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The music box evaluation [autosaved] [autosaved]


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The music box evaluation [autosaved] [autosaved]

  1. 1. The Music Box Evaluation The Music Box Evaluation By Neelam Appadoo By Neelam Appadoo
  2. 2. The Music Box Storyline Our film opening has two main characters; Elle is the teenage girl and also a ballet dancer who plays the victim role as she is being targeted by Billy who is stalking her. He targets her on her journey home from ballet practice and we are shown their every move during the journey. The film opening begins with a typewriter scene which reads ‘the music box’, as it is telling a story and this scene automatically grabs the audiences attention as they would want to know who the person typing is. Then, the whole concept of the stalker idea comes into picture when Billy slams the music box and Elle falls over in her ballet practice. They pass through several places before finally coming across an alleyway where Elle realises she is being followed and begins to run. This then leads onto a bridge scene and then to an underground car park for the climax where Elle thinks she has escaped Billy but is unknown to the fact that he is approaching her behind.
  3. 3. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Use- The genre for our film is ‘Thriller’ so to ensure that this genre is evident to our audience, we included a thriller type font on plain black screens for our production name. Develop- The two characters in our film opening, Elle and Billy have completely different characteristics. Elle is the victim and is innocent whereas Billy is the stalker with the motive to kill. This relates to Claude Levi Strauss’ theory of Binary Opposition as our two characters are opposed and engages the audience. Challenge- Our film opening consists of implicit horror rather than explicit horror which I think is far more effective. During the followed journey home, our intention was to build suspense throughout up until the point where Billy approaches Elle. This is challenging other thriller/horror films as we did not include any gory clips as all the horror was implied so that our audience can come to their own interpretation.
  4. 4. How does your film represent particular social groups? The victim(Elle) is represented as a teenage girl who is vulnerable and is seen as an easy target by Billy. She is dressed in black ballet clothes to show Billy’s obsession with ballet girls, hence the whole music box incorporation. The colour black also symbolises Elle’s mysterious feelings as she is mysterious as to who is following her which is also shown through her actions when she keeps turning around to see whether anyone is following her. The stalker(Billy) is dressed in all black similar to Elle as the colour black has the connotations of horror and he is the killer. He has his hood up throughout the film opening which links with the typical stereotype(O’Sullivan) of men following and targeting women. The idea of the hood being up also covers his face slightly which adds to the overall thriller. We used a male character as typically women would be targeted by men.
  5. 5. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? After carrying out some research on media institutions, I found that ‘Newmarket Films’ would be the most suitable institution  Our film would be first publicised at the cinema, and then 6 months later will be put into high definition to distribute our film. In the past, the and distributed onto a Bluray DVD. This source of production company has distributed films distribution will allow the audience to purchase the like ‘Prom night’ which is a thriller film and film and watch it in the comfort of their own home at has the similar storyline to ours of a man their own convenience. The film will still remain as a stalking a teenage girl with the motive to 12A classification when on DVD and will be distributed kill her. Another film distributed by this in stores like WHSmith and HMV so it is available to production company is ‘Death of a purchase. It will also be distributed online on websites president’ which is also a thriller and both such as, and Amazon. have the same classification of a 12A. The distributer ‘Original Film’ could also produce our film as they have distributed films of the same rating and genre to ours, for example ‘Stealth’.
  6. 6. Who is the target audience? We have chosen to give our film a 12A classification following the guidelines from the BBFC website, and this can be justified on the fact that our film does not include any element of explicit horror as all of our horror is implied.  We thought that a 15 would not be suitable as there are no scenes which include and gruesome horror but we still manage to keep the thriller genre as we thrill our audience psychologically with the building up of the suspense during the journey home. We thought that a Parental Guidance(PG) classification would be too subtle as there are some scenes for example, the climax of the two characters running fast in the car park could be disturbing for a younger audience. Also, by choosing a 12A classification this would broaden our audience so it can be watched by more people and increase our popularity.
  7. 7. How did you attract your audience? Our film is titled ‘The music box’ and the initial thoughts that are brought into mind from this title are not necessarily linked to any sort of thriller or horror content. This attracts our audience as they would want to watch the film in order to understand the reason for the title. The main part of the film opening is in the chase which begins in an alleyway and ends in an underground car park. The fast speed at which they are running and the several places they pass through grabs our audiences attention and keeps their interest.  Our film opening is set in a local Town so that it appears more realistic to the audience as they could be in the same situation as the victim, and therefore makes it scarier for them.  We included close up shots and jump cut editing techniques with low key lighting which reflects the thriller genre and creates an overall feeling of the victim as she is feeling uncomfortable.
  8. 8. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing your film? Construction- During the construction process of our film, we learnt how to use a video camera to create different types of shots, one being the tilting of the screen. Also, that the tripod is necessary for creating a successful pan shot or pan shot follow as it creates a smooth and steady shot. However, in other cases for example during a chase, using a handheld camera is much more effective as it appears more authentic to the audience and makes them feel as though they are in that characters position . We also discovered ‘night mode’ and used this quite a lot when filming. Editing- The apple software ‘imovie’ has enabled us to cut our film and edit it so that it merges together to create one continuous flow of shots. We have also learnt that you can add effects for example, ‘sci-fi’ and adjust the contrast of shots. We can also lengthen/shorten clips and over lap two shots which we incorporated into our film opening. We learnt how to upload music onto ‘GarageBand’ and edit the music by lengthening/shortening other areas. We also learnt how to add sounds to existing music and create our own music using the GarageBand sounds.
  9. 9. Looking back at your preliminary exercise , what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the film?  From carrying out the Preliminary exercise, it was an opportunity for me to remind myself of the basic video camera skills which made me more confident when filming. Also, we learnt that the continuity needs to remain the same so the film appears realistic. The 180 degree rule was also new to me so when we were storyboarding and filming our film, we had to ensure that we did not disobey this rule. If we did then this would confuse our audience, which we did not want to do. The mise en scene needed to remain the same, for example the folders on the table in front of me had to be the exact same ones all the time and positioned in the exact same position for continuity reasons.