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Word of Mouth Marketing & Not for Profits

Word of mouth presentation for not for profit organisations 23 may 2009

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Word of Mouth Marketing & Not for Profits

  1. 1. Word of mouth marketing “The idea of word of mouth is very Zen. You put the idea out there, let go, and if people like you and trust you, they'll spread the word” Variety Magazine Key Audiences 21 July 2005
  2. 2. What do you think of traditional marketing? Traditional Marketing Advertising clutter Media fragmentation Consumers tuned out Less effective More expensive Less trusted So, is there anybody out there listening? watching? reading?
  3. 3. What is word of mouth? People passing honest information to others
  4. 4. What are the advantages of word of mouth marketing?
  5. 5. Why word of mouth is different? 40 000 years Intimate … our natural desire to share information and feelings Credible … people believe other people Free … costs nothing Speed … can be remarkably quick
  6. 6. Pre-conditions for word of mouth marketing You must be credible You must provide a worthwhile benefit, product or service Your touch points must reflect your value You give people opportunities to talk about you your group the issue
  7. 7. The touch points of a product
  8. 8. Types of word of mouth marketing Organic word of mouth Amplified word of mouth – accelerating the process by • Passing information through selected networks • Speaking to groups • Using digital communications
  9. 9. Word of mouth thru networks Network A Network B key influencer or hub
  10. 10. Key Influencers Key influencers Advocates Personality Champions Experience Sneezers Skills Alphas Longevity Opinion leaders Rank, title, position Shapers Early adopters Hubs
  11. 11. Locating key influencers Self identify Key professions/organisations Prominent individuals Observation
  12. 12. What can key influencers do? Pass your information through their networks using their … language credibility communications
  13. 13. Recruiting key influencers Face to face works best Face to face Stories Explain who you are … why you are worth listening to Pass-on tools Continuous contact Tell stories Ask for specific help Provide pass-on tools Thank you’s and rewards Keep continuous contact
  14. 14. The power of stories Keep information… Personal Simple Illustrate with stories
  15. 15. Pass on tools business cards forward-able email brochures leaflets details of events ready to go text for newsletters, websites video, audio, images samples, coupons, discounts stories
  16. 16. Opportunities Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity
  17. 17. events as opportunities
  18. 18. Types of event launches award ceremonies trade shows site and open days conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops commemorative occasions festivals, fairs, carnivals, shows, balls, cake stalls sporting events cultural performances, concerts, exhibitions media events on-line events
  19. 19. Speaking as word of mouth marketing Face to face with supporters, key influencers and others Travel different networks Positions you as an expert Multiplies your conversations from one to many
  20. 20. Essentials of a good talk Prepare … prepare… prepare Make compelling content with facts, figures and stories Keep it short A speech is never a commercial Follow-up with handouts, cards, ezines
  21. 21. Digital word of mouth marketing E-mail Video sharing Blogs Social media sites SMS Twitter
  22. 22. Digital word of mouth marketing Advantages of on-line communications Can be quickly produced and distributed Permanent Can reach many people Disadvantages On-line commitment People can comment Scary for some
  23. 23. Tracking word of mouth Track …. How many key influencers do you have ? What are key influencers doing for you? How are people finding out about you? What referrals are you getting? How many people visit your video, blog, Facebook etc? Staff/Volunteer/Board feedback
  24. 24. Summary Ensure your issue is sound Identify who you need to reach Identify, recruit and maintain relationships with key influencers Provide simple messages and pass on tools to encourage conversations Use many channels to keep the conversation going Track your conversations and see what works
  25. 25. Three things I will do to start word of mouth marketing