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Story Board222

  1. 1. Screenplay<br />
  2. 2. Stranger, The Number Of The Draft, 1Date 29-10-2009Group Number Writer Names Seana Hale 000014106, YasirLiaqat 000012168, Sam Jones 000011666 and Paige Coulthread 000014135Block Number A<br />
  3. 3. EXT. Woods/Fields – Evening<br /> SCENE HEADINGS: 1 <br /> BODY TEXT: A close-up shot of Paige dead in the fields on her own. <br /> Seana starts narrating the experience <br /> <br />SCENE HEADINGS: 2 <br /> EXT. Boston park – Evening<br /> An establishing shot Bostan Park and shot of Paige walking past the castle. Also Yasir is sitting on the bench starring at Paige.<br /> <br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br /> A close-up shot of theYasir and Paige exchanging glances and he smiles at Paige as she walks past<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> <br /> An extreme close-up shot of theYasir to express his evil smile<br />
  4. 4. SCENE 3 <br /> EXT. Bostan park/College – Evening<br /> <br /> A medium shot of Paige walking between the castle and the college. As she walks past couple of seconds later Yasir walks round the corner.<br /> <br /> SCENE 4 <br /> EXT. College grounds – Evening<br /> <br /> BODY TEXT: A shot of Paige walking in to college through the main reception. Long shot/OTS shot.<br />
  5. 5. SCENE HEADINGS: 5 <br /> INT. College – Evening<br /> <br />Paige has randomly met her friend in college. <br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> Paigeand Seana have a general conversation. Shot Reverse Shot sequence. Medium close up – close up.<br /> <br /> <br />SCENE 6 <br /> INT. Art Block – Evening<br /> <br />Paige has moved location as she is going up the art block stairs. <br /> <br /> <br /> SCENE 7 <br /> INT. Art Block – Evening<br /> <br /> Paigeis picking up her folder from the art block. <br /> <br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Paige has collected her folder and is ready to leave the site.<br />
  6. 6. SCENE 8<br /> INT. Art Corridor – Evening<br /> Yasira stranger asks Paige where she is going, Paige reacts by walking off s she doesn’t know him.<br /> Yasir<br />where are you going?<br />Paige<br />No Reply <br /> <br /> CUT TO:<br /> Tracking shot of Yasir chasing the vulnerable girl. Shot reverse shot of Paige turning around to see Yasir<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> Paige decides to make a run. Establishing shot<br /> <br /> EXT. College grounds – Evening<br /> SCENE HEADINGS: 10<br /> <br />Paige is hiding behind a wall over the shoulder shot.<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> A close-up shot of the victims face panting.<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> Another close up used to show Paige looking round the corner if Yasir is coming for her. <br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> Yasirsees Paige and she decides to carry on running.<br /> <br /> CUT TO:<br /> Full shot ofYasirat door and Paige at wall<br />
  7. 7. SCENE: 11<br /> EXT. College grounds – Evening<br /> A shot of Paige running for safety long shot.<br /> <br /> EXT. College grounds – Evening<br /> SCENE: 12<br /> <br />BODY TEXT: Paige runs into woods/field another long shot.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Paige hides behind tree/bushes medium close-up shot.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Yasirfollows Paige into woods/field another medium close-up shot.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Yasircomes up behind Paige medium close-up.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Yasirgoes to grab Paige medium close-up to show the actions of the killer.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Paige hits Yasir with a brick which she found in the woods/fields OTS shot.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Paige runs away leaving Yasir on the floor unconscious medium close-up.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Yasir gets back up to attack Paige.<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> <br />Paige panics and falls over close-up to show victims reaction.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Yasir catches up with Paige at this point Paige is on the floor.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Paige turns to look atYasir medium close-up.<br /> CUT TO:<br />Shot ofYasir and Paige looking at each other shot reverse shot structure.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Close-up of Paige’s face the shot reverse shot structure<br />CUT TO:<br /> <br />Close-up shot of Yasirwith evil smile.<br /> CUT TO:<br /> <br />Paige crawls away in panic and tries to call for help medium shot.<br />CUT TO:<br /> <br />Medium close-up shot of Paige betweenYasir’sLegs.<br />CUT TO:<br /> <br />Yasir grabs Paige and throws her against the tree medium shot.<br />CUT TO:<br /> <br />Close-up shot of Yasir Strangling Paige.<br />CUT TO:<br /> <br />Paige laid dead close-up shot.<br />
  8. 8. SCENE: 13<br /> <br />EXT. College grounds – Evening<br /> <br /> <br />Goes to shot of boyfriend in car waiting for Paige.<br /> <br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> <br />Medium close-up of boyfriend calling Paige.<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> <br />Close-up of phone calling Paige.<br /> <br />SCENE: 14<br /> <br />EXT. College grounds – Evening<br /> <br /> <br />Paige’s phone ringing killer picks it up close-up shot.<br /> <br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> <br />Call is answered then quickly ends close-up shot.<br />
  9. 9. Scene: 15<br /> EXT. College grounds – Evening <br /> Boyfriend is worried so gets out of car to look for her medium shot.<br /> <br /> CUT TO:<br /> Boyfriend starts to walk up to college and walks past killer<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> Boyfriend and killer exchange glances shot reverse shot structure.<br /> <br /> CUT TO:<br /> Boyfriend tries to call Paige again close-up shot.<br /> <br /> CUT TO:<br /> Shot of boyfriend ringing Paige with killer in background medium shot.<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> Paige’s phone call goes of in Yasir’s pocket another medium shot.<br /> <br /> CUT TO:<br /> Boyfriend hears the phone as Yasir pulls it out his pocket.<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br /> Yasirturns round and looks at Paige’s boyfriend smirking close-up shot.<br /> <br />CUT TO:<br />Boyfriend looks back at the killer realizing what’s happened close-up shot.<br />