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Discography Of Tony Loreto


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Discography Of Tony Loreto

  1. 1. Discography of Tony Loreto (updated to 19.02.10) • Album Release DJ JACKO presents NU HOUSE feat TJ INC (aka Tony Loreto & Dj Jacko) Tony Records US 2009 Various Artists: Moments In House - Tony Humphries " Key Tronics - Ensemble Calypso Of House (Tony Loreto Edit) " Ministry of Sound Recordings
  2. 2. • Singles Leela James Baby I'm Scared You / I'd Rather be with u " Baby I'm Scared U (Tony Loreto and Master Kev MKTL Rmx) " " I'd Rather Be With You (Tony Loreto Rmx) " LJ005 2010 Sky Blue Happily Ever After " Tony Loreto's Spirit Sound Club Mix " " Tony Loreto's Spirit Sound Instrumental " Aqua Sol AQUA SOL - 003 - release date: Mar/01/2010 Jersey Maestros feat. Renee Smith Shine On " Master Kev, Tony Loreto & Jacko Underground Mix " " Master Kev, Tony Loreto & Jacko Peak Time Mix " " Master Kev, Tony Loreto & Jacko Peak Time Instrumental " " Master Kev, Tony Loreto & Jacko Underground Instrumental " Code Red CODE41D - release date: Feb/03/2010
  3. 3. DjPope feat. Adrian Blue & Una Can U Feel It " Can U Feel It (Tony Loreto Spirit Sound Vocal) " " Can U Feel It (Tony Loreto Spirit Sound Instrumental) " POJI - PJ039 - release date: Jun/19/2010 UPZ aka Avi Elman feat. Rick Coffey Hangin' On A Dream " Hangin' On A Dream (Italian Foundation Remix) " Tony Records - TR014 - release date: Feb/15/2010 Radiohead I love to kreep Remix " I love to kreep (mktl vocal mix) " " I love to kreep (foul soul dub) " " I love to kreep (mktl drums) " Sensei plates - art48667
  4. 4. Leela James b/w Teena Marie ft Faith Evans Miss you b/w Can't last a day (Rmx by Tony Loreto & Jako) " Miss you (italian foundation remix) " " Can't last a day (italian foundation remix) " Back2back - art48506 Thomas Toccafondi feat. Jayhem I'm Going on Without You (Incl. Tony Loreto Mixes) " Tony Loreto Vocal Mix " " Tony Loreto Vocal Dub Mix " " Tony Loreto Instrumental Mix " " Tony Loreto Dubstrumental Mix " Volumes Records VLM001 - release date: Dec/24/2009
  5. 5. Chris IDH Feat. Nickson I Lost a Good Friend Spirit Sound Records SSR-----001 - release date: Dec/09/2009 Arnold Jarvis & DJN Project Wake Up " Master Kev & Tony Loreto Remix " Soul Heaven SHR--028 - release date: Oct/13/2009 Ronnie Canada Strung Out
  6. 6. " Tony Loreto & Jacko TJinc Rmx " daddy funk DF4522 - release date: Oct/24/2009 Various The Vault (Incl. Stephanie Cooke) " Harold Brandon - Who Loves You (Tony Loreto SS Vocal Mix) " " Harold Brandon - Who Loves You ( Tony Loreto SS Instrumental Mix) " " Harold Brandon - Who Loves You ( Tony Loreto SS Dub Mix) " Consortium Muzik CMTV001 - release date: Nov/16/2009 Mustafa feat. Natalia Circles 2009 (The Remixes) (Incl. Boddhi Satva,Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Mixes) " Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Vocal Mix " " Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Dubland " " Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Dubstrumental " Tony Records TR013 - release date: Oct/07/2009
  7. 7. D:Ream All things to all men (TJ Inc Remix) First Blue House - TTFF33701 Triple Threat - 3345 Music - release date: Sep/06/2009 Tortured Soul Another Lover (Incl. Dimitri from Paris Mixes) " Tony Loreto And Master Kev TLMK Remix " " Tony Loreto And Master Kev TLMK Remix Inst " TSTC Records TSTC DS-005 - release date: Aug/18/2009 Yass Presents Jay & Tahira All I'm Asking For " Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Main Vocal Mix " " Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Alt. Vocal Mix " " Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Dub Mix " Grei Matter GM 5556 - release date: Aug/11/2009
