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Data Securities Corporate Technology Information Presentation

  3. 3. Do You Really Know Who is on Your Network?
  4. 4. COST OF A DATA BREACH Can You Afford $6.65 Million? Companies that are reluctant to invest what it takes on data security better be prepared to pony up a lot more if their systems are ever breached. In 2008 the average total cost of a data breach was $6.65 million, up from $6.35 million last year and $4.54 in 2005. In 2008, the per-victim cost of a data breach was $202, up from $197 in 2007, and from $138 when the study was launched in 2005. Breaches that were the result of a lost of stolen laptop computer bore a per-victim cost of $249. Ponemon Institute February 2009
  5. 5.  A 2007 FBI report ◦ Foreign countries are training their intelligence officers in how to hack into US computers  Compuware Study Oct 2008 ◦ 75% of data breaches in the US are done by people inside the organization.  Camouflage Software Inc. ◦ 70% of data breaches are internal ◦ Average cost to an organization per breach is $4.7M
  6. 6. The Inflexis Identity Management System TRUSTED Peripherals Inflexis MobileID™ Inflexis MobileID™ Multi-Functional • Key to Your Computer •2G & 8G Encrypted Data Storage Inflexis DesktopID™ • Biometric Secure Log On Inflexis Server Software Inflexis DesktopID™ • Multiple Data Storage Partitions • Protects your Network / Data • Built-In Microprocessor • Coordinates with Active Directory • Biometric Secure Log On • Runs on Any Windows PC • Biometric User Enrollments • USB Plug and Play Without SW Installation • Central Mngt for Device Positioning • Display Screen • Secure Embedded Processor • Installation & Configuration Tools • Rechargeable Lithium Battery • Encrypted Transfers of All Data • Key Management • Functions Not Connected to PC • Auditing & Activity Log Support • High-Speed USB 2.0 Cable • Can Operate as an OTP Token • Flexible to Suit your Needs Even When Disconnected from • Works with Current Systems the USB Port Best in Class Identity Management
  7. 7. INFLEXIS SOFTWARE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 3rd Party Applications IDWare Applications • Win Logon • Secure provisioning • SSO • Win Logon • FVE • MS File/Folder • Secure Email Encrypt / Decrypt support iDWare Server • Citrix Log on MMC Plug In • RSA / OTP • Other? • SC Like Apps. Active • Other? Directory Server iDWare API OS iDware Client Services Trusted Peripheral Client OS USB Stack Encrypted USB Channel Best in Class Identity Management
  8. 8. TRUSTED PERIPHERAL ARCHITECTURE Secure Flash Volume TRUST FEATURES Public Flash Volume Data Store NAND RAM  Hardware is Not “Hackable” Flash Code ◦ No Downloadable Debugging Tools ◦ PCB Design Prevents Access to Connections Secure  Encryption Keys and Key Pairs that Processor Guarantee: Boot Loader ◦ Trusted Peripheral Code has Not been Hacked ◦ Trusted Peripheral Only Works with Trusted idWARE SW components. ◦ Only the Domain Administrator can Write Encrypted Templates and Logon Credentials to the Data USB Channel Store ◦ Encrypts the Data Store ◦ Encrypts all the Secure Flash Volumes ◦ Session Key Encrypts the USB channel Best in Class Identity Management
  9. 9. VALUE FOR YOUR “ENTERPRISE”  Users ◦ Easy to Use – Just Swipe Your Finger  Especially for Repeated Identity Requests ◦ Protect Users – Give Credits - Prevents Blame ◦ Just Plain – CONVENIENT  IT Managers ◦ Out of the Box Compatible with Active Directory ◦ Centralized Management ◦ Secure Over the Network Provisioning ◦ Reduced Password Management Costs  CSO’s, CIO’s & CEO’s ◦ Ease of use Leads to Acceptance ◦ Ease of Use Allows Greatly Enhanced Identity Management  Information, Applications, Transactions ◦ Enhanced Identity Management = Enhanced Security / Compliance  Deter Fraud – People Understand that Fingerprints Represent Them  Make Audit Data Irrefutable ◦ Ease of Use = No Impact on Workflow (aka productivity) Best in Class Identity Management
  10. 10. BENEFITS FOR THE ENTERPRISE Biometric Identification Secure Windows Logon. Eliminates management cost and production downtime associated with forgotten passwords. Enhanced Security Achieved through strong authentication and data encryption coupled with the need for an actual user to be present for logon Snoop Proof Provides an on-board authentication processor and fingerprint sensor to manage the identification process and fully encrypt all communication to and from the device Adaptable Interfaces with Windows Active Directory and can add biometric security management to your existing network authentication system Encryption of Local Files, Folders, Volumes Using Windows Services on a Client PC Using Inflexis Secure processor for Encryption on the MobileID. Best in Class Identity Management
  11. 11. MANAGEMENT BENEFITS FOR THE ENTERPRISE Audit Trail All specified transactions are logged so that access to confidential data can be tracked for compliance Easy to Install and Maintain Out of the box functionality; centrally enroll and deploy Administrative Software Server-hosted, advanced security software provides management control and simplifies deployment and administration Advanced Compliance System components meet requirements access Cost Effective An affordable solution with additional cost savings from reduced password management Best in Class Identity Management
  14. 14. System Benefits: Access Management Site and Building Security Eliminates Fraudulent Access to Facilities and/or Rooms Protects the Identity of your Visitor’s / Employee’s Confidential Information Simply Place Finger on Scanner to be Identified Displays Picture and Profile Information of Individual Administrative Benefits: Provides Complete Administrative Control Centralized Authentication Data Simple User Interface Immediate Authorization to as Many Locations / Access Points Individuals are Approved to Enter Flag Individuals Not Authorized Access Print Detailed Attendance Reports: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Instant Site Inventory Report in Case of Emergency Review and Print Onsite Count Recognize Unauthorized Attempts for Access Affordable!
