Chasing Cheongsams Cheongsam Designing Contest 2009
                        Rules and Regulation

    1. Objective
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First Prize             8D trip to Shanghai
                       Second Prize            $100 Mazzarrio vouchers
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Rules and Regulation


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For "Chasing Cheongsams" Cheongsam designing contest

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Rules and Regulation

  1. 1. Chasing Cheongsams Cheongsam Designing Contest 2009 Rules and Regulation 1. Objective This contest is part of a proposal that aims to conserve cheongsams. The objectives are to raise awareness among people that cheongsams are declining in popularity and allow people to design their very own modern cheongsams, cheongsams that they will wish to don on for their daily wear, yet at the same time, preserve the oriental touch of the cheongsam, in bid to conserve the Chinese culture. 2. Eligibility This contest is open to everyone in Singapore. Participation is free of charge. 3. Criteria There is no limit to the number of entries each participant can submit. The entry must be the original work of the participant. Copyrighted artwork will not be accepted unless the participant holds the copyright to the artwork. The entry must not have been previously submitted for any art competition(s), locally and internationally. The entry must not contain or reproduce, in whole or in part, photograph(s), illustration(s) from print or non-print material(s), or other form(s) of media protected by local and international copy right laws. The entry must be appropriate for viewing by the public. The entry must be of A4 size (11x8 inches) and no larger than that. 4. Theme The theme for this cheongsam designing competition is “Oriental and Modern”. The judging panel reserves the right to disqualify an entry if it is deemed inappropriate. 5. Judging A panel will be appointed by Chasing Cheongsams to judge the Chasing Cheongsams Cheongsam Designing Contest. The panel’s decision is final and no correspondence or enquiry will be entertained. The judging criterion is as stated below. Aesthetic Appeal 40% Relevance to Theme 40% Creativity 20% 6. Prizes The prizes are as follows:
  2. 2. First Prize 8D trip to Shanghai Second Prize $100 Mazzarrio vouchers Third Prize $50 Mazzarrio vouchers 7. Competition Dates The Chasing Cheongsams Cheongsam Designing competition period is between 23 Nov 2009 and 07 Dec 2009. Please take note that the date of submission is 7 Dec 2009. Late entries will not be entertained. Judging is from 08 Dec 2009 to 13 Dec 2009. The Chasing Cheongsams Exhibition is from 30 Nov 2009 to 14 Dec 2009. The winning entries will be announced during the Exhibition, but the winners will be informed one day before through email or phone. 8. Ways of submission Participants are required to send in their entries through email, to before or on the dateline for submission. There is also a choice to dropping the entries to any of the Chasing Cheongsams committee members at our exhibition, located at Bukit Batok Community Centre, 21 Bukit Batok Central, Singapore 659959. Please be informed that our exhibition will be open from 11am to 5pm daily for the course of 2 weeks. Withdrawal is disallowed after submission of the submission form. 9. Enquires Enquires may be directed to Crystal Tay at or drop a comment at our website (