel trailers at of ‘sold’ signs on the trailers, which is pretty I like the idea of buying RVs, so I constantly come affordable prices encouraging given the economy.” to the show to see what’s new,” says Hughes, who has attended the show eight years in a row. The success of the show was thanks in part to u sierra Motor corp. its host, the PA Recreation Vehicle and Camping John Kee came all the way from Toronto, Focus: high-value travel trailers Association (PRVCA). But the other ingredient Canada, to explore the show, and he aspires to was simply that consumers have realized the own an RV so that he can give up “hoteling.” appeal of RVing. “Go RVing has done a wonderful Being new to the show and to RVing, the event u silver crown coach job delivering the message to consumers that the is a prime opportunity to learn about what Focus: luxury class A motorhomes RV lifestyle offers great value to families, and we options are available. “We were impressed by continued that message into the marketing of the number of different manufacturers there the show,” says Rebecca Lenington, executive are, which of course, makes it much harder to u sunset Park & RV Inc. vice president of PRVCA. choose,” says Kee. “There were certainly more Focus: light and affordable travel units outside than I was expecting.” trailers and toy haulers Like Moths to a campfire Shopping for an RV online doesn’t give you Maybe you’ve only been RVing once. Maybe you an accurate feel for the offerings, and hopping 2010 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 15
  17. 17. u The Pennsylvania RV & camping show had hundreds of models on display, so how do you figure out what’s what? Get a quick The RV Model Rundown breakdown of the types of RVs that you can see at the show. It really comes down to what you’re looking for — towable or motorized. toWABLe RVs MotoRIZeD RVs The big advantage of towable units is that you can unhitch them from your If you’re driving, there’s no need to go outside vehicle and leave them at the campground. Then you’re free to travel and to get into the living areas. Motorized RVs are see the local sights. manufactured as one convenient unit. u Folding camping trailer u travel trailer u Motorhome This lightweight unit folds up compactly Designed to be towed by a car, van or The name says it all — it’s literally like a for towing by your car or truck. When truck, it usually includes amenities such house on wheels, complete with a kitchen, set up, it provides kitchen, dining and as a kitchen; bathroom; sleeping, dining bathroom and sleeping and dining areas. The sleeping areas. and living areas; electric; water and living spaces usually include electricity, heat, sleeps: up to 8 people appliances. air conditioning, water and propane gas. Price: $4,000-$13,000 sleeps: up to 10 people sleeps: up to 6 people Price: $8,000-$65,000 Price: $48,000-$400,000 u truck camper u Fifth-Wheel trailer u Van camper Attach this unit to the bed or chassis of Much like a conventional travel trailer, This unit drives just like the family van, but your pickup truck. Most have a kitchen this unit hitches to your pickup truck it’s modified for recreation to include items and bathroom. and offers homelike amenities. some such as side windows, carpeting, paneling, sleeps: up to 6 people also feature two-level floor plans. custom seats and accessories. Price: $4,000-$26,000 sleeps: up to 6 people sleeps: up to 4 people Price: $13,000-$100,000 Price: $41,000-$74,000 from dealer to dealer can be exhausting. The Discovering the trends it was nice to see so many manufacturers Pennsylvania RV & Camping Show offers a introducing environmentally friendly hands-on experience to help you decide what The best part about having access to so many RV options. Eliminating wood in the you want in an RV. That’s why Sam Newsom 2010 RVs in one spot is being able to do a little construction, and in general creating lighter from Roanoke, Va., wanted to attend the show, comparison shopping. It’s also an ideal way to and more aerodynamic RVs, has become a and stay multiple days. “We’re looking for a figure out the latest trends in the industry. common practice for many manufacturers. Class A diesel pusher, and so we wanted to go Others took more elaborate green measures, someplace where there’s plenty of them to get a This year, with people becoming more such as offering mattresses made of recycled better idea of layout, color scheme and options.” conscientious about living a “green” lifestyle, water bottles. 2009 Pennsylvania RV & camping show Figures / More than 22 acres of new RVs on display / 59 exhibiting manufacturers / 16 exPLoRe PeNNsYLVANIA 2010