Exercises For Dentists


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for all dentists and dentistry students..done by Massoud Amiri Moghaddam dentistry student of Iran/Mashhad dental school

Exercises For Dentists

  1. 1. EXERCISES FOR DENTISTS Present & Multimedia edition by: Massoud Amiri Moghaddam amirim852@mums.ac.ir
  2. 2. Poor Ergonomics = Musculoskeletal Disorders Studies show work-related pain in the dental field is not decreasing Two Most Common Causes for Musculoskeletal Over half of Human bodyDental Health Profession to Disorders in the professionalsfor all dental was designed continue experience work-related pain movement Cumulative Traumas Prolonged Static Postures
  3. 3. WHEN TO EXERCISE? Perform these simple exercises at the start of the day, between patients, or while waiting for patient to rinse out or the DSA is mixing materials
  4. 4. Exercise THE quot;FIVE TIMESquot; HAND AND WRIST 1) 1 Make a tight fist, hold for five second and EXERCISES release, relaxing hand and fingers. Repeat five wrist extension, flexion or forearm pronation can Excessive times increase the risk of repetitive strain injuries, such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. This set of four exercises should help reduce the likelihood of this painful condition occurring.
  5. 5. Exercise 2 Stretch your fingers wide. Hold for 5 seconds, and then return hand to relaxed position. Repeat five times.
  6. 6. Exercise 3 Hold arms out in front at shoulder height ,with palmsof hands facing downwards. Rotate your hands 5 times clockwise and 5 times anti-clockwise.
  7. 7. Exercise 4 Hold your arms out to the side of you at 90 degrees to your trunk at shoulder height Flap your hands up and down 5 times from the wrist. Tips Support arms when working Remember to support forearms as this produces a reduction in muscle contraction in erector spinae and trapezius muscles and helps to prevent fatigue. Do this by resting arms on sides of dental chair
  8. 8. 2) TWO NECK EXERCISES Neck and backstretches for use whilst working in a Exercise 1) Horizontal turns computer or writing at a dental surgery chair or at a desk. Keeping the chin up and in the horizontal plane turn  head from side to side, 90 degrees in each direction, Horizontal Turns keeping cervical spine straight.  Chin Tucks Make smooth gliding movements.
  9. 9. Exercise 2)Chin tucks (quot;Doing the chickenquot;) Keeping the head level (keep looking straight ahead). Tuck in chin and then lengthen back of neck
  10. 10. Exercise 1) Shoulder lifts 3) TWO STRETCHES TO TRY WHILST SITTING IN THE Raise shoulders towards your ears and DENTAL CHAIR then lower and relax shoulders. Breath in deeply whilst raising shoulders,  Shoulder Lifts breathe out on relaxing shoulders.  Backward Arching
  11. 11. Exercise 2) Backward Arching Stretch backward over the edge of the backrest. Remember to stretch the neck at the same time: you can combine this exercise with 'Chin tucks'. Hold arms at 45 degrees to the trunk; stretch arms at the same time. Hold three seconds and return to the vertical position and repeat.
  12. 12. Exercise 1) Pelvic rocking 4) END forward and SESSION STRETCHES Rock pelvisOF CLINICAL backward whilst sitting in the chair. Practice THE LOWER BACK FOR initially siting on your hands to feel the upward and then forward and downward movements of your hipbones. Once you have mastered this movement place your hands on your 1) Pelvic rocking. hips 2) At the end of a working session. 3) Whilst walking out through the door.
  13. 13. Exercise 2) At the end of a working session Stand up with feet slightly apart. Place hands on either side of the lower spine, gently push hips forward, and then lean the body backwards from the hips. Return to vertical position, relax and repeat five times.
  14. 14. Exercise 3)whilst walking out through the door Stand in the doorway. Feet slightly apart. Raise arms upwards and place hands on each side of the lintel of the doorway. Supporting your weight with your hands and arms, press body forward from the pelvis. Relax and repeat.
  15. 15. It doesn't matter what type of exercise it is. Choose a sport or walking briskly or running. Anything to make your heart work a bit harder for 30-40 minutes, 3 In addition to using this occupationally orientated times a week. General exercise has been shown to be exercise program we recommend taking aerobic important for stress relief and feeling of well-being. It exercise to look after your cardiovascular fitness, as can have a preventative effect on spinal pain one of the other major cause of dentist's early retirement is cardiovascular disease…
  16. 16. Thanks For Your Attention