  15. 15. MARKET OVERVIEW Whether you are a facility managing employees, authorized personnel, members, customers, patients, visitors, students, inmates, etc, you need a way to better monitor and have a secure ID for identifying individuals, such as: Military Bases – Authenticating visitors at security Banking – Customer identification regarding checkpoints accounts and safety deposit box access Public Safety Agencies – Monitoring property and evidence Check Cashing Providers – Prevent identity rooms, as well as crime scenes fraud with requiring authentication to cash check Port and Maritime Authorities – Identification of crew members and dock personnel, in addition to controlling Pre-School/Daycares – Match approved access to restricted areas parents/adults to a specific child / children checking in and out of the building Jail Facilities – Track visitors entering jail, properly identify inmates for entrance and release, and probation Schools – Identify students, faculty, or attendance volunteers in the front office or at various locations throughout campus Medical Facilities – Patient identification and medical / pharmaceutical supply room inventory tracking Member-Based Establishments – Retrieve member profile information quickly and easily
  17. 17. The solution is ideal for employee or visitor time tracking, offering the following benefits: • Easily integrates into any time and attendance or accounting software • Import/Export data capability from SQL compliant backend • Replace costly time cards or punch-clocks • Provide a seamless, front-end biometric time clock interface • Prevent “buddy punching” and identity fraud • Protect confidential employee information • Eliminate human error in time and attendance calculations • Optimize staff or personnel efficiency • Improve attendance reporting accuracy • Centralize attendance data from disparate locations
  18. 18. Intuitive User Administration Administrators can manage all enrolled user information from a central console. Authentication requests are tracked in real-time and data is easily maintained through an intuitive interface. Configurable Data Management When adding a new person into the system, administrators input general contact information, capture a digital photograph, and enroll the person’s fingerprints. Two fingerprints are stored for each person so there is always a backup. In the web-based version, all data fields are customizable to meet the unique requirements of any business.
  19. 19. Robust Fingerprint Matching Engine An enrolled person can be instantly identified with a single fingerprint scan from any PC using one of our fingerprint readers and the Bio-Tracker™ software. Once authenticated, the person’s picture and information is displayed. Since Bio-Tracker™ is powered by our robust Bio-Plugin™ fingerprint software, profile information can be retrieved at 20,000 persons/second in a single CPU machine. Real-Time, Comprehensive Reporting Multiple reporting features are available through the administrative console. Authentication activity can be monitored in real-time and custom reports can be generated to retrieve a breakdown of activity over a designated time frame in a printer-friendly format. All time and attendance data can be easily exported for use in any back-end payroll or accounting system.
  21. 21. Bio-Plugin ™ APPSERVER / WEBSERVER High-performance, enterprise-ready biometric system integration, without a low-level SDK, in less than 24 hours  Bio-Plugin™ AppServer and Webserver are completely developed, client/server fingerprint recognition systems that rapidly integrate into Windows and web based applications with minimal development effort.  Bio-Plugin™ enables software engineers who are interested in adding a robust fingerprint software system to their application(s) to avoid the headache and hassle associated with low level fingerprint SDK integration.  Instead of having to invest precious resources into learning the complexities of fingerprint software, and into developing a robust fingerprint biometrics system using a fingerprint SDK, engineers can rapidly integrate Bio-Plugin™ in just a few hours, and are immediately provided a fully scalable system that also works in Citrix and Terminal Services.
