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Abdul Rehman Quresh Profie

  1. 1. Abdul Rehman Qureshi
  2. 2. Abdul Rehman Qureshi Profile I Abdul Rehman Qureshi was born in 1974 in New Delhi India. Fourth generation Chef comes from a family of well known Qureshi’s name has been identical with Indian culinary is number one priority. they often says that if there is anything he could contribute to this big mad world, then let it be the best of the best of cuisines, namely Indian Cuisine. A great deal of time and effort has been spent by them in researching and developing cuisine’s, from the corner of the vast sub continent. Encouragement with in the family provided them to try age old recipes gleaned from ancient manuscripts and also to innovating with unusual combinations. My culinary skills were inherited from my family. I was introduced to the art of cooking when I started assisting my grandfather, under whose watchful eye my interest developed. My sense of quality came from my father who would never compromise on quality, and taught me how to choose the best ingredients, the best spices and how to differentiate between was fresh and what was not. I developed further when I got the chance to work in Malaysia, U.A.E, Shanghai and Saudi Arabia with Internationally renowned hotel chains like Kempinski, Le-Meridian Hotel & Resorts, Hyatt Regency and Shangri-la. Philosophy of Cooking Cooking is an art that comes from the heart and I like to constantly innovate and create new dishes. I like to divide food into four different categories; food that one can see, smell, taste and finally it has to surprise, which is what I like to call the “wow factor”. Presentation is very important, in fact it as vital as creating the perfect recipe. I create food that not only appeals to the palate but is also a treat to ones eyes .
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  9. 9. Bite Foods Breaded Brandade of green peas hammous Pear canapé Mini baked potato Salt Cod with tomato chutney smoke salmon Herby pork brochettes with a fresh Oyster Shooters Gazpacho with crispy Small Chinese bite and spicy dip.
  10. 10. Bite Foods chicken tandoori sushi with baked Tofu skewers with yellow chicken kanti roll:Chicken filled filled chicken breast mango chili Indian flat bread with Mint yogurt sauce. curry dips Asian bite tapas Grilled Tenderloin on Napa cabbage Vegetable Skewers on Stem Buns with sesame dressing with green Curry
  11. 11. Bite Foods Crispy Wafer filling, sweet , spices Chicken tikka with yogurt and Open Face Samosa chicken salad with mint and tamarind tamarind shooter dressing Lamb Seekh kabab yellowtail Carpaccio with roe South Indian Bites and extra virgin olive oil
  12. 12. Ala Carte Appetizers Thai beef tartar with Pan seared Six Spices king prawn on kaffir lime Roast Beef, 'Bubble & Squeak', scallops & Tamarind ,Mango scented sweet potato mash crispy Glazed Shallots, Smoked Tomato sticky rice with tom yum emulsion sauce
  13. 13. Ala Carte Appetizers Alaskan Crab Cakes with herbs Greek Salad Tea-smoked duck breast with and pink onion salsa fresh herbs Salad
  14. 14. Ala Carte Appetizers Pan- fried lamb cake fresh Sushi Thai tempeh papaya salad with prawn spinach nori roll with pineapple cake wasabi salsa
  15. 15. Ala Carte Appetizers Potato cake filled with spinach Pan seared Potato Pattie with Bread fritters on bed of chick- with vegetable crisp and spicy yogurt pea Masala tamarind jam
  16. 16. Ala Carte Appetizers Rajma ki Sammi Roomali Roti Murgh Pan Pasand Kabab Char-grilled Badi Chat pate Seekh wrapped kidney beans Pattie with betel marinated chicken wrapped in orange-pomegranate chutney. wine leaves on skewers
  17. 17. Tandoori From Indian clay oven Roasted tandoori leg Murgh Kasoori Kabab Chicken Tikka with spring roll on sautéed Chinese Broccoli with mango chili sauce
  18. 18. Tandoori From Indian clay oven Tandoori Australian Beef Medallions, Tandoori Rack with grilled Tandoori Prawn Pea and Coriander Pancake with asparagus with grapes caulis Spicy Yogurt
  19. 19. Ala Carte Main Course Peking duck on veg cous cous with duck jus. Tandoor Lamb Shunk With Pesto fettuccine and tomato caulis. Herbs Coasted Salmon on soba Noodle with Thai yellow curry Grilled Lobster on Vegetable couscous & spinach Soup
  20. 20. Ala Carte Main Course Pan-seared Black cod, Asparagus top of Minted polenta with mustard emulsion, soy-ginger glaze and Tabouli Sala Grilled Tenderlion Steak Saffron Pulao Peking duck breast, on soft yellow corn risotto and Warm Green Pea Vinaigrette, Rogan josh Essence. Rice with spinach Puree
  21. 21. Ala Carte Main Course Stackable Sole Pan-seared sole fillet on cous cous West Meets East Pan-seared chicken breast & bok- with vegetables, tomato salsa & a yellow pepper choy, served with lemon rice. caulis. Kalbi Steak Korean style barbequed tenderloin with soba Chili Chicken Wok- fried chicken with bell peppers & noodle, bok-choy with tamarind & pineapple barbeque served with vegetable fried rice. sauce
  22. 22. Ala Carte Main Course Tenderloin steak with sautéed vegetable & pan seared fish fillet with spicy gravy and bell pepper chicken jus. naan. chicken Dumpling with saffron rice , papadum South n Flavor salmon on Chick-pea masala with chips and brown onion curry spicy gravy
  23. 23. Buffet Set up Break Fast Set up Break Fast Set up Sushi Counter Dessert Counter
  24. 24. Buffet Set up Spoon buffet Cold Buffet Set up Fresh Salad With Dressing Cold Cuts
  25. 25. Buffet Set up Pasta Counter Sea food buffet Indian Hot food Buffet Noodle Station
  26. 26. Buffet Set up
  27. 27. Buffet Set up
  28. 28. Buffet hot food
  29. 29. Buffet hot food