Media cousre question 1


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Media cousre question 1

  1. 1. By looking at the bbfc and reading up on the movie rating guidelines my thriller film would be rated an 18. Media evaluation After the screenshot of the productions to our opening sequence, the title Ezekiel is displayed in a frame. On a black background which added and kept the effect towards the darkness and shady proceedings which goes on in the opening thriller sequence. To add to the effect the font looks quite sketchy and sceptical in a conventional thriller way. This is used in films like Seven and Physco which influence us when making the thriller. In the opening to the thriller the main aspect of it is two distant different characters are being followed and watched without them knowing. To keep the pace of the scene snappy and exciting for the audience to watch throughout the opening scene crosscutting technique is used in order to do this. Here is a link to view the opening of the seven film YouTube - Se7en (Opening Credits) Title of film The title of the film is Ezekiel 25:17 the title is shown in white bold lettering at the end of the opening sequence, as the sequence starts to fade out to a darkened black background. Again this effect was heavily influence by the film seven which we implemented in Ezekiel 25:17 to add to the obscurity of the whole scene. This is usually used in many different thrillers as a conventional thriller effect. As we were heavily influence by the film Seven which is also crime thriller the name seven is based on the happens (storyline in the film). It’s basically a serial who commits a number of crimes and the detective one of the main characters in the film works out this serial killer is basing his crimes on the 7 seven deadly sins with five more murders to go. We used the same sort of idea when it came to titling are film as Ezekiel 25:17 has meaning behind it. The name Ezekiel 25:17 is from a verse in the bible which means I will carry out great vengeance on them and punish them in my wrath. Then they will know that I am the LORD, when I take vengeance on them.' This basically means going out to seek revenge on someone and that’s the main concept of my opening sequence someone going out to punish two people in there own way. Film Location The location of the film mainly occurs in two main different locations, as a group we chose to locate the film in the middle of harrow outside an office building. As this was a busy city like environment we thought this would be ideal for the businessman character to have him walking out of the building, to give a sense of an average working day for this character. On the other hand for the younger character we chose to base his location in a small London area to enhance the representation of the character living conditions. As we used a long shot to show the audience the house he was coming out from again to give the sense of this being an average normal day activity for this character. The story and how the opening sets it up Basically the whole theme of the opening sequence is based on two entirely different characters who lead two completely different lifestyles. Both these characters have done wrong in some way to someone who, we or the audience don’t actually know.
  2. 2. As a result to this the whole scene is about these two characters getting stalked at different times at numerous locations. Various different techniques like crosscutting, point of view shots and longs shots are used to keep the audience engaged while watching the scene. At the end of the scene both characters get attacked by someone which the audience don’t this was done purposely to create enigma (keep the audience guessing). One of the first shots to the opening scene shows a newspaper article with a caption on it in big letters saying “murdered” by using a close up shot of this article at the beginning of the scene it creates and add to the theme of the whole sequence as it lets the audience know there’s some sort of crime evolved in this opening (setting the pace). Also on this we added the fuzzy bad TV effect on as this made it seem more creepy and bizarre. These shots were put together as actually photographs and an effect was added to make them quickly so up one after the other with a sound effect added of camera taking snap shots. When taking the photograph different shot sizes were used to make seem as though the “stalker” taking photographs and is watching his every move, as the character walked out of the office building. We thought this would be a good feature to add to then sequence as it kept the films pace up. For both of the characters we followed the same steps for the types of shots we used and the special effects which were added in after filming. To establish both characters and there location long shots were used to give the audience an idea of the character his surroundings and where he’s coming from.
  3. 3. Point of view shot Point of view shot As the shots show the same procedure was used for both characters in the film. The shots which were taken from the front of the character were made to be in colour to
  4. 4. make it seem everything is normal although the non-degetic music in the background does add to the tension making it seem as though something is about to happen. Until the shot switches to a point of view shot we thought it would be a good idea to make it more interesting by having the camera shake and also making the shot black and white. By doing this it shows a darker side and gives off the feeling and sense of danger that both these characters are going to get there comeuppance. There is also non-degetic sound during the opening sequence after every frame with titles on it a non- degetic sound effect is used this was used emphatically to highlight each new shot with titles on them. In many thriller films this is done a lot to gain the audiences attention and to keep the movies tension and suspense. Typically in a thriller sudden sounds or eerie noises are usually used so in Ezekiel 25:17, we chose to conventionally use a sudden impact sound in order to keep the audience engaged. A production company helps the development of new media productions in different areas for example in performing arts, Television, film and radio. Production companies also fund the production of a project, they also create ideas. A production company for are film would probably be revolver productions as they have done films such as Dead Man Running, Macbeth and Jekyll and Hyde. A film distributor is there to support the film, as it associates its company with the film. It also markets the film in the best way possible. For example by having film distributed by companies like paramount films and Warner bros etc as these are established well known companies this would automatically make your film like it’s worth viewing as there such big companies. The film distributors for our film would be revolver entertainment as there well know for distributing many English based films. The money to fund are film could of come from various donation from different people, we will also pitch are film ideas to people who are interested in investing into something to try and make money. We would also try to find a sponsor for are film to raise even more funds. Although we would keep are budget low and leave room for expansion wherever in the budget. The production company name is displayed at the end of the sequence when Amir is shown to be lying on the floor. All of casts and productions are shown at the beginning of the sequence in no particular order.My film is institutionally similar to, Dead Man Running, Macbeth and Jekyll and Hyde.
  5. 5. By looking at the results to be questionnaires it showed us results which displayed that the majority of young teenagers aged between the ages of 16-19, like the thriller genre of film as our project is aimed at young people and both older people. |These are some stereotypical teenagers they smoke, drink and like listening to music, they also watch programs like Eastenders, Skins and Family guy. They enjoy films like Saw, Kidulthood and Face off. Also they mainly prefer to download and watch movies rather than go to the cinema to watch it. My film would appeal to this type of audience as it based in England and has a stereotypical teenage character in it which some of the audience can relate to.
  6. 6. Tripod Video camera The tripod was quite easy to assemble as was the video camera went it came to recording.
  7. 7. Looking back at the preliminary task I think I’ve learnt a couple of things individually and collectively as a group. A lot more camera shots were used in the opening scene compared to the preliminary task for example. Point of view shots were used quite a lot of the time compared to my preliminary task where we used over the shoulder shots. Comparing the two we thought by using a point of view shot rather than over the shoulder it would add to the film a bit more and make it less boring as you can see exactly what the characters seeing as well as the camera shaking to show the characters movement. Unlike the preliminary task we thought we would break it up a lot more with a numerous amounts of transition shots (effects, and items such as newspaper headlines) to break up a bit of the continuity with the characters just walking as that would make the whole scene plain and boring to watch like the preliminary task where nothing really exciting happens.
  8. 8. Also in both of the projects we kept to the 180 degree rule unlike the preliminary sequence we had no shot reverse shot in are opening as there isn’t any dialogue in it. Adding a degetic soundtrack to the opening also add to the opening. The establishing shot for the for the preliminary was a typical exterior shot of a building as we had to cut down so much in the actual thriller opening through editing we thought we would establish the character walking from the building to keep the continuity and valuable time for the film. Other shot used in the thriller opening was a reaction shots at the end of the sequence.