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Fit'N'Well and the NZ Fitness Industry


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Fit'N'Well and the NZ Fitness Industry

  1. 1. Fit’n’Well and The New Zealand Fitness Industry Meher Tarapore Caring Consultants
  2. 2. • Fit’n’Well are a successful chain of fitness centres in Australia • They want to expand into New Zealand. Should they? YES NO
  3. 3. BUT,
  4. 4. Each year, gym membership gro ws by at least 3%…
  5. 5. …because many self conscious New Zealanders are spending considerable money on dieting and exercise…
  6. 6. GYM LAZY … and an increasing awareness of the benefits of exercise has also made more people attend gyms.
  7. 7. SO the recession has not STOPPED spending… …it has CHANGED the way New Zealanders spend.
  8. 8. “In tough times, brands with integrity rise to the top.” New Zealanders are still spending millions… but on products they: • TRUST • BELIEVE in
  9. 9. BUT… …obesity, especially childhood obesity is a growing trend…
  10. 10. Busy people of today appreciate… • Convenience • Simplicity
  11. 11. People also enjoy working out in groups because the environment is… • Motivating • Friendly •Fun …and this creates a sense of belonging…
  12. 12. …which creates an emotional attachment so members do not want to leave their gym.
  13. 13. SO… d Fit’n’Well should expan . With clever marketing and a stimulating environment… …Fit’n’Well should be able to ATTRACT and RETAIN members.