  8. 8. Various Tech Lounge EP " Triple Threat - First Blue House (Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc. Remix) " 3345 Music TTFF33701 - release date: Jun/22/2009 DJ Circle feat. Esteban Garcia Oldschool (Part 2) " Tony Loreto Remix " Tricircle Recordings TCR014X - release date: Jun/03/2009 Under Achiever ft. Jermaine Hate To Say (Pt. 2) (Incl. Conan Liquid Mix) " Tjinc Morning Mix (AKA Tony Loreto & Jacko) " " Tjinc Dubin Dub (AkA Tony Loreto & Jacko) " daddy funk DF4508 - release date: Apr/06/2009
  9. 9. Spellband Isolator (Incl. Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Mixes) Tee Traxx TT-001- - release date: Jan/12/2009 Tony Loreto presents House Nation House Nation / Double Impulsed CityDeep CD-12 - release date: Jan/05/2009 Carolyn Victorian I'm Back (Incl. Abicah Soul Remix) " Tony Loreto & Jacko Remix " Consortium Muzik CMCV001 - release date: Jan/02/2009
  10. 10. Luis Radio & Raffa vs. Tony Loreto Workout Seasons Limited SL-43 - release date: Dec/30/2008 Mark Di Meo feat. Kaysee Always (Incl. Tony Loreto Mixes) " Tony Loreto SS Mix " TriCircle Soul TCS007 - release date: Dec/23/2008 The Blak Beat Niks Free To Be Free (Incl. Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Mixes) " Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Dubland Mix " " Tony Loreto & Jacko TJ Inc Dubstrumental " Tony Records TR012 - release date: Dec/15/2008
  11. 11. Various (Incl. Stephanie Cooke) The Gift " Jannae Jordan - Not 4 Sale (Tony Loreto Big Room Deep Mix) " Consortium Muzik CMGT001 - release date: Dec/15/2008 Lee Wilson Life (Incl. Reel Soul, Nick Holder & Jason B Mixes) " Tony Loreto & Mario Pagliari Vocal Mix " " Tony Loreto & Mario Pagliari Instrumental Mix" Home HR 016 - release date: Dec/10/2008 Tonya Renee About You (Incl. Karizma Remix) " Tony Loreto & Mario Pagliari Mix " " Tony Loreto & Mario Pagliari Instrumental " Home HR 014 - release date: Dec/01/2008
  12. 12. EL Dirty Girl (Incl. Jinks Remixes) " TJ Inc Main Vocal Mix " " TJ Inc Alternate Vocal Duub" Stingily Music SM---007 - release date: Oct/02/2008 DJ Pope feat. Adrian Moore Each One Teach One (Remixes) " Tony Loreto's SpiritSound Vox " " Tony Loreto's SpiritSound Instrumental " POJI PJU523 - release date: Sep/04/2008 Dj Roland Clark & Byron Stingily feat. Carla Prather & El Revival (Incl. Terry Hunter Mix) " TJ Inc Full Vocal Mix V2 " " TJ Inc Old Skool (Dub) " Stingily Music SM---006 - release date: Aug/21/2008
  13. 13. 280 West feat. Diamond Temple I Never Knew (Abicah Soul & Tony Loreto Remixes) Phuture Sole PSR-013 - release date: Aug/05/2008 DJ Dealer ft. Lisa Millett You're All I Need " Tony Loreto Remix " Look At You LAY101 - release date: Jul/01/2008 Liquid People Pres. Danism feat. Sean Williams Trouble In Paradise (Incl. Danism, Conan Liquid, TJ Inc Mixes) " TJ Inc Vocal Mix " Tony Records TR011 - release date: May/30/2008
  14. 14. CyberJamz Presensts The Best of Cyberjamz (Unreleased Music Mixes) " So Addictive (Tony Loreto SS Remix) " Cyberjamz CJ007 - release date: May/01/2008 Kenny Carvajal feat. Swaylo You Remind Me (Abicah Soul & Tony Loreto Remixes) " Abicah Soul & Tony Loreto Vocal " " Abicah Soul & Tony Loreto Instrumental " Phuture Sole PSR-012 - release date: Apr/28/2008 Tony Loreto The Tony Loreto EP House is a Feelin!!! Feat Meaning of Love Remix Consortium Muzik CMSS-001 - release date: Apr/28/2008
  15. 15. Jacko Presents Tony Loreto The Spirit EP Tony Records TR010 - release date: Mar/31/2008 B-sOuL & Esteban Let The Drummer Play " Tony's Spirit Sound Vox " " Tony's Spirit Sound Instrumental " POJI PJU520 - release date: Mar/10/2008 Various Artists Deepy Grooves Vol. 1 " DNY feat. Tony Loreto - Night In NYC " Gotta Keep Faith GKF040 - release date: Mar/04/2008
  16. 16. Musical Solution presents BPM Dance With Me (Let There Be House) " Tony Loreto SS Remix " Look At You LAY098 - release date: Mar/04/2008 Discography of Tony Loreto by Tony Loreto is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione-Non commerciale-Non opere derivate 2.5 Italia License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at