  22. 22. Bio-Plugin ™ APPSERVER / WEBSERVER Bio-Plugin Appserver: To Replace Fingerprint SDK Integration into Windows based Supports a wide variety of development environments such as: > C/C++ > Delphi > Foxpro > VB > Clarion > PowerBuilder Bio-Plugin Webserver: To Replace Fingerprint SDK Integration into Web based Software Integrate through web services interface for maximum convenience, control, and security. Works with IIS, Apache, WebSphere, Oracle, and WebLogic.
  23. 23. Bio-Plugin ™ APPSERVER / WEBSERVER BIOPLUGIN SYSTEM BENEFITS  Integrate a complete fingerprint biometrics system in a few hours  No system dependencies between host and fingerprint software (you do not have to compile your software)  Avoid burdensome internal development and ongoing support requirements  Remain focused on core competencies  Includes fingerprint verification (1:1) and robust identification (1:N) software  Compatible with WAN, LAN, Citrix, and MS Terminal Services environments  Supports any SQL compliant database, including MS SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle 9i, DB2, Informix  Scalable, multi-threaded server to optimize performance for large implementations user: m2sys_demo pass: dem0m2
  25. 25. Bio-SnapON™ BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM Effortless Fingerprint Software Integration Without the SDK  Eliminate Passwords, Barcodes, and PINs, with NO DEVELOPMENT REQUIRED  Interface a robust fingerprint identification system with any existing software for added security and convenience.  Bio-SnapON™ is a complete fingerprint biometrics software system that can be instantly added (“snapped-on”) to any third party or internally developed software package, without any development work.
  26. 26. Bio-SnapON™ BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM  Bio-SnapON™ is extremely easy to install and deploy.  The software allows you to enroll users and store their fingerprint data template (NOT the actual fingerprint image), which can then be used for authentication.  If you are currently using barcode, magstripe, or keypad devices to identify users, Bio-SnapON™ can immediately replace this with fingerprint identification.
  27. 27. Bio-SnapON™ BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM BIOSNAPON PROCESS Step 1: Fingerprint Enrollment Users first need to register their fingerprint templates and associate them to an ID number. This information is stored in a central database so that any networked PC can access it for authentication. The ID number is fed to Bio-SnapON automatically Students/Employees/Members/Cus tomers swipe/scan their ID card or Users scan the same fingerprint 3 input their PIN. Their ID number is times consecutively in Bio-SnapON. received by the Bio-SnapON utility. The user’s unique ID number is stored with the fingerprint template in a central database.
  28. 28. Bio-SnapON™ BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM BIOSNAPON PROCESS Step 2: User Identification Once a user is enrolled in the system, he/she can be identified with a single fingerprint scan from any PC that has a fingerprint reader and is networked to the central fingerprint engine. The fingerprint data is sent over the network to the Bio-SnapON engine Students/Employees/Members/C ustomers scan their fingerprint on the reader to be identified. The Bio-SnapON engine compares the scanned print against all stored prints. When a match is found, the associated ID number is sent to the host software (such as POS), which displays the user’s information.
  29. 29. Bio-SnapON™ BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM BIOSNAPON SYSTEM BENEFITS  More secure and efficient than ID cards or PINs  No software development is required  Increase profitability by eliminating "buddy punching"  Eliminate problems caused by lost or stolen cards  Protect confidential user information  Secure manager approvals or transaction overrides  Integrate a complete fingerprint biometrics system in a few hours.  No system dependencies between host and fingerprint software (you do not have to compile your software)
  30. 30. Bio-SnapON™ BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM BIOSNAPON SYSTEM BENEFITS  Avoid burdensome internal development and ongoing support requirements  Remain focused on core competencies  Includes fingerprint verification (1:1) and robust identification (1:N) software  Compatible with WAN, LAN, Citrix, and MS Terminal Services environments  Supports any SQL compliant database, including MS SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Oracle 9i, DB2, Informix  Scalable, multi-threaded server to optimize performance for large implementations  No one can forget their fingerprint!
  31. 31. PHYSICAL SITE SECURITY Card Access Systems Biometric Access Systems Multi-Technology Access Systems Central Station Monitoring Traditional & IP Fixed Cameras Perimeter Detection Systems Digital Video Cameras Fire Alarm Systems Pan-Tilt Zoom Cameras Fire System Inspections Burglar Alarm Systems Stand Alone Intercom Systems Video Intercom Systems Emergency Phone Systems
  32. 32. RISK CONTROL STRATEGIES Consulting and Investigations Team Specializing in Risk Assessments and Security Solutions: Security Architecture Practice Cyber Security Practice Corporate Communications Investigations Intelligence & Security Polygraph Practice DATA SECURITIES INTEGRATION TEAM