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Brief / Workshop 3 @ Experience Service Design Kuopio 2009

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  1. 1. for the Cumulus hotel lobby area | |
  2. 2. Experiencing Service Design 7.-9.9. 2009 ROLES @ WORKSHOP Workshop tutor: Lauren Currie -  Teaching the methods -  Helping to apply the methods -  Tutoring the participants with the service brief Second workshop tutor: Raija Komppula -  Tutoring the participants with the service brief -  Business point of view Workshop facilitator: Sanna Tarssanen -  Facilitating the language -  Helping with applying service design methods -  Experience design point of view Design student facilitators: Anette Hiltunen and Manar Ameli -  Helping out with visualizations -  Helping out with finding locations Workshop participants -  Will carry out fieldwork with users -  Will design and present service concepts | |
  3. 3. Schedule 7.8.2009 / 5 pm -  Getting to know the group -  The brief -  Preparing for the morning, preparing participatory methods 8.8.2009/ 8:15 am -  Workshop starts -  Fieldwork at Hotel Cumulus with customers and employees(9:40-11) -  Lunch -  Continuing with the concepts, workshop until needed 9.8.2009/ 8:15 am -  Workshop starts -  Continuing with the concepts -  Presenting the concepts 1 pm | |
  4. 4. •  Customer Hotel Cumulus, Kuopio •  Service applications; channels, –  Hotel, leisure, business travel, conferences concepts could use new tools: virtual, –  Will work in co-operation during the whole technologial, person to person process. modalities, space and these should be based on user’s needs and desires. •  End users are hotel customers and employees -  This group will be participated in service development during the fieldwork on the 8th of September -  User’s needs, expectations, desires will work as source for designing service concepts •  Evaluation of the service concepts - Cumulus hotel’s service manager will give feedback on the concepts on the 9th of September, 2009. | |
  5. 5. INFORMATION ON HOTEL CUMULUS: •  Different service touchpoints: Reception desk,lounges, entrance, information and advertisement points, internet access, tv-lounge, smoking area, drinks/snack/ coffee serving points, customer feed-back service point for children. •  The biggest customer group is middle- aged business travelers. Many of them live there the whole week and travel home for the weekend. During the summer there are also families as customer and vacationers, otherwise quite seldom. Young people are mostly “walk-in” customers without reservations. •  Customers are told to be happy with the services, most of the complaints are about the condition of the house, the house is relatively old. The lounge interior was renewed few years ago, but the rest of the house was not. The lounge is still fulfilled with different brochures, magazines and separate information points. Also the TV was loud and some kind of electric machine was keeping a little noise. •  Customer service seemed to be pleasant and good. New customers received information without asking, for example breakfast details, presentation about the locations and the check-in was fast. | |
  6. 6. INFORMATION ON HOTEL CUMULUS: •  Employees at the reception communicate trough a diary (pic.22) which they fill manually after every shift (morning,day, night shifts) - Through the diary the information will be transferred, they are able to write any kind of thoughts and about happenings at the hotel or commonly about anything. Receptionist thought that it works well. - There’s also a block called ” customer’s everyday issues” (asiakkaan arkiset ongelmat), where the shift worker marks all the reclamations etc. •  Workers have a small room next to the lobby. There they have a notice board on which lies lists of the shifts and information notes. It was said to work well. •  Through the electrical interfaces (sähköinen käyttöjärjestelmä), the desk computer for example, is no communication/information between the staff. On the computer they have the booking system (Hokatex booking system) | |
  7. 7. What we would like to find out about the users •  Lifestyle, values •  Language they use •  Preferred information, communication and service channels •  Needs, dreams, wishes, hopes End result | |
  8. 8. Outdoor views •  Hotel Cumulus is located in the centre of town •  Main access is from the inner court where is also a car park and a small terrace without any service desk | |
  9. 9. Sketch of the plan | |
  10. 10. Firts views from the entry 1. 3. 1. Straight a head locates the reception,a printer and a stand for the daily magazines. 2. On the left side an information point about the Cumulus hotel and it’s services and next to it a point for brochures, cards etc. 3. On the right side of the door, next to the column, stands a ”feed-back point for children” where children can write 2. comments on the guest book. | |
  11. 11. Firts views from the entry 5. 4. 4. Next to the entry stands also an ice cream freezer… 5. The elevator works with the room card. Stairs in the middle takes to the restaurant and the one on the left side to the conference locations, saunas and other public locations 6. Behind the corner is a stand for tourist brochures and adverts 6. | |
  12. 12. Lounges and other free time areas 7. 8. 7. Lounge1. 8. Lounge 2. 9. Next to the lounge two is an arcade game(peliautomaatti) and a luggage room. In the small corner locates a computer with an internet access, it’s for the customers and is in use. 9. | |
  13. 13. Lounges and other free time areas 10. 8. 11. 10. Toilets next to the internet corner 11. Side entrance between the toilets and the smoking room 12. In the corner is a smoking room 12. | |
  14. 14. Lounges and other free time areas 13. 14. 13. TV- Lounge 14. Views from the smoking room 15. Lounge 3. 15. | |
  15. 15. Reception 16. 17. 16. Behind the desk… 17.  Next to the TV-lounge is a drinks/snack/coffee serving point 18. Behind the desk… 18. | |
  16. 16. Reception 19. 20. 19. In front of the desk 20. View from the desk 21. Papers and binders on the desk 21. | |
  17. 17. Info and more papers… 22. 23. 22. The diary 23. A car parking info on the counter 24. Forms for the customer details 24. | |
  18. 18. Sketch of the plan with observed service journey examples 1.  The most used path was between the elevator, reception desk and entrance 2.  The second one was from the lift to the internet or tv-lounge. They seemed to know the places and have free time. Other lounges were not in use. That time no one went to the restaurant or public locations. 3. Third one was between the elevator and side entrance. People just left or took the room card. | |