Bse216 Report


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Bse216 Report

  1. 1. BSE 216 site visit report LOCATION: 9/F R CORE, HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY SITES 2: GENERATOR ROOM Design considerations: 1. The emergency electricity generator located in a room on 9/F, which is at the upper part of the building. a. If a fire broke out in generator room, the fire will not go to lower floor easily. Due to the spreading characteristic of fire is horizontality and upward. b. When the generator is operating, it will generate lot of exhausted gas. According to the environment policy, the ventilation outlet should have at least 5m far away from any window, so the generator was put on such a high floor which can avoid a long air duct installation. 2. Ventilation system of the generator room a. There is a big ventilation duct installed at inside the room, it can provide adequate fresh cool air for the generator to release heat.
  2. 2. 3. The emergency generator is installed in the central of the room a. It can provide adequate space for whatever maintenance, heat releaseor accomdate of the emergency generator.
  3. 3. 4. Doorsill at the entry a. A raised doorsill can prevent water flushing into the generator room, in order to prevent any unnecessary damage.(我冇個門檻既圖) 5. Control panel concentrate at one wall a. Control panels consentrated at one wall, this design is to make user easier to contorl the machnic, because user did not have to move around the room to overse different feature of the control display panel. 6. Emergency shutdown device of the generator a. When fire happen in the generator room, it is very danger to go inside and switch off the generator. However, There are two method to do it instead of go into the room. i. Method A, the generator can be stopped by broken the red box’s grass outside the generator room and pull the handle to cut off the oil supply for the generator.
  4. 4. ii. Method B, there is a thin metal wire above the generator.When it bruned due to the very high temperature ,the suspend mass will drop down and cut the oil supply of the generator immedately. wire Suspended mass Connected here to cut of the oil supply 7. Raised concrete block
  5. 5. a. It can provide extra vibration resistance. b. It can provide a thermal resistance between the next floor and the generator. c. If there is any water flushed into the room, this will provide extra water resistance and prevent short circuit.
  6. 6. 8. Fire safety devices a. There is a CO2 fire extinguisher inside the room. If someone is in room when the generator is on fire, he can use it to fight the fire. b. There is no other fire extinguish equipment inside the generator room. There are two reasons. i. The emergency generator is seldom used, it only will operate when the electricity have been cut for a designated time period. ii. The generator is used to generate electricity power, if we using water sprinkler inside the room, it will be very danger and also damage the generator seriously. c. There is smoke detector inside. And it is directly connected to the main building control system, so that the security guard in the main control room can know about the situation immediately 9. Extra ventilation fan An exhausted fan is also installed to keep the air in the room is flesh enough. It will operation when the room temperture reach a desginated point.
  7. 7. This is the senor and the switch box of the fan
  8. 8. 10. Battery and Charger The Battery is located in a woodern box to prevent eletric shock. 11. Warning notices There are lot of notice to warn for the dangerous.