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Aiesec Denmark Newsletter Feb09

  1. 1. AIESEC Denmark | MC 0809 Newsletter AIESEC Denmark hot spots 2nd edition | February 2008 suXess NOW & Pocket Recruit- ALTIUS 2009 ment Altius is the National Leadership Confer- ence of AIESEC Denmark. This year, it Success Now is the raising competition happened in Nyborg and it gathered almost between all the LC’s of AIESEC Den- 50 AIESEC leaders around Denmark! Also, mark. With no results on the TN raising during Altius there were also the elections side, but with 22 EP raises most of them of the MCP 0910 and confidence vote for during Pocket Recruitment, we can say the candidates to the MCVP team 0910. we experienced something that did not happen for a long time in AIESEC Den- If you were present, we know you had a mark. great time! Now, make sure you check the Altius 2009 output wiki: MC 0809: Prateek, Morten, Dora, Letzu and Abhijit During ALTIUS, LC ASB was awarded content/, for the best results for this competition. “The future depends on what we do in just to remember some of the sessions and Congratulations ASB! the present” Mahatma Gandhi have the learning support you want! Headlights: suXess now & Pocket Recruitment ALTIUS 2009 Exchange statistics Recruitment MCP Corner & MC team 0910 Opportunities Exchange Statistics Number of available forms: 7 20 70 6 60 15 5 50 4 40 EP 10 Realiz. Realiz. 3 30 TN Target 20 2 5 10 1 0 0 0 ASB CBS SDU UNIC MC 2006 2007 2008 AAU CBS UNI SuXess Now Reloaded: Matching Mania: UPCOMING Start Date: March 2009 Start Date: 22 Feb 2009 Duration: 4-5 Weeks Duration: 5 Weeks EXCHANGE Measurable: Number of raises (EPs/ Measurable: LC with maximum matches TNs) (EP/TN) EVENTS!!! Stay tuned for more information ;)
  2. 2. Recruitment!!! MCP corner Happens every year. Gives us cold feet and excitement, frustration and fulfillment. But most importantly, it gives us the rea- As announced at Altius, KD or Career son for being as an organization, and that is, of course, our members. Days has been sold! Still, everyone is The overall goal for this year's recruitment is getting on board 120 brand new members (including advised to take part in the capacity of EPs) who would take forward the legacy of AIESEC Denmark. attending KD in the end of February when it will be organized in the 4 cities Keep updated on the recruitment wiki - if Denmark. Each LC should be able to contentid=10029863# raise at least 10 meetings from that one day!!! We have the same promotional materials as last 2 recruitments, but with a twist: stickers! If you have Both your current MCP, Abhijit them, put them up, let them be seen and contribute to getting as many people to go on Acharya and your elect one, Teodora - the place where they can learn more about AIESEC and also apply to their respective LCs. Chetan, will be out of office from 14th of February till the 5th of March be- We also have an extra commitment this recruitment - a crazy drive to get those really cool members! cause of IPM (International Presidents Hope to keep it! And remember: YES, WE CAN! :) Meeting). At this conference, AIESEC Denmark applied to get membership LCs, remember to send your induction plans by the 25th of February! Please please respect the DL! back, so stay tuned for updates re- garding this! MC AIESEC Denmark 0910 team! During this period, Morten Ring is During ALTIUS 2009 and the following week, the new MC team for the term 09.10 acting as MCP, so in any urgent was selected. Please meet them, if you haven’t had the occasion so far! matters, feel free to contact him! MCP: Teodora Chetan, current MCVPF AIESEC Denmark Opportunities Take on leadership opportunities!!! MCVP ER: Anna Streiter, current LCP AIESEC SDU Why? To develop your skills, to lead a team, to work with an action plan, to face challenging situations, to win a race with yourself, to prove YOU CAN! MCVP TM&SR: Mudit Duggal, OCP Fortius 2009!!! DL: 16th February 10:00 Danish India time!Contact Letzu at for more details OCP ScaLDS 2009!!! Contact Tabs at for the application and more details!!! MCVP X&NEP: Lekha Mohanan, India MCVP Finance and IM AIESEC Denmark 0910!!!! DL: 1st of March. Contact Dora at for more details! The MCVP Finance & IM position is still open! Dare to apply!!! Check the “WENA | Internal Opportuni- Wiki's to be subscribed to ties” wiki and subscribe to it!!! There is AIESEC International where all the hot things are announced!!! So, if interested in knowing more about AIESEC International wiki conferences happening, facilitating oppor- tunities, participation as delegate, being GN wiki’s OC or go for an international internship Western Europe and North America Growth Network wiki around the world – just subscribe and stay tuned!!! WENA Internal Opportunities WENA Exchange AIESEC in Scandinavia Scandinavian cooperation wiki National wiki’s AIESEC Denmark wiki Exchange, External Relations, Talent Management, Finance and Communication & IM wiki [and more/the links are on the AIESEC Denmark wiki]